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Pakistan community was divided in Tokyo 

 due to favoritism of a drunkard ex-ambassador 

Click here to read this article on the Web:  http://www.ourquran .com/embassy. htm

Dear brothers, 

Salam Alaikum, 


Following Urdu article has been sent for publishing on Urdunet and faxed to the new ambassador in Tokyo, requesting him to investigate all the past matters of favoritism and corruption in Pakistan embassy.  For the readers in other countries, I bring to your knowledge a few facts as a background of this article.  


Just a few months ago a demonstration was held against the embassy by the Pakistan Association (Elected).  A petition has also been accepted by the Lahore High Court against the improper sale of previous embassy land and building in Tokyo on a price much lesser than the prevailing market price.  This matter has generated a lot of suspicions against the conduct of the ex-ambassador, Kamran Niaz, who is now retired and is said to be a Director of a huge Steel mill in Pakistan.  However, as the matter of corruption is under Court investigation now in Lahore, the article below deals with other repercussions resulting in clear favoritism by the ex-ambassador to a special group of Pakistanis in Tokyo.  This group has supported the actions of the ex-ambassador in exchange of the favors they received from him.  Mr. Kamran Niaz held the sale of carpets at his official residence.  This naturally resulted in the financial benefit to one of the leaders of the Pakistani group of his supporters.  As a result, several embassy officers also became involved in favoring that particular group in different ways. 


  As the ex-ambassador was a heavy drunkard, it was easy by a group of Pakistani drunkards to develop close friendship with him by becoming his drinking partner and by providing him liquor and other costly presents for his personal use.  This mutual relationship of drunkards resulted in favoritism.  The new ambassador has so far failed to defuse this atmosphere of favoritism to that particular group of Pakistanis, despite his pious wishes.  He is himself neutral and wants to remain clean and run embassy in a proper way.  But the legacy of favoritism is still continuing, which he could not break so far.   


Some details of this favoritism, as they appeared during the celebrations on Pakistan day, March 23, have been provided in the Urdu article below. 


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