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Calamity of Internal Occupation in the Muslim World


Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal


Though the European colonialism has formally ended, but the Muslims still live under equally brutal occupation of the internal enemies. Hence, crimes and conspiracies against Islam and the Muslim have never stopped. The state institutions of the Muslim countries have turned not only massive instruments of massacre and tortures against the native Muslims, but also huge obstacle against any possible renaissance of Islam. And, such horrendous brutalities against the Muslims are done not only by the occupying armies of the US or NATO; but also by the armies of the native autocrats.  This is in fact the greatest danger that is being inflicted on the Muslim taxpayers by their own army. In the single night of 14th   August 2013, the occupying Army of Egypt killed more than 1200 un-armed protestors in Rabaa Al-Adawiya in Cairo. Even the British colonialists didn’t dare do such brutality during their rule in Egypt. And the Army’s killing is still going uninterrupted. On 5th May 2013, the Bangladesh Army, Police and other security forces did the same against their own people. They killed and wounded hundreds of people in Shapla Roundabout in central part of Dhaka.



The Pakistan Army too, has long record of bloody massacres of their own people. The role model of the Pakistan Army like General Ayyub, General Yahiya, General Niazi, General Tikka and the likes joined the profession only to serve their British colonial masters, and not to serve Islam and the Muslims. They proved to be good mercenaries. The Army proved to be the bastions of the hard core secularists from day one of Pakistan’s creation. Culturally, ideologically and politically they proved to be more compatible with the Western secularists than with their own countrymen.  Hence they showed their ever readiness to sabotage any Islamisation and democratisation project in the country. They could successfully block the democratic functioning of Pakistan for long years and the fair participation of the East Pakistanis. They always enjoy working with the imperialists; and showed ever readiness to hand over the Islamists for torture cells in Guantanamo Bay. On the other hand, they didn’t show any appetite to punish the proven traitor! They allowed and even helped the proven enemy agent to run the election with huge enemy money in 1970.  In July 2014, a very small army of Hamas fighters could successfully resist the Israeli aggression for 50 days –despite intense aerial bombing and heavy artillery shelling. Pakistan Army never experienced such aerial bombing in 1971, but its huge army couldn’t fight against India even for 15 days!  At the end, they put the final nail on the coffin of united Pakistan –the largest Muslim country of the contemporary world. What the British couldn’t undo in 1947; their secularist Pakistani protégé could do it in 1971.




With such deep de-Islamisation of thought, the Pakistan Army do not face any moral problem to drop bombs on mosques, madrasas or civilians. They have killed thousands of Muslim people in Waziristan. During General Musharraf’s rule, they attacked Red Mosque and Al-Hafsa Madrasa in Islamabad and killed its female students. The same problems run much deeper in the Syrian Army. They are killing innocent Syrians day and night. They have already killed more than 300 thousands innocent people; and are still continuing the killing. The same is true with most of the Muslim countries. This is indeed a huge problem of the Muslim world; no less damaging and harmful than the past colonial rule. While living under occupation of such secularised army, how the Muslims can build and follow siratul mustaqeem in cultural, political, judicial, spiritual and intellectual domains?  Living in deep jungle with the company of animals may not be more harmful than living under such occupation of the secularists. At least, the animals do not de-Islamise and seduce people to hellfire. Neither do they obstruct siratul mustaqeem. But the secularist rulers and their secular institutions do it effectively in a very seductive way. What can be more helpful for the Muslim Ummah than releasing them from the secularists’ occupation? This is why it stands the highest form of ibadah to establish an Islamic state. Only this way they get release from the occupation of the internal and external enemies of Islam. It is so important that most of the companions of the prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) sacrificed their life for it.   



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