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In Loving Memory of Dr. M Iftikhar Alam Rana

A Lion Hearted Man, & a Sun of his times


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In a very short time, I found a friend and mentor in Dr. M Iftikhar Alam Rana. I had the good fortune of practicing my medicines with him, and finding a rare friendship in the process. I have shared with him his childhood memories, anecdotes of his youth and the agony of his disease. In all the peaks and troughs, his nobility and courage has outshone the obstacles stacked sky high against him. We spoke often and his views have illuminated a lot of dark crevices of my soul. He was constantly encouraging and nudging me to outdo my own performance. Stagnation and failure were unknown elements to his character. He was a very tall man indeed. After witnessing his loving presence, warmth and perseverance I know what it feels to stand in the shadow of a giant. He is an inspiration and has always aimed for the highest flights. His ventures have succeeded often and whenever he stumbled and fell, he reached for new heights and greater goals.

I will tell all my patients the story of this brave man, who faced the worst pain of multiple Haemorrhages, hyper glaucoma & hyper tension altogether known to humanity with such stoicism and valour, the first time I saw his medical file, the physician in me silently grieved for the minimal help I could offer. He had already suffered for ten years and all that could be done had been tried. I understood he was in good hands albeit some mistakes. He used to work eighteen hours a day at the office while treating & medicating patients for free, He & I have treated almost 4 lack patients in the last decade, related to almost every disease. Homeopathic its self is a charisma and many of them got healed ALHUMDULILALLAH. Sometimes it was hard for him to speak and he would break into a sweat with the pain; he would ask me to tell him about my day while he composed himself. I became the physician friend whom he could talk to any time he wanted. Any advice I gave him, be it a change in diet, regular massage or exercise, or to ask him to take his medicines seriously & regularly, he would follow it with intense zeal and vigour. I started sharing his strength in fighting his disease and his life in every way possible. I have never met anyone more alive and enthusiastic about life. He was so full of vitality that I found my heart praying for a miracle. Nothing less would do for a man of his talents.

His life story is an amazing one and needs to be told. Whenever people face adversity and calamity, hope and faith leave at the first opportunity. Dr. Iftikhar Alam Rana seemed to harbour hope, faith and courage every time the hands of fate struck against him. I have read & heard his writings & poetry countlessly during clinic hours, and I have always done so with wet eyes. If I truly start writing about the loving, caring and nurturing soul he was, I would never cease to write. Even now I am crying as I realize he will never see this piece and ask me to make necessary changes. He never forgot to say what needed to be said. A month before his death I talked to him on phone he called me to say thank you and good bye. He used to say Uzma I am transferring my knowledge into you; I want you to follow my footprints and continue helping humanity. (How to tell you sir, life is a cancer never let you do what you want but I promise that I’ll try my best). There is a sentence what he always use to engrave when ever we talk or meet that my soul daughter there is no your substitute, today let me tell the whole world that Sir there is no your substitute too, with your death, a part of me has died. The gap you have given into my life can never be filled. You were the only friend I have, you were the men who use to fill my craving for knowledge (including poetry, Literature, Horoscopes, stones, spiritual healing, Islam & homoeopathy), and we have discussed and talked almost on every topic. With you, every time I got to learn some thing new. You are/were my teacher, my soul father you were the only man & place where my thoughts and my mind feel satisfaction and delighted.  We never spoke again. I will always remember him for his courage, vitality, love and wisdom. He will continue to be a friend long after he is gone for whenever I face any adversity I will try to do what he would have done. I know failure would be impossible if I follow his footsteps. His is a life well lived and a story with a great lesson.

In years to come when the pain of this loss is lessened I will write about him and dedicate the book to his loving memory. In short, he was a family man whose entire existence revolved around his parents, brother, sister, wife and five children. His work was his temple and he dedicated long hours into achieving perfection. His love for Pakistan was boundless. And finally the humane, impartial and wise outlook he had on everything made him priceless. I remember telling him he reminded me of the saying by Stephen Grellet, “I shall pass through this world but once, any good therefore that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” He laughed saying that he tried very hard to do what needed to be done. May he forever rest in peace and dwell in paradise eternally. He has passed through his life without failing anyone and his reward must be waiting for him in the hereafter. He will be missed by his family and friends but I am sure he is still spreading joy and hope wherever he is. I am paying my heartfelt respects to my friend and mentor who has left many hearts barren and many eyes sore. But the joys he has added to all those lives will only grow exponentially. I pray for the bereaved family to bear this loss with the courage that Dr. Iftikhar has inspired in all of us.

Written by:

Dr. Uzma Syed

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Dr. M. Ifitikhar Alam (May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace) was highly respectful & obedient son, dependable family member, a brilliant student during studies, ideal Teacher / Professor in colleges, kind hearted person, a friend in need, encouraging & supporting person, dynamic officer (DMG Group), one of the best physicians - possessing knowledge of wholistic medicines and command on many chronic diseases through Homeopathic, Tibb and Ayorvedic treatments. He was a best son-in-law and highly loving / caring head of family. He was not only a knowledge-seeker but was also eager to transfer knowledge through effective / impressive communications. He never promoted any hatred or sectarian feelings and used to promote meanings of Quraanic verses. His memory was full of the poetry of all Indo-Pak poets and he liked meaningful, rhythmic musical songs of Lata, Rafi, Mehdi Hassan, etc. He had rich sense of humour. He was more than a well-wisher friend of mine and I will always cherish his memories.
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(R) Asst. Commissioner of Police, 1st Class magistrate, Director KESC
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