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The Dilemma of Memo Gate Scandal

By: Dr. Maqsood Jafri (New York)


The majority of people live in the vault of self-created images and speculations. They want to see things with their colored glasses. They do not see things as they are. It is my considered opinion that there can be no fight between two persons or war between two nations if everyone accepts truth. You believe that you are right and others are wrong. Some people are so hot headed or are like blinkered horses that they never see the truth. Particularly, the religious and political people for their petty interest distort the facts and want to get the desired results. Let us discuss a few hard facts and honestly draw the conclusions. The memo gate scandal in Pakistan has paralyzed the whole system. It seems as one side, the army, and the other side, the federal government, is at a tug of war. The country is facing many genuine problems. Our ruling civil and military elite are quite oblivious to the ground realities. The people in Pakistan and abroad have two opinions about the memo gate case. Some believe that Mansoor Ijaz is a blackmailer and an agent of the Indian RAW. He had been writing against the interest of Pakistan and had written much against the ISI as well. He contacted the ambassador Husain Haqqani and offered his services to help the democratic government of the PPP. He gave the impression of being close to American General Mike Mullen and the Pentagon. Once, he tried to trap Ms. Benazir Bhutto for lobbying for her and demanded a huge amount of money. She found him an imposter and asked the party men not to depend on him at all. As there were rumors around about the plan of the army intervention, Husain Haqqani might have asked him to write against the undemocratic intentions of the army. After writing the column, Munsoor Ijaz might have asked for the remuneration of his services, and on denial he involved Husain Haqqani and informed the ISI that behind this column was the hand of Husain Haqqani. This is the reason that the chief of the ISI, General Shuja Pasha visited him in London and got all information. The second opinion is that as Husain Haqqani was disliked by Pakistan army for his advice to the framers of the Kerry-Lugar bill, in which the American financial aid to Pakistan was conditioned. It was pointed out that the army of Pakistan will remain out from political affairs of the country. His book titled Pakistan: Between Military and Mosque shuddered the hardliners and the ISI of Pakistan. Husain Haqqani was destined to be punished. The ISI contacted Mansoor Ijaz and trapped Husain Haqqani. These diverging opinions are still a dilemma. But, the serious matter is a point of suggestion in this memo to form a body under the advisor of the National Security Council including the foreigners to have a check on the nuclear plant of Pakistan. This suggestion is tantamount to treason. It has very serious repercussions. Will any country permit an international check on its' nuclear plant? If Husain Haqqani gave this suggestion, as claimed by Mansoor Ijaz, why he included it in the memo? This shows, he is equally involved in this nasty game buttressed by the Israel-Indian evil nexus. He is an American citizen and cannot be tired in the courts of Pakistan but he can be interrogated in Pakistan on his visit to Pakistan. If any Pakistani is involved in this nefarious act, he is to be severely punished. There can't be two opinions about it. No compromise on our nuclear program. It is the national duty of the Pakistani establishment and the ISI to be vigilant on the matters of solidarity of Pakistan. 


Mansoor Ijaz was promised to give all protection by the federal government of Pakistan. On false excuses, he had been befooling the Pakistanis.  He has not appeared before the court on July 24, 2012, as summoned. His lawyer Barrister Akram Sheikh first accused the government for not issuing him the visa. When the visa was given to him, Akram Sheikh said that the visa was given to his client just to appear before the parliamentary commission and it was not given to appear before the court. Visa is a visa. When it is granted, there is no binding whether the person is to appear before the court or before the parliamentary committee.  Can Akram Sheikh provide the Photostat copy of any such visa? It is the biggest lie of this century. The balloon of the memo gate has been pricked by lies of its own creator. Before Husain Haqqani, I had visited our two ambassadors, General Jehangir Karamat and General Mehmood Durrani, in Pakistan embassy in Washington DC. I had exclusive meetings with them and had discussed with them how to promote the cause of the Kashmiris in the USA besides the promotion of Pakistan moderate image. I found them patriotic and sincere with the cause of Pakistan. Being ex-military men, their commitment with the solidarity of Pakistan was above the board. But they had no diplomatic experience. Their mind set was of a serving person --no initiative and no vision. I wonder as to why the retired generals are appointed as ambassadors. Even, the officers of Foreign Service are not fit for ambassadorial task.  Whether military or civil bureaucracy, they cannot take initiative and are mentally unfit or misfit to deliver. Their snobbish attitude is an impediment to penetrating into the public sectors. These people are good servants but bad masters. I suggest the parliament to pass the bill in the assembly to appoint fifty percent of the ambassadors to be appointed from the pack of lawyers, professors, journalists and politicians.


The eminent lawyer and the human rights' activist Ms. Asma Jehangir, while in an interview by Mehr Bhukhari on Dunya TV on January 24, 2012, strongly condemned the role of the ISI in political matters. She said that the political matters must be decided by the politicians. The statements of Husain Haqqani and Mansoor Ijaz have been presented before the commission of the parliament on national security. Mansoor Ijaz expressed doubts on the intention of the interior ministry and refused to visit Pakistan. His attorney has accused that the federal government is harassing his client. On the other side, the attorney of Husain Haqqani, Zahid Bhkhari, says that Munsoor Ijaz is a liar and an imposter. He would never visit Pakistan as he is a blackmailer and only wanted to defame Pakistan and derail the government of the PPP. The supporters of the PPP are of the view that the memo case has no value and its writer is a Pakistani-American who is not a trustworthy person and has no credibility. Even some neutral persons are of the opinion that it is Saudi Arabia  ISI, the judiciary and the PML(N) that want to finish the government of the PPP. How far it is correct, time will tell. We have no evidence or solid proof about this speculation, but these people have their own reasons to support their thesis. The secret meetings of the head of the ISI General Shuja Pasha with some Suadi prince and with Mansoor Ijaz have created doubts in the minds of the people. It is a fact that the PPP has been representing the poor people of Pakistan and is an anti-establishment party. This is the reason that the establishment had always damaged the PPP and supported the anti-peoples party forces. Under the circumstances, the patriots and the democrats of Pakistan strongly condemn the role of the agencies in the politics of Pakistan and desire the political process continue.


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