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Dead Bhuttos were more charismatic than alive Zardari? By Nadia Khan
Posted By: nadiakhaan On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:1780 Replies:0 
Soon the crack down started against Lawyers, Civil Society members, and political forces last night, the situation goes back to 1977 when combined opposition had refused to accept the results of rigge Click here to read Full Article
Method of appointing judges
Posted By: Aqil_Sajjad On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:3416 Replies:0 
As stated a few days back, we are circulating a proposal on the method of appointing judges that is somewhat more detailed than the one given in the charter of democracy. In the mean time, the PPP has appointed another chamcha as the Islamabad High Court CJ. This is on top of the induction of 16 jia Click here to read Full Article
Asif Zardari Is Traitor: Must Be Impeached
Posted By: Haque On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:1861 Replies:0 
Yesterday, in the Parliament Prime Minister Gillani has clearly said that he likes to end Governor Rule in Punjab within 24 hours. President is legally bound to obey the wishes of Prime Minister. This also shows the truth that Governor Rule was not imposed on advice of Prime Minister in First Place. Click here to read Full Article
Indian Commandos are in Islamabad
Posted By: Haque On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:2068 Replies:1 
Pakistan TV (AAJ etc.) told yesterday that Indian commandos are already in Islamabad. what are they doing in Islamabad. Apparently guarding Indian embassy but they would be involved in so many wrong things i.e. terrorism, spying etc. etc. Click here to read Full Article
India - South Asian Don By Zaheerul Hassan
Posted By: saj2go On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:2639 Replies:0 
On 8 March, 2009 Ronald Noble along with Interior Advisor, Rahman Malik while addressing a Press Conference said that Mumbai attacks were partially planned in Pakistan. He revealed that seven countries including India were used for Mumbai attacks. On this occasion, interior Advisor of Pakistan has u Click here to read Full Article
APL Chair condemned efforts to block long march by threatening the national leaders
Posted By: Amjad_Malik On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:2093 Replies:0 
Amjad Malik, Chair of Association of Pakistani lawyers (UK) condemned efforts to block long march and threats to national leaders of booking them under treason charges. Amjad Malik talking to news said that weaker advisors are under pressure and have no command and control over their frivolous state Click here to read Full Article
In the name of Allah ,Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Posted By: jojo On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:3534 Replies:0 
. Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: aghappp On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:1953 Replies:0 
. Click here to read Full Article
A meeting with a German Professor by Dr Shabir Choudhry
Posted By: drshabir On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:1790 Replies:0 
He wanted to interview me on a tape on current situation of Jammu and Kashmir. I agreed without hesitation as I had nothing to fear. I am not among those who change their views and ideology according to situation and audience. I told him that I will use parts of the conversation for my next article, Click here to read Full Article
Open and Secret Talks & fate of Kashmir
Posted By: abdulruff On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:2204 Replies:0 
Secret talks are common in international affairs and those countries pursuing illegal goals or immoral deals encourage and promote secret talks. India always courts secret a talks and hidden agenda at home and aboard. With respect to Kashmir sovereignty issue it keeps its talks with Pakistan a top l Click here to read Full Article
Message For Peace
Posted By: aghappp On: 11/Mar/2009 Views:1711 Replies:0 
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