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Babri Mosque and Indian Secularism by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1820 Replies:0 
The fictitious case by Hindu terrorists and fanatic elements against India's Babri Mosque, destroyed by these rogue sections among the Hindus, is now udner the consideration of Supreme Court and Hindus terrorists have already pressed for Judiciary support against Babri Mosque by enacting another terror attack, now in Varanasi- a major Hindu pilgrimage spot in Uttar Pradesh where the Babri Mosque Click here to read Full Article
President Obama and the US Generals in Search of Navigational Change by Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.
Posted By: Mahboob_Khawaja On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:2140 Replies:0 
War provides an outlet for every evil element in man’s nature. It enfranchises cupidity and greed gives a charter to petty tyranny, glorifies cruelty and places in positions of power the vulgar and base.” (C.E.M. Joad, Guide to Modern Wickedness, London) Click here to read Full Article
ایمان کی کمتری ۔ سمیع اللہ ملک
Posted By: Sami_Malik On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1660 Replies:0 
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گونج ۔ طارق حسین بٹ
Posted By: Tariq_Hussain On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1575 Replies:0 
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پٹرولیم مصنوعات مہنگی ۔ محمد اعظم
Posted By: M.Azam On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1632 Replies:0 
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سرخیاں آپکی متن ہمارا ۔ رؤف عامر
Posted By: Malik_Rauf On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1720 Replies:0 
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کیا ھم مختلف ھیں۔ اوریا مقبول جان
Posted By: Orya On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1658 Replies:0 
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اس جیسی چیز۔ عبداللہ طارق سہیل
Posted By: AbdullahTS On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1563 Replies:0 
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‘We will fight against the enemy which has its big boot on our neck’ by Report by Dr Shabir Choudhry
Posted By: drshabir On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:3442 Replies:0 
During our Study Tour of Gilgit Baltistan and PAK, we met many people including, Baba Jaan from Hunza who came to meet us. We were grateful to him for finding some time for us and travelling from there to our hotel. He is a young and energetic man, and Chairman of Progressive Youth Front. Click here to read Full Article
Political ping pong game by Dr. Ghayur Ayub.
Posted By: Ghayyur_Ayub On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:1919 Replies:0 
1980s; the army establishment supports PML, Religious Parties and forms MQM. It opposes PPP and ANP - 1990s; the army establishment sometimes supports and sometimes opposes PML, PPP. It opposes MQM and ANP. Click here to read Full Article
Pak Parliamentarians lost the plot - Barrister Amjad Malik writes on MQM, and PML(N) stand off
Posted By: Amjad_Malik On: 1/Jan/2011 Views:2108 Replies:0 
Politics of personalities seldom pays off, however, politics of issues does but Pakistani leaders are stuck in between personalities and issues. This hybrid is causing a strain on voters and supporters what to do and due to lack of alternative, media hype is adding to the pressure and their anxiety. 12 May killing is a relevant subject for Pakistanis, and it must be rightly investigated, but so as Click here to read Full Article

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