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Imran Khan blames Blair for Karachi violence
Posted By: ziaawan On: 27/May/2007 Views:1445 Replies:0 
Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Sunday held British Prime Minister Tony Blair responsible for Karachi violence. Addressing a press conference, Click here to read Full Article
The Day When Mountains Turned Gold - tribute to Youm-e-Takbeer- 28 May
Posted By: Haque On: 27/May/2007 Views:1546 Replies:1 
Thank you Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and Nawaz Sharif for making us Atomic Power, and on this day we apologize to both of you, for what we did against your contributions to us. Click here to read Full Article
Prostitution is Worst form of slavery - Orya Maqbool - Urdu
Posted By: Orya On: 27/May/2007 Views:2048 Replies:0 
We wish that we can learn from west some day, Sex free countries are removing red light areas and are closing them, but we as an Islamic state dont have this much courage to do this. Click here to read Full Article
Benazir vows to return at any cost
Posted By: Ghost On: 27/May/2007 Views:2376 Replies:0 
she slammed the report of any backroom deal, saying talks were about restoring democracy in Pakistan, and not about ways to clear her and her husband from corruption charges. Click here to read Full Article
News about Imran Khan·s Past published in nawa-i-waqt London on 25-may-2007
Posted By: Ghost On: 27/May/2007 Views:2531 Replies:3 
Is their any assurance or surety that his past is really a past now, is he changed now. i have met 100,s of people who admire him and want to see him next PM, but my Q to them is he changed Click here to read Full Article

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