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دیتے ہیں دھوکہ یہ بازیگر کھلا ۔ پروفیسر مظہر
Posted By: Riffat On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:1628 Replies:0 
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اب یہ بوکھلاہٹ کیوں ؟ پروفیسر رفعت مظہر
Posted By: Riffat On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:1547 Replies:0 
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تنازع عید کے چاندکا ۔ محمداعظم
Posted By: M.Azam On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:634 Replies:0 
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And we thought Muslims were the only ones wearing the Burqa!
Posted By: nrqazi On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:5612 Replies:0 
Among the detained was Amram Shapira, the personal assistant of Haredi leader Rabbi Tuvia Weiss. Shapira and other Haredi leaders who were arrested on Sunday were accused of misusing millions of shekels worth of donations to the community.Protesters tried to set up barricades on several main roads in Beit Shemesh, and threw rocks at police officers when they attempted to intervene. Clashes were al Click here to read Full Article
Uptight Geo-political environments of Pakistan by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:836 Replies:0 
India has been principally responsible for disturbing the peace in South Asia because of its habit of meddling into the internal affairs of its smaller and militarily and economically weak neighbors. Her burning desire to become the unchallenged power of the region and that too not by winning the confidence and willing cooperation of the neighbors but by applying Chankyan and coercive tactics as Click here to read Full Article
I Wonder What Happened? by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
Posted By: Riaz On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:947 Replies:0 
I have a question or two for the media as to why it has not kept the public updated on the followings and what happened to them?!34 persons who died about a decade ago in a stampede caused due to the late opening of the Bahishti Darwaza, when the Giddi Nashin Diwan Sahib was alleged to be haggling with the Auqaf department for the larger intake than that offered by them to him? Click here to read Full Article
Military coup against Egypt president Morsi foiled? by DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:799 Replies:0 
The military establishment in Egypt is obviously unhappy about its losing extra power in emerging new Egypt. . It has come to light now that there was an attampt in Cairo to kill president Mohammed Morsi and take power by the military. However, it is not clear if the Pantegon eng couraged the Egyptian military to stage the coup and murder. Click here to read Full Article
عید اور امید ۔ حامدمیر
Posted By: Hamid_Mir On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:712 Replies:0 
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ایک کلمہ گو کی جان کی حرمت ۔ انصار عباسی
Posted By: Ansar.Abbasi On: 22/Aug/2012 Views:743 Replies:0 
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