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Ever since the APS Peshawar horrendous incident of December 16th, almost all schools have been closed and various measures are being discussed and planned to ensure the security and safety of the children. Apparently, the emphasis looks to be on preventing a terrorist from entering a school premises and for that measures like raising of the perimeter walls, armed manning of the gates and various security check points etc. are being talked about. These are good but along with them there are other areas which need to be given equally or even more consideration. The top most to my mind is that let’s assume that a terrorist or a few of them have somehow managed to break through such security cordons and obstacles and entered the school. They are armed and carrying explosives etc. whereas the students and staff are all unarmed.  The only way to stop them from killing the innocent young ones or taking them hostages is to eliminate them instantly. For that we! need a few good armed marksmen (civil or military) posted at the high vantage points of the school like the roof tops and other high places, dug in trench(es) in lawns or grounds etc.  from where they can cover with fire the entire area – the  gate(es), the class rooms/offices, the assembly and play ground areas etc. -  and just resort to shoot to kill the intruding miscreants. Drills for various contingencies must be practiced periodically by holding even mock attacks to the extent that it becomes almost a second nature for the students and the staff to take precaution and actions as required for a given eventuality. These could be running immediately to safety, taking cover under the desks, crawling towards safe exits and places, using satchels and books as body armour, in case of close combat to thrust fingers or throw dust in the eyes of the incautious captor etc. Naturally, administering “First Aid” must also be taught to all for which! First Aid boxes must be suitably placed all over the school.


Next, is the school buses to which the remote/time controlled magnetic IEDs can easily be attached. For this very strict procedures to inspect the bus in detail before moving it from each halting point at the terminuses as well as all along the route must be devised and strictly carried out without any laxity. In case of detection of an attached IED strict disembarking drills and the action to be after that concerning the safety of the students and the vehicle must also be thoroughly rehearsed periodically. There can be many other similar points that would need to be introduced and made part of the practices to be carried out by the students of different age groups.  All must know how to react and what to do. Knowledge is strength and knowledge of what to do in such a situation would make our students mentally and psychologically strong to face the calamity boldly and bravely.  May they never face a situation to use their such acquired skill and prowess, ameen.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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