"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Too Good To Be True


Dr.Uzma Syed


You want to know why I am so nice to you. I smile silently as I ponder over your doubts and your constant search for a rhyme or reason for a whim of my heart. I wonder why I would not be nice to you. For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with you. I have laughed with you and cried for you, dreamt of you, written about you and longed for you. Even years before we met, I was saving the best of myself for you. I didn't know who you would be but you were the center of my universe for as long as I can reminisce.


I have to be totally insane not to be nice to you.I thought that After years of searching I have finally found my soul mate. As I have gone through crowds wondering where the man of my dreams is. Out of six billion people on this planet, that day I finally knew who I will spend the rest of my life heart wispered that I have to share the best of my qualities with you. I have long waited for this time and now that it is finally there, I cannot hold back a single tear or smile from you.


 I know I am very unpractical and immature in a very busy and sane world. But I am in love and no one should expect sanity from me. Of all the people in the world at least you should understand how deeply and ardently I love you.I have this uncontrollable desire to share every joy and sadness within my being with you, tell you all of my heartfelt secrets and bare my very soul to you. I wanted to hold you when you are lonely. Cry with you when you have wet eyes. Smile when you are happy. Understand when you are being unreasonable.


 Listen quietly when you feel like talking. Surrender when you lose your temper. Talk wisely when you are silent and morose. Wait patiently when you spread your wings to fly. What makes you think all this makes me too good to be true? I am just in love with you and you are good enough for me to give up all of my joys for a single smile on your lips.I was sure that  My dreams will never be more valuable than the light in your eyes. My life will not be complete until I share it with you. From now on all my tomorrows will follow your footsteps.


 I will only lead when you need my strength. I will always be a step behind so that whenever you stumble, I’m there to hold you and keep you from falling. I have decided with all of my heart and soul to be your woman. I am willing to give up anything for a chance of happiness together. I wanted you to be the man in my life.I see the doubt in your eyes when I make so many promises. I hear the questions in your silence. One day, years ahead, you will be surprised at your own hesitation. I am willing to be tested with time for I have two very strong weapons, faith and love. I knew there will be days when my patience will not be enough to endure the pain, my faith will be weak in the hands of fate and for that moment I will save a memory of yesterday. That is the memory of a life when I had all the affection, trust and hope in a man whom I had never met. I had the strength to be his even when I didn't know who he would be.


How could I falter when I finally find my companion? For doubtful days this thought will make me smile and love you more. I will always ask you if you are happy and look in your eyes for the answer. I will always find my joys hidden in that reply.I promised my self that I will make you the happiest man in this world and I won’t ask for a return of the favor. I will be the happiest woman in making you so. A part of my heart winces when you doubt my love and that brings tears to my eyes. Maybe I am still selfish enough to want appreciation. Maybe you have never been loved so much. I know this is for real because I have this immeasurable pain within my bosom whenever I even think of parting. My heart aches in agony whenever I see you leave. Someday all of your queries will be answered and your eyes will shine with a solid faith in the woman who could've made your life a remarkable experience. I knew that This is the dream which will help me love you when you are the least lovable.


I have finally found the center of my world and I will revolve around you with all the energy of my heart, mind and soul. One day, you will warm up to this intense passion. You will learn to believe in a Utopian love that everyone kept telling you didn't exist. I will love you hoping that one day you will love me with an equal ardor. My devotion will clear all the doubts in your heart. My fervor and faith will teach you to trust completely. My passion will cleanse you of all the sorrows of yesterdays. I am not too good to be true. I am just too much in love with you.

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