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Is another Ch Iftekhar being resurrected? by Dr. Ghayur Ayub
Posted By: Ghayyur_Ayub On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1616 Replies:0 
After taking a principled stand against the strongest pressures on Raymond Davies's issue from within the party and abroad, and after seeing him in his first press conference after meeting John Kerry; one could see a resurrected Ch Iftekhar in political arena. It looks like PPP has found a true leader again. Click here to read Full Article
ریمنڈ کو سزا یا معافی ۔ مدثر فیضی
Posted By: Mudassar_Faizi On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1467 Replies:1 
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A CounterPunch Special Report - The Deepening Mystery of Raymond Davis By DAVE LINDORFF - Real Identity revealed
Posted By: Noman On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:6636 Replies:5 
Davis and the embassy have claimed that he was hired as an employee of a US security company called Hyperion Protective Consultants, LLC, which was said to be located at 5100 North Lane in Orlando, Florida. Business cards for Hyperion were found on Davis by arresting officers. However CounterPunch has investigated and discovered First, there is not and never has been any such company located at th Click here to read Full Article
حکومت نےریمنڈڈیوس کواستثنادینی کی تیاری کرلی۔امت
Posted By: Ummat On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1231 Replies:0 
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Egypt Wins Freedom “Tyranny begins where reason ends.” by Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.
Posted By: Mahboob_Khawaja On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1225 Replies:0 
Egypt is people, nation, culture, history and civilization, the progressive and conscious combination unparallel in human history. Not too many knew in the modern world that Egypt can generate a momentous history of freedom from man-made evil and oppression. First, the Western media described the Freedom Movement as “unrest” as usual in the Western corporate owned news media’s portrayal “unrest” i Click here to read Full Article
A Failed Pakistan: Politicians, Military and Media Guilty! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1747 Replies:0 
Today, as the American lords directly control the nation, Pakistan is one of failed Islamic nations, occupied by NATO terror syndicate and is one of the most destabilized, most corrupt, resistant to Islamization and hence most unsafe state terror nations and cause for this pathetic plight is Pakistani leaders, military, elites and the hopeless core media themselves that just ironically trumpet US Click here to read Full Article
محسن انسانیت ۔ اوریا مقبول جان
Posted By: Orya On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1200 Replies:0 
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ہمارا نمبر ۔ عبداللہ طارق سہیل
Posted By: AbdullahTS On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1160 Replies:0 
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فیصلہ بہرحال قوم کو کرنا ہے . ڈاکٹر صفدر محمود
Posted By: DrSafdar On: 16/Feb/2011 Views:1352 Replies:0 
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