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The strange educator and the unending road to the CM House 

  His name is Zafar Habib and he is struggling to meet the The CM of the Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif. He has spent last fifteen months trying to meet the CM. He wants to show his software work to the CM but he has been denied access to the CM. 

   Zafar Habib runs a small private school in Samundri a Tehsil of District Faisalabad. Besides running the school he is doing research work and designing educational software. He says that he can change education through his research work and educational software.  Since August 2008 he has been trying to meet Mian Shahbaz Sharif. His story shows both his determination and the weakness of our government system. He has visited Lahore a lot of times but there is still no hope that he can meet the CM in the near future. But he is not disappointed.He says he has to do miracles in education  He feels that Mian Shahbaz Sharif really wants to change education and he can help him do so. Here is how he narrates his story.

      I have been in education for the last eleven years. I am sure that I can help government design better curriculum that is more interesting and easy for the students. We wil have to change everything. I am desiging education software and I have done a lot of work in this field. My work is unique and some international education experts have praised it. Designing curriculum and software requires a lot of resources. I have completed the basic work. Now I am looking towards the government to come fovward and join me changing the whole educational scenario. I think that Mian Shahbaz Sharif has the will and chance to change education. I have used many channels to meet him. I contacted his party leaders, went to his open court and wrote to him a lot of times. On his directives some government officials saw my work, praised it and then sent me to some other department. I am still looking for someone who could take me to the CM.

     His party leaders don't know much about educational software or even education so they don't try to see my work. The PITB men only know about database programming and don't know much about educational software and the demands of our students. They only see the technical side of my software. 

  The Punjab government has established IT labs in all the high schools of the province but nobody is interested in my work which is the demand of our students. They can't get such stuff elsewhere nor can they design such education software. 

     Mian Shahbaz Sharif says that he is striving to change education on the other hand people doing great work in this field are constantly being denied any attention. No one is doing this kind of work. If I am helped by the government I can bring about positive changes in this important field. Can Mr Shahbaz Sharif or his any other govenment official listen to my call?

     These Government official have seen my work till now.

Ahmed Shamail Khawaja     Former Chairmain PITB

 Raja Anwar         Chairmain  PEF

Fiaz Ahmed Sajid        System Analyst PMIU/

This is the only person who praised me and advised me not to lose hope in any circumstances.

Ahmad Nawaz   Project Manager PITB

My Website where you can download samples of my work and softwre

My videos on youtube

Video 1 . English Translation Practice Software. A need of all pakistani students. I want to make it a master piece and only I can do it.

Video 2 .Video of software sent to the media but ......................

Video 3 .A singing message to Mian Shahbaz Shairf

Video 4 .I speak to the CM through my video

Video 5 .English Translation Practice Software. Sound is used in this program.

Video 6 .A great software for teaching Urdu. Who will complete it?

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