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Mr. Muhammad Zaka Ashraf don’t have the banking experience  & as SBP requirement 10-15 years experience, 3 years as EVP & age more then 43 years requirement for CEO of the bank. Mr. Ashraf is member of Central executive committee of Pakistan Peoples Party and SBP not permit a political person to run a bank.

You are requested to check this resume and judge his qualification and current position

 Reply:   Personal Invitation
Replied by(asad797) Replied on (8/Nov/2010)

I think this man know nothing about ztbl, He is the one who create the issues out of nothing. I request to him that he must visit ZTBL and see by him self. I am sure after that he will say that Mr. Zaka Ashraf should be posted as President ZTBL for at least next ten years.
 Reply:   USAID delegation visits ZTBL
Replied by(asad797) Replied on (8/Nov/2010)

ISLAMABAD : A high level USAID delegation led by Ambassador Robin Raphel visited ZTBL to attend a meeting with Muhammad Zaka Ashraf, President, ZTBL and other Senior Executives of the bank. A comprehensive presentation was made by ZTBL to the delegation in which role of agriculture sector in Pakistan s economy was highlighted. The President ZTBL Zaka Ashraf explained the specialised role of the bank in the agriculture sector, which was the only institution playing a vital role by providing a combination of technology along with credit for enhancing the agriculture productivity in Pakistan. He informed that ZTBL has an extensive outreach through its countrywide network of 353 branches and over 1300 MCOs contributing towards helping the small farmers even in the remote areas of the country. He appreciated the role of the US government and particularly USAID in assisting the development of the agriculture sector. The delegation was also briefed about the restructuring and revamping of the bank with particular reference on introducing new technologies and initiatives diversifying sectoral exposure and meeting the supply demand credit gap of over 430 billion. The model of private public partnership and collaboration with international agencies was shared with the delegation. The potential areas of co-operation between USAID and ZTBL were also discussed at length especially in view of the present situation in the agriculture sector caused by floods. The delegation was also briefed on the initiatives like soil improvement, seed development, water conservation (Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation), horticulture, orchards development, tunnel farming, livestock development, which need to be taken on fast track basis to increase agriculture productivity. The president appreciated the role of the US government and particularly USAID in assisting the development of the agriculture sector. The US ambassador thanked the ZTBL president and appreciated the commendable job carried out by ZTBL for transforming Pakistan s agriculture. The ambassador also appreciated the comprehensive presentation on the subject and efforts made by ZTBL in taking a pro-active role towards agricultural development through introduction of new technologies.-PR Courtesy: Business Recorder
 Reply:   ZTBL Credit Rating
Replied by(asad797) Replied on (8/Nov/2010)

ZTBL Credit Rating

In August 2010, ZTBL continued to achieved a AAA credit rating by JCR-VIS[6]



Stand Alone



AAA/ A-1+

B+/ B



AAA/ A-1+

B+/ B


ZTBL Credit Rating

 Reply:   Uplifting of Bank Imagine in International Market
Replied by(asad797) Replied on (8/Nov/2010)

Australia shows keen interest exploiting agriculture potentials in Pakistan ISLAMABAD, Feb 17 (APP): A 3-member Australian Aid delegation Wednesday called on President of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Ch-Zaka Ashraf and expressed their desire to share and exploit a lot of potential existed in Pakistan’s agriculture sector for the benefit of the people of two countries. Leader of the delegation Mr.David appreciated the business plan of the ZTBL and concept of introduction of Model Village focusing on mechanization of agriculture sector and provision of credit facilitates to the farmers at their door steps for the promotion of the sector in the country. While welcoming the delegation, Ch.Zaka Ashraf and senior executives of the ZTBL highlighted the business strategy of the bank for the promotion of agriculture sector including crops maximization for benefit of the farmers. Zaka Ashraf told them that the bank is dedicated to serve the needs of the farming community , by delivering financial products and technical services and sustainable basis, in a convenient , efficient and professional manner , leading to the success of the bank and the farmers. He added that the ZTBL is to play effective role in the promotion of economic growth, by enhancing the availability of credit to the agriculture sector , through reliable access to sustainable financing , special lending programmes, technical assistance and other product and services and to promote career development opportunities for increasing professionalism and technical profinciencies of employees. He told them that ZTBL has 26 Zonal offices and 9 Area Offices with 348 branches with its out reach across the country. The President of ZTBL added that during the year 2009 the bank has disbursed Rs.80 billion to farmers and recovered Rs.73.8 billion. Zaka Ashraf further informed them that the bank is engaged in mainly two types of lending at low markup of 9 percent as against 15-25 percent markups charged by other banks and DFIs. He added that the Bank has earned a profit of Rs.5 billion and given Rs.2.7 billion in the national exchequer. The Australian delegation appreciated the steps taken by the ZTBL for the development of agriculture sector in Pakistan. They assured the President of ZTBL of true partnership in the development of agriculture sector in Pakistan. “Pakistan has tremendous potential for growth in the agriculture sector and we are here to discuss the strategy for exploiting the lot of potentials existed in Agriculture sector in Pakistan for the benefit of the people of the two countries”, the leader of the delegation told media after the meeting. Ms.Amna Imran Khan Senior Executive Vice President of the Bank also briefed the delegation about the Model Villages Initiative of the bank for promotion of agriculture sector in the country.
 Reply:   Execllent Recovery
Replied by(asad797) Replied on (8/Nov/2010)

ZTBL recovers 89 percent of agriculture loans in 2009 Saturday, 23 January 2010 11:36 Agriculture - Articles ISLAMABAD : Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) has recovered 89 percent of agriculture loans in 2009 against 86 percent in 2008 and 81 percent in 2007 respectively. Recovery of agriculture loans of the Bank stood at Rs 69.5 billion during 2009 against Rs 58 billion and Rs 65.9 billion during 2007 and 2008 respectively. This was stated by Zaka Ashraf President ZTBL here on Friday while giving a detail briefing to media on bank s performance during 2009. Zaka Ashraf said that during the year 2009 loans amounting to Rs 77.6 billion were disbursed as compared to Rs 55.9 billion during the year 2007 with a 26 percent growth. While, Rs 70.6 billion loans were disbursed in the year 2008. For the calendar year 2009 ZTBL had planned a credit target of Rs 75 billion against which loans of Rs 77.6 billion have been disbursed with a pace of 104 percent by the end of the year 2009. By this the bank not only achieved the given target but surpassed with a margin of about Rs 2 billion, Zaka Ashraf added. President ZTBL said that Non-performing Loans (NPLs) indicate a very significant indicator depicting intrinsic health of the financial institution in banking sector. In ZTBL NPLs was 29.4 percent of portfolio at the beginning of year 2007, which has significantly reduced to 14.4 percent at the end of 2009. The reduction in cumulative NPLs by the extent of 14.9 percent is excellent, which brought it to the lowest level. He said that ZTBL is extending its all out efforts to enhance the deposit volume to strengthen its resources for the maximum coverage of credit needs of the farming community. Although it was increased from Rs 4.3 billion in 2007 to Rs 8.8 billion in 2009 with over 100 percent growth. Strengthening internal audit is very important for ensuring good governance and adherence to the best practices in banking sector to bring transparency in the system by establishing check and balance system in the various operational activities of the bank. He said that for the first time during the last three years 100 percent audit of the whole bank has been conducted during the last quarter of 2009. He said that bank s profit stood at Rs 4.9 billion in 2009 against Rs 3.9 billion and Rs 1.7 billion during 2007 and 2008 respectively. The agriculture credit provision to the borrowers has increased to 567, 415 borrowers in 2009 as against 475,000 in 2007 depicting 1.2 percent and increase of 92, 415 borrowers. President Zaka Ashraf said that during 2009 new lending products and schemes have been initiated as given below, establishment of model villages to demonstrate new technologies and enhance per acre yield. Similarly, crop loans insurance scheme has been started to safeguard agriculture sector from natural disaster. Zaka Ashraf further said that Tractor plays important role in productivity enhancement as well as transportation of farm produce. Special emphasis was given on tractor financing, which was increased 21,609 during 2009 as compared to 10,275 in 2007. The Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari took special initiative to provide subsidised 20,000 tractors in two years. In first phase 10,000 tractors were distributed through ZTBL on which Rs 200,000 subsidies per tractor has been provided to successful farmers, he added. Pursuing establishment of bio-technology institute through PARC for acquisition of technology for hybrid seeds to increase production/yield and attain food sufficiency. He said that initiatives has been taken to increase lending facility for introduction of new technologies in agriculture sector such as small harvesters, paddy Trans planters, tunnel farming, sugar-cane planters/ harvesters, hydro-phonic cultivation etc. President ZTBL said that for the first time in the history of the bank, steps were taken to arrange enlisting the bank for receipt of Haj applications and bank successfully handled the Haj Operations 2009 and earned profit of Rs 4 million. He further said that Deposit Solicitation has been activated and expected to achieve Deposit Target of Rs 50 billion till 2012. Courtesy : Business Recorder
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