"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Pakistani politics become a dirty and smelly garbage. Now what i can feel only smell of blood from our politicians nothing else. When they have no seat they are begging for the "Kursi" and when they are getting they are barking like a "dogs". Trying to snatching a piece of meet from each other. I am gonna tell you some things from Quran which are especially for peoples like our black hearts and people like our garbage politicians. For the "Awam of Pakistan" its seems like very hard to understand their psychology either they are fool or they are innocent(i dont think so in 21 century if their is any one to whom i can say innocent).
If we will see generally the true face of our politicians 16 karor awam knows all. May be better than me. Than why after falling once, twice, thrice again and again they are trusting on these stupid people. The normal awam is  on one side, the people who are sitting in the parliament and other opposition parties why they are trusting on those big "Magermach" type people whose records every day shown by media, news papers, every where we have their dirty record than why our people like to chose them? May our people dont have sense at all or may they are use to now for all these stupid people or may they get fad up? What?
I want to know from my people " Akhir app kiya chaty hain"?
Negligence of media also playing a very big role to destroy our country, sometime they are showing their love to Pakistan and some time they behave they are not Pakistani.They are busy to promote these bastard on the TV. Actually media  can play a very important role they should act like only the lover and saver of Pakistan and Islam.
But they are not. They are stopping patriotic people also, they are not letting them explane their feelings towards Pakistan, but the stupid once are catching all the attention of media and causing a headch of Pakistani awam.
  Still i will say the time is still in our hands and still we can make Pakistan better stat in this globe if they will try to be hones with their selves and their jobs and with Pakistan and ISLAM. They should bring our new politicians our new leaders search them in the universities in the inside and out side of Pakistan. they should make debates and introduce them to the Pakistan. They should guide the positive ways to our generation. They should teach them and change the attitudes of new generation.
If still any media personnel want to take new ideas how to change i will help him free of cost because i Love Pakistan. I have thousands of ideas to save and serve Pakistan.
Our new generation is also a cause of failure of our stat. Why?
Because they dont know the positive ways to walk. When they are finishing school and joining colleges they are seems like free from all worries and only vulgarity is their part of life. Our senior student are also not playing a positive role to guide them towards good ways because they are the future of Pakistan. they should teach them the care of elders and benefits of good studies and donation of blood to help poor and those who are suffering in life threatening diseases. They should participate and debates on present situation on Pakistan so we can get good and positive mind people in future politics. They should Participate in every games.
But our student are far from these types of good things but they are busy to use guns, abusing, jumping on motor bikes, irritating the girls, not respecting the parents, how they can be a good people of Pakistan? No they cannot be a good citizen and good representer of Pakistan even if he will get a chance to serve the nation cannot be a good leader also.  
So all of need to improve our self and i hope whole Pakistan will improve automatically.
Please dont forget to pray your "Namaz" at least try to complete for 5 times a day.

            In the last i will say for those corrupt people of Pakistan!

   Dont collect to much money, give the rights to people of Pakistan. If you will not listen than one day when the angel will took your spirit from your body your money will stay in this world because "Kaffen" have  no pocket. Your children will enjoy that money in the shape of "Sharab" and othernon-muslim things in the behalf you will be punished again.
By name all of you are Muslim but by heart "No" because you insulted the Quran by your act of unjustice, care less, unfaithful etc,etc. In your personality you have all the qualities what the Kafyreen have, but you dont have the qualities what the Muslim have. So try to think on your self before it will get late and you will die.


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