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India Can Not Deny its Involvement in Baluchistan

Sajjad Shaukat


Although Pakistan’s civil and military leadership has repeatedly stated that Indian secret agency, RAW supports separatism in the province of Baluchistan, and its evidence will be shown to the western countries at the right occasion, yet Indian intervention in Baluchistan is not confined to verbal statements, it has in fact proved in light of the following developments.
In the recent past, the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), New Delhi organised a seminar titled: South Asia 2020 in connection with Baluchistan. In their speeches, various scholars and think tanks maligned Pakistan in one or the other way.
Besides the seminar, on November 5, 2009 a secret conference titled: “Pakistan is Problem in Baluchistan” was organised by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in New Delhi. It was headed by the former secretary of RAW and Indian former chief of army staff. In that conference, high ranking selective officials, journalists and three Baluch leaders, namely, Dr Wahid Baluch, Khan of Kalat and Munir Mengal participated.
The speech of Dr. Wahid Baluch, General Secretary of the American Friends Baluchistan (AFOB) is of special attention. He distorted the history by pointing out that in 1948; Baluchistan was forcibly occupied by Pakistani armed forces because Nawab of Kalat had refused to abide by the demands of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
It is well-known fact that the partition of India was made on the basis of religious demographics that led to the creation of Pakistan. The people of Baluchistan overwhelmingly voted to join Pakistan in a referendum that was held on June 30, 1947. The Indian Independence Act, 1947 allowed the independent states to join either India or Pakistan. The Khan of Kalat acceded to Pakistan on March 27, 1948 as a result of the free will of the Muslims of the province.
While vocally raising false allegations in line of the Indian conspiracy against the federation Pakistan, Dr. Wahid Baluch explained, “Baluchistan still remains under the occupation of Pakistan and the international community should interfere in preventing atrocities on the Baluch people, being committed by Pak Army and ISI. Dr. Wahid also indicated his misperceptions that several Baluch leaders, engineers and doctors were kidnapped, torture and killed ruthlessly through Pakistan’s state terrorism.”
In fact, the secret conference organised by the Indian officials itself and participation of the Baluch leaders including anti-Pakistan elements proves that Indian RAW is behind all the events like hostage-takings, sectarian violence, targeted killings of the high profile leaders and other subversive acts being committed in Baluchistan. Besides, people of Baluchistan enjoy equal rights and opportunities like the people of other provinces of Pakistan. Meanwhile, on Dec 12, 2009, the signing ceremony of the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award was held in the port city of Gwadar. In this regard, Punjab province has shown much flexibility as a good gesture of sacrifice especially for Baluchistan. So it is wrong to say that Baluchistan is under occupation.
While favouring the Sardari system (Feudal lords), Dr. Wahid maintained that Baluchistan is a tribal society which follows the directions of their tribal chiefs. In this way, he not only justified support for the Baluch Sardars but also for Khan of Kalat as they have been leading separatism in the province. As a matter of fact, the unrest actually started in Baluchistan when various projects were undertaken by the previous government to develop the backward regions of the province. The sole aim was to eliminate frustration among the people by providing infrastructure and employment opportunities. The Baluch Sardars who had been backed by India and other external powers started opposing all the developmental projects. These Sardars who were running their own private jails and ‘farrari camps’ resisted the government plans as they did not want to give up the old system of feudal lords. It was Pak Army which occupied private jails and farrari camps and thus set free several innocent people.
Dr. Wahid accused in the sense of foreign propaganda campaign against Islamabad that Quetta Shura and Taliban leaders have taken shelter in the capital of Baluchistan with the help of Pakistan.
In reality, Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) which has been fighting for secession of the province get logistic support from India, while another CIA and Indian-supported separatist group, Jundallah (God’s soldiers) is also working against the cordial relationship of Pakistan with China and Iran. In the past few years, their militants with the cooperation of foreign agents kidnapped and killed many Chinese and Iranian nationals in Pakistan, while committing other subversive acts in the province.
While impressing New Delhi, Wahid Baluch said, “We are a secular nation and not Islamist or extremist…our secular culture is under attack by Pakistan and Iran for which we needs your help. He requested, “We also need your help for newly established council of Baluchistan so that we can established its offices all over the world.”
Dr. Wahid read out a message of Balochs to the audience, appealing the Indian government “to take a bold step in order to stand up against the tyranny and state terrorism of Pakistan inside Baluchistan.” He also appealed to the Indian high officials to raise the question of Baluchistan on all international forums and the UN bodies. Concluding his anti-Pakistan speech, Wahid Baluch pointed out that the ultimate goal of Baluch struggle was to seek a greater Baluchistan comprising territory on either side of the Goldsmith line in Pakistan as well as Iran.
Indian officials and RAW ex-officers in connivance with the participating Baluch leaders and friends also decided to continue the process and to establish some new organization which they decided before conducting the next meeting. Besides, Khan of Kalat expressed similar thoughts like Dr Wahid, indicating that the meeting has been a source of good interaction with the Indians, and they will use every source so as to get support for their struggle of independence.
Indian involvement in Baluchistan plot could also be judged from the fact the Munir Mengal who repeated the thoughts of Dr. Wahid in the meeting held with the faculty of IDSA which assured him that India fully backs Baluch struggle and will definitely undertake necessary steps for making the same a success. It also pledged that all future activities of Baluch movement like guidance and help will be coordinated by a US team under the sponsorship of IDSA. Besides Munir Mengal also gave a presentation at ORFin which he also misinterpreted the economic aspects of Gwadar Port as a threat to international community, opposing proposed China’s naval base at Gwadar.
America which signed a nuclear deal with India in 2008, intends to make India a mini-super power of Asia by containing China and destablising Pakistan as well as Iran. Baluchistan where China has invested billion of dollars to develop Gwadar seaport irritates both Washington and New Delhi.
Nevertheless, finally, Dr Wahid, Munir Mengal and Khalat remarked that their visit was very successful. They also met Indian deputy minister and other officials who told them that this is ever first meeting of its kind and things will further improve by the next such meeting. They also assured to the Baluch leaders that Baluch movement has not gain the momentum so far as expected, therefore, they could not support them openly—however, covert support will continue. While encouraging Baluch leaders to continue their struggle with full zeal and enthusiasm, the Indian officials paid 25000 dollars to each Baluch leader, assuring them more positive response by the next secret meeting to be held in February 2010.
Meanwhile on November 21, 2009, with the consent of the Baluch national leader Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Laurie Deamer who is active member of the Independence American Friends of Baluchistan read out the resolution in the first international conference at the Nation Press Club in Washington DC. The resolution also raised same allegations in connection with Pak Army and state terrorism by implicating Islamabad and Tehran, emphasizing the necessity of an independent Baluchistan.
Nonetheless, while taking the breaking of Pakistan as inevitable and in the interests of the international community, especially the Baluch people and the United States, the conference called upon the US government and its affiliated departments to talk directly with Baluch independence, sending American leaders in Baluchistan and abroad.
No doubt that after these conferences and secret meetings among the Indian officials, foreign agents and Baluch leaders, particularly Indian intervention in Baluchistan has been proved.
Sajjad Shaukat is a regular writer for Opinion Maker. He writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs. Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations.
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