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What make Nawaz Sharif U-Turn on NWFP-18th By Dr Shahid Qureshi
Posted By: DrShahidQureshi On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:3538 Replies:0 
What spell comes on Nawaz Sharif leader of PML-N that he got into the pro-India ANP/PPP/MQM trap laid for 18th Amendment on the name changing of the NWFP? The editorial of historically pro Nawaz Shairf leading daily newspaper ‘Nawa-eWaqat’ published on 2nd April 2010 should have been enough for PML-N as a wake up call. Click here to read Full Article
Shoaib Malik & Mohammad Amir in another scandal(Partying & Dancing Pictures) - Disturbing Images
Posted By: chaudry On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:11181 Replies:1 
Shoaib malik former Pakistani cricket captain is going to marrry with indian tennis super star Sania mirza, after his marriage date his previous scandals are headlnes of both indian and Pakistani media following are some pictures of Shoaib malik caught in another scandal. You can sport Mohd Amir in one of the images as well. Click here to read Full Article
Gitmo detainees were sold by Pak army for $ 5000 each, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson By: Earthman, International Professor
Posted By: International_Professor On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:2624 Replies:0 
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is ex Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, after retirement he emerged as outspoken critic of Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld type war mongers and their human rights violations. His documentary “Why We Fight” won the Grand Jury Prize in 2005 at Sundance Film Festival. Another documentary got fame “The Israel Lobby” in 2007. Click here to read Full Article
Indian ambitions in Afghanistan and designs against Pakistan by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:2209 Replies:0 
India has always vied to maintain friendly ties with Afghanistan and to keep Pak-Afghan relations frosty. When Soviet forces occupied Afghanistan in December 1979, India supported the illegal invasion as well as Soviet installed regimes in Kabul throughout the Afghan war. Pakistan supported the just cause of Mujahideen and provided moral, political, Click here to read Full Article
اٹھارویں ترمیم ۔ ریحان احمد یوسفی
Posted By: Isfandyar_Azmat On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:2115 Replies:0 
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ایران کےحلاف مغربی میڈیا ۔ ذیشان یسین
Posted By: ZeeshanYaseen On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:2374 Replies:0 
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عذاب برداشت کرنے کی حد ۔ اوریا مقبول جان
Posted By: Orya On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:1907 Replies:0 
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اصل خوشخبری ۔ طلعت حسین
Posted By: Talat_Hussain On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:2021 Replies:0 
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ضیاءالحق اور بھٹو صاحب ؟ ڈاکٹر صفدر محمود
Posted By: Jang On: 10/Apr/2010 Views:1906 Replies:0 
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