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Export of Iranian Shia revolution has ruined others along with itself.

By: Earthman, International Professor

Killings of 11 top commanders of Iranian revolutionary guards, the strongest Iranian force in last week of October 2009 has created panic among Iranian government circles who abruptly blamed Pakistan, UK and U.S. for that killings. Backing to Judullah by Pakistan Govt. is out of question because the entire top creed is itself Shia including President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Minister of Religious Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Education, Information and entire Ministry of Defense is full of Mahdi Army. Whereas Army chief of Pakistan claims to be Iranian Zoroastrian creed of Kayhan stack.

Since 1979 authoritarian Iranian Mullah’s are involved in heinous crimes, violations of human rights, export of sectarian terrorism and to spread anarchy in the region. Particularly all of its neighbors and Middle East countries are target of narrow minded sectarian Mullahs. There is no country in the region where Iranian involvement behind unrest was not exposed. Three neighbors Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq have been ruined and UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Jordan are continuously under sectarian terrorism of Iran.

Initially Iranian revolution was posed as an Islamic revolution that get wide ranging sympathies from Islamic world, particularly departure of Shah Iran and throwing out CIA instruments from their country. Within a few months narrow minded clergy converted Iranian govt. in an autocratic papal rule. Creation of “Wilayat e Faqeeh” was first blow to shake fundamental belief of Islam, and later Khomeini was declared Imam. The written authority of Imam was greater than or equal to Prophet or Co-Prophet. The design of “Wilayat e Faqeeh” was derived from religious authority of “Catholic Pope” amalgamated with powers of authoritarian Military Dictatorship. After revolution hundred thousands were hanged by self appointed courts of Mullahs. A generation of teenagers was entirely wiped out in every day killings. One by one all of the other politicians and sects were thrown out of main stream. Hundred thousand took refuge in other countries.

Real dreams of Khomeini were exposed in his own books, his secondary target was to get hold of Makkah and Medina, but primary target to take control over Govt. and Shia shrines of Iraq was nucleus of his basic doctrine. Soon after revolution Ali-Akbar Mohtashamipur who was Iran's ambassador to Syria and later interior Minister of Iran was founder of “Hizbollah” in Iran. The earliest organization promoting the active export of revolution was Satja, established in the spring of 1979 by Mohammad Montazeri and his close associate, Mehdi Hashemi. Satja's rapidly established its contacts with radical groups throughout the Middle East. (Ayatollah Hosain Ali Montazeri was father of Mohammad Montazeri). Satja was forced to disband, but Mohammad Montazeri and Hashemi then joined the Pasdaran, where they eventually set up within that organization the Liberation Movements Office. Mohammad Montazeri was killed in the June 1981 bombing that claimed the lives of over seventy prominent politicians. Following that development, Hashemi emerged as the principal leader to support for revolutionaries around the world.

Under Hashemi's direction, the Liberation Movements Office operated autonomously of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and maintained contact with opposition movements in several countries helping to overthrow respective governments. In 1984 the Liberation Movements Office was removed from the jurisdiction of the Pasdaran, Hashemi resigned from his posts and went to Qom. There he obtained a position within the large bureaucracy of Ayatollah Montazeri, who supervised six seminaries, several charitable organizations, a publishing house, and numerous political offices. Hashemi succeeded in setting up the Office for Global Revolution. In October he and several of his associates were arrested, and the Office for Global Revolution was closed. During the summer of 1987, Hashemi and some of his colleagues were tried for "deviating from Islam"; Hashemi was found guilty and subsequently executed. (1)
There are other dozens of evidences which shows state involvement in sectarian terrorism and export of Iranian Shia revolution.
12th Rabi ul Awal terrorists attack on Masjid e Nabvi:

On February 24, 2009 Some 2,000 Shia pilgrims gathered near the Mosque Al Nabvi apparently to commemorate death of Prophet which later gone out of control and intervention of Saudi troops were sought. The violence led to unprecedented demonstrations in front of Saudi embassies in London, Berlin, and The Hague, with protesters demanding independence from the Saudi state. There was clear hand of Iranian Govt. in both events. In fact the Iranian revolution prompted a Shia uprising in the Eastern Province in November 1979. Saudi Arabia's Shia staged an unprecedented intifada in the towns of Qatif, Saihat, Safwa, and Awamiyya. (2) It is interesting historical fact that commemoration of birth of Prophet on 12th Rabi ul Awal has a few decades back history. Otherwise same day had been celebrated as a day of death of holy Prophet in Muslim world since centuries. And Shia openly differs on the date of birth of holy Prophet and celebrates it on 17th of same month.

Khomeni's revolution resulted in the "export of Shia militancy" to many countries including Pakistan.

In 1980 at Quetta, Pakistan, the Hazara’s along with other armed Shia terrorist gangs backed by Iranian Mullah’s entrenched against security forces and fought bloody battle. It was first show of revolutionary power in Pakistan.

There are hundreds of other instances for example famous terrorist Ghulam Raza Naqvi, the chief of Sipah e Mohammed Pakistan, when arrested in 1996, the government had placed a reward of Rs 2 million for his alleged involvement in about 30 cases of murder and dacoity. Naqvi turned Thokar Niaz Beg, Lahore, a no-go area for Sunni’s and law enforcement agencies. Police attempted many times to break terrorists den but failed, PPP’s leader Afsar Reza Qizlibash, family of Maratab Ali canteen contractor and Faqeer Family of Lahore (3) were behind in support of Shia terrorists. Later he ordered the assassination of Yazdani in September 1996 a leader of his own terrorist faction. In the meanwhile another terrorists gang started to operate under Major (Retd.) Ashraf Ali Shah in 1996 who started to confront with Ghulam Naqvi’s terrorist gang, resulting in killings and clashes. During the period Shia Terrorists targeted selected bureaucrats and killed Commissioner of Sargodha, Deputy Commissioner of Khanewal, an Ahle Hadis Joint Secretary and ex Commissioner of Sheikhupura who was working at Lahore at that time and many other government officials.

Emerge of Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah Jafferia (TNFJ):

Iran appointed Arif ul Hussaini as viceroy of Walayat e Faqeeh dynasty at Pakistan like other countries with its head quarter at Para Chanar, Kurram agency. Maj Gen Husain Mahdi (brother in law of Air Chief Mashaf Mir) who was involved in massacre of 7000 Jamia Hafsa girls was also Iranian backed vigilante belongs to Hangu.  Pakistan was a special target of Iranian Mullah’s, and six Iranian counselor offices in Pakistan were playing main role to recruit, finance and arm Shia terrorists. Petro dollars were used and a flood of Shia literature in Urdu was flown on the footpaths of urban areas. Hussaini was killed and Shia’s blamed Pakistan army and successor of Hussaini, Sajid Naqvi started a war against Pakistan. Even their terrorists daringly killed Gen Fazal Haq and targeted and killed top Sunni clerics and scholars. Govt. of Pakistan banned the faction but it is still working with the new name of TFJ, Tehreek e Jafferia Pakistan. Sajid Naqvi was booked many times in murder and terrorism cases and suspect in many murders.

Iranian mullah’s also hired influential Shia feudal, merchants and industrialists in Pakistan. Beside descendents of Maratab Ali canteen contractor, Qizlibash and Faqeer’s at Lahore. Politicians like Abida Husain, Faisal Saleh Hayat and Siyal’s at Jhang, Fakhar Imam at Kabir Wala. Nawani’s at Bhakar, Jakhrani’s at Jacobabad, Gardezi’s, Pirzadas and Makhdooms of Multan areas were seen harboring Shia criminals and terrorists. Isfahani’s, Haroon’s, and Habib’s at Karachi. Other influential Shia’s of D.I. Khan, D.G. Khan, Muzaffar Girh, Nawab Shah, Sukkur, Hyderabad and Karachi were also hired. Major Industries like Lever Brothers, Nestle, Tetra Pack; some Insurance and Banking tycoons were also hired to work for Iranian revolution. Many additional terrorists’ gangs started to operate independently Like Mahdi Army, Mukhtar Force and a new group TNFJ Mousavi group also started to function at Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, Khushab and Gujar Khan Areas with the backing of agencies. Ghulam Ali and son’s publishers, Vanguard, Dawn group and The Muslim were leading beneficiaries of petro dollars.

A large number of leftist and communists were also hired by Iranian Mullah’s like Sibt e Hasan, Prof. Mubarak Ali, Professor Mahdi Hasan, and Hasan Askari Rivi etc. Moreover many leaders of Jamat e Islami were among those found propagating in favor of Iranian revolution; Irshad Ahmad Haqqani of Jang was also among those who were invited to Tehran. In others leading Brelvi Mullahs and Pesh Imams were also seen visiting on invitations on regular basis and their links with Iranian embassy were not hidden.

Providing sanctuary to Shia terrorists inside Iran:

 It is regular practice of Iranian government to provide sanctuary to Shia terrorists involved in sectarian terrorism. In the last week of October 2009 daily Ummat has published many articles along with list of a few Shia terrorists who have been given refuge by Iranian Government. Such as Raza Imam Alias Manzar son of Jaffer Ali Naqvi, FIR # 11/2001 at Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi and FIR # 354/97 at soldier Bazar police station, in both cases he was convicted by courts to hang to death. In others Rashid alias Hasan Mota and Ali Mostahsan are also provided refuge by Iranian Mullahs. According to intelligence reports many convicts are in Iran and Iranian Government never answered to extradition request of Pak Govt.

Another group of Shia terrorists like Mullah Zulqarnian Haider, Saleem Raza, Hasan Haidri, Dr. Azhar Husain, Ali Rizvi and Shamim alias Shimmi are living under patronage of Government of Iran. (Ref: newspaper the Ummat Oct 25, 2009).

According to another report published in Daily Ummat dated Oct 26, 2009:

 IG Police Jahanzeb Burki, who lodged dozens of complaints to Federal Govt. to request Iranian Govt. for return of Shia terrorists but did not return any reply, Pakistan Govt. also provided data of each terrorist along with their current place of residence in Iran but in vain. There are thousands of terrorists which have been provided legal documents by intelligence agencies of Iran, and Shia Mullah’s soaked in poison of sectarian hatred are utilising those criminals for terrorist activities in side Pakistan. Some terrorists who were nabbed by police admitted that Iranian Government and intelligence agencies have provided them training and arms. There are many confirmed Shia terrorists who are in refuge at Iran such as:

 Ali Ikhwan Alias Bilal Alias Bobby Alias Husain, son of Mohammed Yousuf Kami 8/39 Lower Mall near session court Lahore.

 Baqar Mousavi, son of Haider Ali Mousavi, 1/715 inside Mochi Gate, Police station Akbari, Lahore who killed Maulana Saif ullah Khalid and Khateeb of Sabzaar.

Syed Ali Shan alias Husain son of Syed Rizwan, Garhi Shahu, Lahore who killed one journalist at Lytton Road, Lahore, in Nov 1994.  

Dr. Qaisar Reza alias Muntair Bilal son of Fateh Sher Supra, House no: 10, Mohallah Ashrafabad, Shah Sakhi Road, Lahore who attacked on police with bombs at Session court Lahore on Jan 18, 1997 and killed Maulana Zia ur Rahman Farooqui along with 44 police officials, one Shia terrorist Mahram Ali was nabbed red handed later hanged, he was trained by Iranian agencies at a terrorists training camp at Hangu, Para Chinar. While Dr. Qaisar Reza slipped to Iran and still living under patronage of Shia Mullahs, according to police he is running a terrorist training camp at Iran.

Tanveer Husain Naqvi alias Muslim, A Syed colony, police station Feroezwala, Sheikhupura is also involved in many cases of terrorism.

Syed Zulqarnain Hyder son of Ghulam Haider Naqvi, Kalorekot, Distt: Bhakkar was pioneer of establishing network of Sipah e Mohammed, an off shoot of defunct Tehreek e Jaffria, he was involved in firing case at Siddique Akbar Mosque, Karachi, and booked under many cases.

Asad Ali Bokhari alias Saleem Reza son of Fayyaz, Mohallah Sadat Imam Street, Bahawalnagar killed Maulana Qari Sultan Ahmad and booked in murder case.

Tahir Abbas Tony alias Mujahid son of Manzoor Husain Dogar resident of Lahore has now moved to Germany from Iran on documents provided by Iranian Mullahs.

Sarfraz ul Hasan Haidri alias Papoo son of Sardar Arain, Pir Mahal, Tobatek Singh is involved in killing of 15 worshippers at Masjid Al Khair, Multan, who also slipped to Iran.

Imdad alias Malhi alias Intezar son of Allah Rakha, Jat Pind Malhian, Feroez tuwan, Dist: Sheikhupura who killed four persons in a public meeting at Sheikhupura also slipped to Iran.

Zohair Abbas alias Doctor Azhar, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore attacked on police and other terrorists activities has now moved to Germany from Iran.

Anwar Haider Shah alias Billoo Shah, Nishat Colony, Lahore was involved in terrorists activities at Sargodha.

Asad Abbas Naqvi son of Karar Husian , Khadija Park, Multan another terrorist has now moved to U.K. from Iran.

Akhoon Ali son of Ang Ali Jamam, 274/A Settlitown, Sargodha, and Imran Zaidi son of Zaffar Zaidi, Mohallah Sadat Bhowar, Dist: Jhang are also involved in terrorism, were also seen in Pakistan who usually slips to Iran after committing terrorists acts.

Mureed Abbas alias Nayyer son of Ghulam Dastagir, Chah Satri, Khan Girh, Distt: Muzaffar Girh, slipped to Iran after terrorist attack at Bahawalpur Medical College.

Another Shia terrorist on the pay role of Iranian intelligence agencies Amjad Abbas son of Ghulam Abbas, Mohallah Eidgah Shumali Gard, Bhakkar, on 6th October, 2004 parked a car full of explosives outside a religious gathering and blasted with remote control resulting death of 43 persons at the spot. Said terrorist also slipped to Iran and still enjoying hospitality of Walayat e Faqeeh dynasty.

There are confirmed 53 cases in which Shia terrorists are hiding at Iran and unconfirmed reports crosses in hundrerds.

Sunni minority in Iran:

Iranians never accepted principals of Islam by heart; during early days of Islam, Zoroastrian influence and enmity with Arabs always remained in their hearts for centuries. However Iran remained as Sunni dominated country for centuries up till 16th century. However presence of poisonous Shia’s creed in the society of Iran has long history which requires separate article but a few examples are worth mentioning.

Such as myth of marriage of Shahar Bano daughter of Kisra with Hazrat Husain bin Ali was based on linking Shia’t with Zoroastrian dynasty. Export of Sufism is also invention of Iran and about 99% famous Sufi’s are exclusively Iranians who later moved to other countries. Iranian Sufi’s brought and spread a mixture of Majoosiat (Zoroastrian) and Shia’t. When Iranian Sufi’s travelled to East towards Indo-Pakistan it also absorbed Hindu mysticism. And when those travelled to West it mixed with Catholicism. Today Sufism is mixture of Iranian Shiat, Hindu mysticism and Catholic spirituality. Current form of Sufism in Indo-Pakistan is a foster child of Iranian Shia’t mixed with local rituals and superstitions.

Iran has worst record of human rights abuses throughout world. Iranian Mullahs are very cruel and shedder of blood, Khomeini himself used to watch list of assassinations, hangings and tortures to Iranian public on everyday breakfast table in his life. Pitiless Mullahs eliminated generations of their political opponents, majority of those were also Shia. After gripping power those started to harass and made Sunni minority as second class citizens. Theater of public hangings is exclusively meant for Sunni minority. Thousands of Sunnis have been killed or hanged by Pasdaran e Inqilab or Revolutionary guards since Iranian revolution. To watch their discriminatory laws against public those have two Supreme Courts, one for public and other for foster sons of God or guards of Walayat e Faqeeh. Unfortunately whole Sunni population is scattered and habitat around Iran on borders. Bloch of Sistan, Arabs of Western Iran, Kurds in the North and Persian speaking Sunnis along Afghan borders including Mashad areas have no political say. Even at Tehran Sunnis are not allowed to construct any Mosque. Usually Sunnis pray in respective embassies or hidden places. Condition of Sunnis in Iran is not less than Palestinians under Zionist occupation. Their human and political rights have been snubbed.

Iran is a heaven of sectarian terrorists and involved in state terrorism:

There is a huge flow of information against crimes of Iranian Mullahs; a few references are worth mentioning: 

Iran helped NATO and Western countries against President Saddam Husain in Iraq, later against Taliban in Afghanistan, also against Sunni Prime Minister in Lebanon, those are political ally of Shia minority Syrian Government that is involved in persecution of Sunnis. Its direct involvement in terrorist activities inside Pakistan through proxy warriors has a long history. It helped sectarian extremists to up rise against their governments in Middle east, particularly UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen and Oman etc. It is behind in providing arms and finances to Yemani Shia groups, involved in the north to Azerbaijani affairs and many other governments are also under fear due to their evilness.

Bush declared Iran as an axis of evil, but Iranian Mullahs cleverly diverted their tag towards Pakistan and later handed over secret details of Pak nuclear program to CIA and IAEA to undermine credibility of Pakistan’s nuclear program. Many Pakistani including state and non-state actors were involved in helping Iran to become a nuclear power as a gesture of good will, including an ex official of ISI and staff of PAEC. Further explanation of same information could harm national security of Pakistan; however I have provided those details in an article which I don’t want to repeat.

Why some pro-Iranian scholars hired by U.S. institutions posed them anti-Iranian revolution?

It is dilemma of U.S. administration that some scholars are making fool to American high officials and trying to influence Iranian Shia revolutionary doctrine secretly on their policies and working on pay role of some institutions, like think tanks, media or educational institutions, including Harvard and Boston Universities. For example hussain Haqqani, Farahnaz Isfahani, Mahnaz Isfahani, Hasan Askari Rizvi and Vali Nasr who have Iranian agenda. As an example please read script of Vali Nasr:    

Quote: By toppling Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration has liberated and empowered Iraq's Shiite majority and has helped launch a broad Shiite revival that will upset the sectarian balance in Iraq and the Middle East for years to come. This development is rattling some Sunni Arab governments, but for Washington, it could be a chance to build bridges with the region's Shiites, especially in Iran. Vali Nasr July Aug 2006.” Unquote (4)

Iranian sectarian terrorism in Lebanon:

Everybody remembers cruel killings of Palestinians in Sabira and Shatila refugee camps. So apparently Christian militia was behind in massacre but there other forces were behind the scene in making Palestinians as sacrificial lambs, following analysis would provide you a picture of Lebanon: Quote “The 1979 Iranian Revolution galvanized Lebanon's Shia community and inspired in it a new militancy. Iran sought to export Shia revolution throughout the Middle East, and in doing so it provided material support to an Amal terrorist campaign. From 1979 until the 1982 Israeli invasion, Shia terrorists hijacked six airliners, attempted to bomb several others, assassinated the French ambassador to Lebanon, blew up the French and Iraqi embassies, and committed numerous other violent acts.

The Israeli invasion served as a catalyst for a further upsurge in Shia militancy. In July 1982 Iran dispatched an expeditionary force of volunteer Pasdaran Revolutionary Guards to Lebanon, ostensibly to fight Israeli invaders. The approximately 650 Pasdaran established their headquarters in the city of Baalbek in the Syrian-controlled Biqa Valley. There they conducted terrorist and guerrilla training, disbursed military materiel and money, and disseminated propaganda.
The political fission that characterized Lebanese politics also afflicted the Shia movement, as groups split off from Amal. Husayn al Musawi, a former Amal lieutenant, entered into an alliance with the Revolutionary Guard and established Islamic Amal. Other Shia groups included Hizballah, Jundallah, the Husayn Suicide Commandos, the Dawah Party, and the Islamic Jihad Organization, reportedly headed by Imad Mughniyyah (see Internal Security and Terrorism ). Data as of December 1987.
Sex problems under religious cover:
Shahla Haireri, a granddaughter of an Iranian Ayotullah, compiled a book “Dawn of Desire” and chalked out sexual liberty in Shiaism on the name of temporary marriage called “Mutta”. After reading her book nobody can distinguish either it is a form of legalize prostitution covered under holiness of religion. Mullah’s and Mullanis are free to perform sexual acts even for one minute. Children born out of Mutta are not entitled to legal inheritance. Khomeini once advised University students to perform holy act of “Mutta” for the promotion of Shiaism.
Pakistani government has no feet: and under fear Pakistani govt. has handed over 16 suspects to Iran, who hanged them next day. Iranians never handed over any Pakistani Shia terrorists back to Pakistani Govt. Whereas Iranian involvement of terrorism inside Pakistan is well known and established fact. Irani Mullahs must be ready to cultivate the sown seed of sectarian hatred, and current political movements against tyranny of fascist Mullahs is home grown and natural. Reply of violence is always violence and days of Iranian Mullahs seem to be numbered.




3.       Maratab Ali was a canteen contractor in British Raj, colonists awarded him lands in the heart of Lahore and other areas. Wajid Ali and Jugnu Mohsin are his descen1.dents; Najam Sethi is son in law. PPP’s Abida Husain and Faqir family of interior Lahore are close relatives. Wajid Ali and Abida Husain were sent to U.S. as ambassadors. While Faqir was a Hakeem who worked under Ranjeet Singh and major destruction of Muslim heritage was ruined by his hands. Even Mosques, shrines and graves were demolished or ruined.



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good article which exposes shii and iran true face. which people of pakistan do not know.
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all true facts are given above
its a pity that pakistanis still worship and love iran more than they love their god
whenever you try to expose irani shia atrocities you get abused here
irani troops desecrate pakistani flags and burn it but still pakis worship iran.iranis help india in weakening pakistan also
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