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And now Police on roads after Lawyers after 34 years
Posted By: Noman On: 20/Jun/2007 Views:1608 Replies:1 
Look how pathetic is the behavior of Policemen with their own staff, frustration level in Pakistan is increasing day by day, we all need to do same thing in no time Click here to read Full Article
~ Counting (Ginti) Old Wine in new Bottle ~ Dr Shahid Masood Meray Mutabiq
Posted By: DrShahid On: 20/Jun/2007 Views:1860 Replies:0 
Poor country men again be prepare for Old wine in new Bottle, if we want to change the direction of Pakistan then we have to do some thing ourselves Click here to read Full Article
~ Imran Khan Kaa Maazi ~ An excellent article Must must read
Posted By: Ghost On: 20/Jun/2007 Views:5251 Replies:1 
Except Prophets there are very few which dont have any past, almost all big Sufi,s had the past as well, but today they are known for what they were in the end Click here to read Full Article
~ Kissi nuyee wafadaar ki talash ~ Abdul Qadir Hassan
Posted By: Ghost On: 20/Jun/2007 Views:4522 Replies:1 
We dont need you any more, this is the message Musharraf got after giving un-conditional boot polish to Americans Click here to read Full Article

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