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شیشیہ ہیروئن سےبھی زیادہ مضر صحت ہے۔سجاد علی
Posted By: SajjadA On: 21/Aug/2013 Views:675 Replies:0 
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طالبان کا پاکستان پر قبضے کا پلان ۔ سیدفواد علی
Posted By: Fawad1 On: 21/Aug/2013 Views:837 Replies:0 
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The PM Speech by Dr Ghayur Ayub
Posted By: Ghayyur_Ayub On: 21/Aug/2013 Views:992 Replies:0 
In cyberspace a speech by a chief executive is gauged by three things; appearance; body language; and contents. Let us look at the PM speech in that context.Appearance; camera plays pivotal role in appearance. It is believed that Richard Nixon lost presidential election from John F Kennedy because the way he appeared on TV. Many world leaders make sure to have them beamed properly by zooming them Click here to read Full Article
Can We Achieve Millennium Development Goals till 2015 by SHOAIB HABIB MEMON
Posted By: Shoaib1 On: 21/Aug/2013 Views:935 Replies:0 
The Millennium Development Goals are our promise to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. They have succeeded in placing people at the centre of the development agenda.At the global level, poverty and hunger have been reduced significantly. In developing regions, the proportion of people living on less than $1.25 a day fell by more than half, from 47 per cent in 1990 to 22 per cent in 2010, wi Click here to read Full Article
Deep Breathing by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
Posted By: Riaz On: 21/Aug/2013 Views:633 Replies:0 
With all the heart problems that people are experiencing today, learning that you can actually do something to create a second heart within your body sounds like a miracle or simply too good to be true. Of course science is always trying to create replacement organs using stem cells, cloning, cell regeneration technology and much more, but such "solutions" are nothing more than band aids, as is ev Click here to read Full Article
Good Company by Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI
Posted By: dr._asmat_hayat_alvi On: 21/Aug/2013 Views:1396 Replies:0 
There was a wise man. He had one daughter only. He wanted to teach her something wise and nice. One day he bought a rose from a flower-shop. The smell of the rose was very nice. He gave the rose to his daughter. The girl was very happy to receive so nice rose flower. She thanked Click here to read Full Article

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