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Blackwater and MQM's Hallmarks on Karachi Fire-Bombing By Dr Shahid Qureshi
Posted By: DrShahidQureshi On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:2922 Replies:0 
MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups' chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: chaudry On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:2299 Replies:1 
Pakistan's spy chief Lt. General Shuja Pasha reportedly gave proofs of CIA's involvement into destabilizing/terrorist activities in Pakistan. According to some assessments US mercenaries with support of "˜locally recruited agents' are behind the targeted killings of senior Pakistani militar Click here to read Full Article
گلگت بلتستان کےگورنرکی تقرری ،امتحان۔عبدالجبارناصر
Posted By: ajnasir On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:2903 Replies:0 
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سجن ! گھر لوٹ آؤ (2)۔ ڈاکٹر عصمت حیات علوی
Posted By: dr._asmat_hayat_alvi On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:1707 Replies:0 
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Situation getting ripe for a civil war by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:1908 Replies:0 
When Pakistan came into being, Hindu leaders regarded creation of Pakistan as a tragic mistake that could still be corrected. They indicated on many occasions that partition is merely a temporary division. Break up of Pakistan and its absorption into Indian Union had become the national goal of Indi Click here to read Full Article
میں اور میری امی۔ روبینہ فیصل
Posted By: ruby On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:2220 Replies:0 
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West Plans for Iran Destabilization by Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Posted By: abdulruff On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:1821 Replies:0 
The western powers that backed the Shah regime was thrown out by the Islamic Revolution now the west is keen to remove the Islamic regime by using the fanatic opposition of Iran. Western democracy now includes destabilization of Islamic nations that don’t subscribe to American values and virtues. Click here to read Full Article
جہنم کو جانےوالا راستہ،یااسی طرح کی منزل۔ایاز امیر
Posted By: Ayaz_Amir On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:3243 Replies:0 
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کراچی اسٹیٹ ایکٹرز کہاں تھے۔ عرفان صدیقی
Posted By: Irfan_Siddiqui On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:1812 Replies:0 
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جمہوریت کے اصل وارث ۔ طلعت حسین
Posted By: Talat_Hussain On: 2/Jan/2010 Views:1655 Replies:0 
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