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Indian Terror Fanaticism: Hindu Media Target Muslims



By Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:


Fanaticism and terrorism have survived in India despite several regimes ruling the nation primarily because the media have stayed  hard core fanatic, cold towards Muslims. 


Obviously, it is extremely difficult for the right wing hardcore Hindu terrorist organizations and their allies to survive in Indian politics without using hatred against Islam and Pakistan. Communal political outs like RSS, VHP, Sivasena, and BJP etc, are the major culprits in spreading hate and anger amongst Indians against Islam and Pakistan and after the ghastly destruction of Babri Mosque in Uttar Pradesh  in order to gain political mileage in polls now they want to escape punishment for their crimes and the ruling Congress and allies try to protect the Hindutuva crimes because that is their agenda too.  


The anti-Isla and anti-Pakistan and similar hate sites in India are fueling Hindu hatred towards Muslims only to promote fanatic Hinduva vote bank for the Hindu communal parties. Indian Hindutva agencies produce doctored images and videos against Muslims and they are placed all over the social media Internet, such as Face book and in other blogs owned by these organizations. These images and videos are obviously then used for blame game against false allegations of atrocities against Muslims to earn cheap popularity in the country. The fanatic idea behind such mischief is to make Hindutva look a victim of colonialism and a suffering religion.


Hindu organization perpetrate terrorism in many parts of India and place the blame on Muslims whch the regime and intelligences and even courts readily  endorse to protect common Hinduva interests.  A recent input from Bangalore about three women planning to bomb a train turned out to be a red herring. Later, the input was traced to an activist of Bajrang Dal.


When Hindu majority murdered so many Muslims in Assam, the communal Hindu organizations and their media tried to find fault with the so-called migrant Muslims against local Assam Hindus. The anti-Muslim images by the Hindu internet network showing fake atrocities of Muslims against Bodos tribals are to support the Congress regime in Assam. The images are captioned with provocative remarks to fan tensions on communal basis. Obviously, the target is minorities, especially the Muslim community in India.


For anything and everything Hindus blame Muslims. That has become a sheer habit and Muslims have been at the receiving ends. Hindu organizations have successfully used the Assam conflict and crimes against Muslims for their own parochial and political gains. So is the Congress party. Anonymous SMS to hundreds of thousands of Indians across India is also found the work of these Hindu fundamentalist organizations but they know that the regime and its media nuts quickly blame Pakistan or Bangladesh. And India did that as well to "promote” the Hindutva national interests. India media generated plenty of panic that led to a mass exodus of people from the north-east from several cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.. 


Both soft communal Congress and hardcore BJP led communal wings have been able diver the popular attention by "instigating" terror attacks and joint cricketism exercises. They think they can survive as long as these fake operations are promoted and protected secretly. 


The BJP led Hindu communal parties and organizations trying every possible method to expand its mass base to come back to power. Unless the judiciary come forward to punish the Hindu criminals who killed Muslims in the country and destroyed the Babri Mosque Indian will remain a hard core communal country with a biased juridical, based intelligence, biased military, biased police and biased dirty media. 


That is undoubtedly devastating for Muslims. But will that be good for the nation which loudly clams to be the largest secular democracy? 


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