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Cricketism: Why bowlers misbehave when a wicket falls?


Gambling methods guide cricket, while fake dramatics makes cricketism look genuine and cricket mafia in meida fool and cheat the world.

Cricket,  invented by the British colonial masters and promoted by all its  subordinates like Australia, India, South Africa, etc, still is being sustained by these fraud nations only to  promote batboys and mafias. .

Bowlers, both trained and undertrained, are extra paid for making the batboys shine too much.  They behave normal until a wicket falls for whatever reasons. Maybe a batboy commits an error or deliberately throws away his wicket for a purpose, but that is when the bowler who behaves normal suddenly misbehaves like a tamed monkey. He has to show that he has done a historic job, a fantastic feat of his career.

That really very ugly. Some batboys really throw away the wickets almost free when they complete 100 or 50 with help from bowlers and fielders. What si there to celebrate?


The way Pakistani bowlers misbehave when they get a wicket mostly by default, is indeed ridiculous.

Why should they make such ugly scenes and whom are they trying to impress upon by their big shows just for a wicket?

Why not the cricketers make getting wickets an ordinary thing?


Bowlers should behave normal. If they think getting a wicket is big thing, then they should ask the foolish ICC guys to change the rules to make it difficult for the batboys.


Bowlers must stop the nonsense on the fields when a wicket falls.


Pakistan is yet to find a good bowler. Pak Bat-boys enjoy self-run outs. The prefer run outs to avoid LBW or stumped or getting badly bowled.

In fact, there is no difference between Pakistani bowlers and ordinary street players. They can only play fixed matches for exchanging 100s and 50s. . Otherwise, they just collapse. Otherwise they just throw ball for fun.

The match between Pakistan and Bangladesh in the Asia cup, sharing 100s and 50s and getting an outcome in favor of big brother Pakistan, is an exciting example of false pretensions of being cricketers.  But when At least the Olympics committee has banned cricket. Kudos to them!!!.

They have withstood all pressure tactics of big cricket nations, including England, Australia and New Zealand plus their fraudulent allies like India that want big scores for batboys by misusing the bowlers and fielders, pro-batboy pitch and field.


Cricket is no sports it is just a popular gambling with a lot of mafia networks operating all around.


Gambling lets greedy guys to make wealth through fixed shameless cricketism exercises  but deserves no merits, no rewards or awards.


 Only fraud and cheap politicians promote that bogus thing called cricket.


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