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Swat, Military Operation & Media under Siege

Dear Truth seekers: Peace be upon you and your beloved ones:

On the above topic what media will not tell you but that is true:


·  The schools (female and male) in Swat are blown up by Army and not by so called Taliban Many so called Taliban are actually military personnel committing crimes etc to defame Islam and Muslims. Their purpose is to get public sympathy for the war on Islam and Muslims under the disguise of War on Terrorism Almost all TV media and print media is under siege (Siege of their owners who themselves are under the siege of their greed and materialism etc). This media produces false videotapes which are used for defamation and "justification" for attack.

·  It is like 9/11 which is created by Israel in order to create justification for attack on Afghanistan to restore trillion dollar heroin trade which was completely stopped by Mullah Umar of Taliban

·  The newspapers including The News, Dawn and Nation etc are not publishing many letters which expose all these dramas; on the other hand they are publishing letters clearly written by hired writers for CIA etc

·  The fact is that there are not even 200 hundred so called real Taliban in Swat. However under the immense pressure of USA etc. Pakistan Army has killed numerous innocent citizens in order to please USA and to prove its credibility

·  Pakistan army cut down the gas, water, electricity, phones and mobile phones etc and forced over 1 millions people to leave their residence in Swat. This has resulted in human catastrophe; all to please USA and other Zionist controlled slave countries

·  No body is making any bucks in this war except the Zionist companies which manufacture arms, transport arms, do insurance, give loans and other businesses. The poor non Zionists Americans and Europeans are paying heavy prices for this slavery as their economy is in shamble.

·  The only real solution is to withdraw NATO forces from Afghanistan and let people of Swat return within two weeks. There is serious possibility that these people otherwise will become so called extremists due to harsh treatment rendered to them

·  Pakistan Government has handed over many innocent people just to please Zionists and to prove that it is doing some thing. The worst case is that of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and her three children. Dr. Aafia is a frail, weak woman with very high education and caring heart for Americans. However the Zionists are punishing her and her children as they feel threatened by people who care for the people of America. The Zionists want to keep these people under their perpetual slavery. As the bibles have been distorted and lost the power of motivation and does not give vision while the last edition of all divine books including bibles is Quran which is protected letter by letter and word by word gives immense vision and strength. Quran has saved the true teachings of previous divine books removing all man made fabrics and hence Zionists are enemy of Quran.

·  Yesterday Zionists tried to crucify Jesus but failed. Jesus (PBUH) was there on Easter day and said good bye with a final sermon (Well recorded and protected in Gospel of Barnabas), today Zionists are again failing in their war against Quran which has preserved both the teachings and lives of Jesus and Mary (Peace be upon them)

The above account is absolutely true and therefore it will not appear in the so called free press and that is the reason that is on this blog. We will Insha Allah (The God willing) will keep bringing the Sunshine of truth which we request you to spread.

With Most Cordial Regards

Anwar Ul Haque, MD

You may read this on my blog:

http://whattheywill nottellyou. blogspot. com/

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