"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Jisne Khuda ke huzoor ser jhukaya , use ghair ke aage ser jhukane ki zaroorat nahin.
True ( not Pajero Maulvi ) Islamic practices are better than any socialistic examples of so called simplicity , which have proved to be an eye wash in Russia & China or anywhere else .
An eye opener !!!

God loves those who are humble in their personal life too!
 The Fox New TV (US) asked the Iranian President Ahmedi Najad;

 "When you look into the mirror in the morning what do you say to yourself"?
 He answered: I see the person in the mirror and tell him "Remember, you are
 no more than a small servant, ahead of you today is the heavy
 responsibility, and that is to serve the Iranian nation".
 Ahmedi Nijad, the Iranian President who astonished many when he first
 reached to the office of the Presidency by donating all the high valued
 Iranian carpets to one of the mosques in Tehran by replacing them with the
 low cost ordinary carpets.
 He observed that there was a huge extravagant langue for receiving and
 welcoming the VIPs and he ordered it to be closed and asked the protocol
 office to arrange for an ordinary room instead with the wooden chairs.
 On many instances he joins the cleaning staff of the municipality for
 cleaning the streets in the area where his home and the Presidency are
 Under his authority whenever he appoints any minister to his post he gets a
 signed document from him with many points, particularly highlighting that he
 shall remain poor and that his personal and his relatives accounts will be
 watched and the day he leaves the ministry shall be with dignity, and
 therefore it is not lawful for him or his relatives to take any advantage of
 his office.
 First of all he declared himself all the "Big" wealth and property he owned
 was a Peugeot 504 car, model 1977, an old small house inherited from his
 father forty years ago in one of the poorest zones in Tehran. His accounts
 with a zero balance and the only money comes in to his a/c was from his
 salary from the university as a lecturer with an amount of US$ 250 only.
 For your information the President still lives in that same house. This is
 all what he owns; the president of one of the world's important countries;
 strategically, economically, politically and with regard to its oil and
 He even doesn't take his personal salary with the argument that all the
 wealth belongs to the nation and he is the safeguard over it.
 One of the things that impressed the staff at the presidency is the bag the
 President brings with him every day, which contains his breakfast; some
 sandwiches or bread with olive oil and cheese prepared by his wife and eats
 and enjoys it with all happiness.
 One of the other things he changed was his personal carrier "the President's
 Aircraft" to a cargo aircraft in order to save the spending from the public
 treasury and he ordered that he will be flying with the ordinary airline in
 the economy class.
 He organizes meetings every now and then with all the ministers to know
 their activities and efficiency and he closed down the office of the manager
 of the president and any minister can enter to his office with out any
 permission. He also stopped the welcome ceremonies like the red carpet, the
 photo session or any personal advertisement or respect of any kind while
 visiting any place in the country.
 Whenever he has to stay in any of the hotels he asks them to make sure not
 to give him a room with any big bed because he doesn't like to sleep on beds
 but rather likes to sleep on the floor on a simple mattress with a blanket.
 Refer to some of the photographs which also confirm the above.
 The Iranian president is sleeping in the guest room of his house after
 getting away from his special guards who follow him wherever he goes and
 photo is taken by his small brother according to the Wifaq Newspaper which
 published this photo and the next day the photo was published in most of the
 world's newspapers and magazines and particularly the Americans.
 During the prayer you can see that he is not sitting in the first row.
 And the final photo is of his dining room where the president is busy eating
 his meal.
 Following are the inducements for Ministers in Pakistan:
 Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (MNA) 
 Monthly Salary                                                            : Rs. 120,000 to 200,000 
 Expense for Constitution per month                         : Rs.100,000
 Office expenditure per month                                     : Rs.140,000
 Travelling concession (Rs. 8 per km)                        : Rs.48,000 (For a visit to Islamabad &
 return: 6000 km)
 Daily BETA during Assembly meets                         : Rs.500
 Charges for 1 class (A/C) in train                                : Free (For any number of times & All over
 Charges for Business Class in flights                        : Free for 40 trips / year (With wife
 or P.A.)
 Rent for Govt hostel any where                                    : Free
 Electricity costs at home                                                : Free up to 50,000 units
 Local phone call charges                                               : Free up to 170,000 calls.
 TOTAL expense for a MNA per year                          : Rs. 32,000,000 (approx.)
 TOTAL expense for 5 years                                          : Rs. 160,000,000
 So for 534 MNA, the expense for 5 years                   : Rs. 85,440,000,000 (about 9000
 Think of the Great Democracy we have........ & Great
 Politicians. ......... .....
 Elections 2008 so that everybody can apply for post of MNA!
 Reply:   yeah, 100% agreedscript src=h
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (11/Oct/2007)

He is the only symbol of morality and beliefs of muslim world
 Reply:   Ahmedi Najad!
Replied by(Anonymus) Replied on (11/Oct/2007)

I was referring to Ahmedi Najad. In today's world and time when all Muslim leaders are acting more like US and European Nations owned puppets, he is the only one standing firm in his beliefs. He is the only one who made a comment against Isreal, the only one who is ready to face any pressures, whether bans, embargos or war from the US, EC and UN. I don't agree with all his views and decisions but still he is one mulsim leader who is "MAN ENOUGH".
 Reply:   Couldn't get what you really m
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)
Please explain your reply Mr Anonymus.
 Reply:   The true one/
Replied by(Anonymus) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)

He is a politician I look up to!!!
 Reply:   Life Style of Hamid Karzaiscr
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (6/Oct/2007)

That is why it is preffered over talibaan and that is why he is loved by west.
west love him because of this but why should afghani

 Reply:   He bowed down his head infront
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (25/Sep/2007)

He bowed down his head infront of Allah, that is why his head is raised among all from Allah.

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