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دہشتگردی کا مقابلہ کیسے کیا جائے ۔ محمد عباس خان
Posted By: Muhammad_Abbas_Khan On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1995 Replies:0 
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ہمارےعوامی تحفظ کےاداروں کی ذہنی پہنچ ۔ڈاکٹرشبیر
Posted By: shabbirK On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1271 Replies:0 
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ہم کب تک دوسروں کے آلہ کار بنے رہیں گے ۔ محمد اعظم
Posted By: M.Azam On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1343 Replies:0 
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تمنا ۓ مدینہ ۔ مولانا قاری صدیق احمد
Posted By: dr._asmat_hayat_alvi On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1436 Replies:0 
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Did West Indies Thrash an Innocent-looking India? by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1090 Replies:0 
Of course, it is sheer waste of time talking about cricket. But then without mentioning the match-fixings in cricket, the bowlers and batboys would continue to play joint cricket exercises for extra money and fun. There is too much of open mischief on the field owing to external mafia interferences.It is a known fact that India now control not just the ICC and cricket mafias but also the whole Click here to read Full Article
Mideast Uprising Outcome: CIA Gets the Libyan Rebel Terrorists to Ship oil to USA by DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1067 Replies:0 
America has got a part of what it wanted from "uprisings" in Mideast and "noflyzone" fascism over sovereign Libya: high standard Libyan oil, and the terrorist rebels have helped the NATO rogues to transport Libyan energy resources into USA- the nation of their real bosses. Will any American or Britisher do such sacrifices against their country for Libya or any other Arab nations? The CIA-pre-pa Click here to read Full Article
The Failed Indo-Pak Dialogue: Anatomy of Kashmir Freedom Struggle by DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1078 Replies:0 
Jammu Kashmir, like Palestine, is a zone where human tragedy reigns for decades. The Indian occupation forces, as per estimates, have so far slaughtered over 100, 000 innocent Kashmir Muslims. Secret Kashmiri graveyards discovered recently in Kashmir stand as an Indian democratic reality and is "peaceful" contribution by occupying Indian terror forces. India and Pakistan have so far, maybe as a Click here to read Full Article
People are vying for another Quaid-e-Azam by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1678 Replies:0 
Till 9/11, Pakistan was a fairly stable and prosperous country but its complexion changed once Gen Musharraf opted to align Pakistan with USA and become its coalition partner. War on terror initiated by USA was designed to destabilize Pakistan and not to root out terrorism. The war forced upon Pakistan led to the creation of Pakistani Taliban in Waziristan who later formed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakista Click here to read Full Article
PRESS RELEASE Allama Mashriqi’s Grandson Compiles
Posted By: Infomashriqi On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:2589 Replies:0 
Allama Mashriqi’s grandson, Nasim Yousaf, has completed a massive undertaking to compile historic copies of the Khaksar Tehrik’s weekly newspaper, “Al-Islah,” into a digital format. Prior to this effort, “Al-Islah” had not seen the light of day since 1947 for political reasons. This publication is extremely important in understanding not only the history of the freedom movement of the Indian sub-c Click here to read Full Article
ایک تجویزبجٹ خسارے میں کمی کیلیے۔عبداللہ طارق سہیل
Posted By: AbdullahTS On: 17/Jun/2011 Views:1134 Replies:0 
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