"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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We lifted our burqas and held up the Qur'an to beg for mercy, helicopter shot killing half the truck's passengers.

By: Earthman, International Professor

Genocide and massacre of Pashtoon peoples in Afghanistan and Pakistan is breaking records of barbarism, cruelty and butchery. NATO countries who claim to be civilized and champions of human rights have returned to old dark ages of their forefathers. Black Afro-American Obama is as fascist as his predecessor white Bush. White Hillary has replaced Black Condi. Obama promised in election campaign that change is coming; after four months there is no change in blood sucking, violation of human rights and respect of human values. He is as pitiless as Bush and Tony Blair, as enemy of Muslims as neo-Cons were.

Yesterday NATO-ISAF attacked with chemical weapons and killed dozens of Afghan civilians. Shame on so called civilized and campaigners of democracy. Clearly it is ego problem of American administration, which are revenging an isolated incidence of 911 with poor, hungry, naked and oppressed peoples of Muslim world. In case of Pakistan those have chosen their companions which are mostly thugs and criminals on global scene. Their fast friends are money making machines which can sell their mothers for the sake of dollars. Vampires are labeling local peoples with different tagging started from religious fanatics, then Taliban and now Al kaeda and indiscriminately started to kill local peoples with the help of drones and by the hands of notorious Pakistan army.

Notoriety of Pakistan army has a history of use of indiscriminate power against civilians, war memorial museum of Bangla Desh and stories of raped women are still alive, who are demanding for international enquiry to fix responsibility. After division of Pakistan, its army has made hell to entire Pakistan, on gun point those have snatched civil rights and pennies from poor and hungry peoples. In each case by posing Mujahidin or crusaders, their drama revolves around sucking dollars, occupying local land, passing luxurious life style and sending their children for overseas education.

Day 16th of Civil war in Pakistan:

Government of Pakistan says that there are only 4000 militants in the area, whereas strength of Pakistan army is at least 400, 000 troops to kill them. Strength of regular army, paramilitary forces, Lashkars, levies, federal and provincial agencies, police, intelligence agencies, air force, special services groups and other private armed faction has for more than 400,000 armed forces. Mostly coward and habitual of filling stomach with free ration and lavish life style are hiding in bunkers and trying to depend on heavy artillery, helicopters and jets to kill women and children. Govt. of Pakistan claim that 700 militants have been killed including foreigners is entirely doubtful and based on lies, none of independent source is ready to accept their assertions. Suppose if 700 persons have been killed, 90% victimized peoples would be civilians, and not a single foreigner has been represented.

DG, ISPR is a liar and according to his claims average 150 militants per day have been killed within last 16 days, whereas corrupt Prime Minister reported killing of 700 persons. Same Govt. claimed that there are more than 10, 000 Uzbeks and Tajiks and India is supplying arms and money to militants. Army has failed to represent even a single Tajik or Uzbek in front of media. Neither those have shown a single short pistol of made in India in front of public.

Their whole propaganda campaign and later jumping in killing of civilians was a drama based on support to Zardari prior and during his trip to Washington, every day murder of innocent civilians was represented in front of American administration as their success, and to make grounds for sucking more and more American dollars, their target has been achieved successfully on the dead bodies of poor peoples. Why a local arrangement of Justice System created so much panic among ranks of world�s super power? And parasites of Pakistan army started their bloody game soon after receiving assurances of $ 400 million, as entire money is expected to go in their pockets. Yesterday army was behind in implementation of Islamic justice system but later after announcement of above amounts those joined chorus of elimination of local peoples by rejecting long demanded justice system. Wolves and jackals in Pak army uniform rushed on towns and villages without any planning, started to kill everyone with heavy weapons, did not let locals to move out and take refuge in other areas. Hundred thousand escaped, and same numbers of peoples are being used as human shield; army is not allowing peoples to leave, families are on their way on foot or on small vehicles to take refuge in nearing towns but Major�s and Col�s of Pakistan army aviation started to kill them with the help of gunship helicopters viciously. According to reports a huge stock of alcohols has been supplied to aviation messes, and intoxicated pilots are killings even senior citizens, women and children.

Kick Yusuf Raza Gaillani, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Hamid Saeed Kazmi, and Anwar Alam Gaillani out of cabinet.

All above mentioned ministers are strangers for Pakistan, settlers and who occupied lands with the help of British Raj. Yusuf Raza Gaillani a known criminal who remained in prison for committing crimes, his history tells that his forefathers brought a dead body on a donkey, claimed to be saint and reburied on occupied land at Multan, among those majority of peoples were street beggars and had no money to purchase land for his burial, later grave was encroached on wide and costly urban area. Same history other ministers have. By creating vigilantes and reenergizing terrorists against Taliban has created serious sectarian rift in entire country and their foolish action has produced hundred thousand sympathizers of so called Taliban. Today walkout by Fazal Ur Rahman group from National Assembly is its one example. All of above ministers are enemies of Pakistan and not capable to work as Prime Minister and Ministers. True profile and historical background of all of above and others behind Zardari mafia will be represented at an appropriate time.  

 Corrupt media owners and greedy reporters of Pakistan: 

Government sponsored ads, bribes, plots and money has closed mouth of corrupt media of Pakistan. Government has floated million dollars ads to procure services of media owners. A 2-3 minutes ad of verse of Quran, verses 11 and 12 of Al Baqrah, floated by Ministry of information is chosen by some foolish official that is giving negative impression and posing Pakistan army as aggressors and giving current actions of army a downbeat impact.

We lifted our burqas and held up the Qur'an to beg for mercy, helicopter shot killing half the truck's passengers.

Western media is representing a different picture of Pak army invasion on civilians of Swat, Malakand, FATA and other areas. Dozens of peoples have recorded brutalities of Pakistan army against civilians and whenever mess will be cleared, stories of massacre and genocide of Pashtoon will be sent to international court of justice against Zardari, Gaillani, Kiyani, Shuja Pasha and other generals who are involved in crimes against humanity. Please read following report published on web, for full report click the link below:         

Refugees flee Pakistan conflict, but not sharia. As Taliban face defeat, some Pakistanis hope Islamic law will endure. By: Rick Westhead  

SHAWAL MEEKEM, Pakistan � As hundreds of bedraggled refugees rushed to assemble tents and scramble for food during the final few moments of daylight last night; 24-year-old cobbler Asmat Ali confided his biggest worry about the future of his small, mountainside village. In a hastily constructed refugee camp here on the outskirts of Pakistan's war-ravaged Buner district, Ali said he hoped the ouster of the Taliban in coming days would not mean an end to sharia, or Islamic law, in his hometown of Pand. "At first, it was good under the Taliban," Ali told the Star. "They came to my town eight months ago and started a sharia court and finally we had justice. We didn't have to wait 10 or 20 years and keep paying lawyers. A case that you brought to the Taliban you knew would be dealt with in six months at the most."Taliban militants have been criticized for administering a brutal version of justice after Islamabad signed a deal in February to pull its army out of Swat, a popular vacation region once known as the "Switzerland of Pakistan."

The Taliban introduced laws that barred women from attending schools and demanded they wear head-to-toe burqas. Other laws left adulterers facing the prospect of death by stoning while some alleged criminals were beheaded � a move that in many cases had more to do with intimidating local residents than it did with justice. But now, as government soldiers continue their assault on militant Taliban forces in northwest Pakistan, razing civilian homes with helicopter gunships and fighter jets, dozens of refugees who have escaped the war zone said they share Ali's opinion. Some refugees insist that if a proper version of sharia law is administered � instead of the radical version of Islam demanded by the Taliban that has seen donkeys set on fire and police officers' throats slit � justice is delivered faster and more fairly than Pakistan's Western-styled courts, which are said to be steeped in corruption. It's uncertain whether the government will make sharia courts the exclusive form of justice in Swat. The Taliban had been offered that possibility as part of a February peace deal, but rejected the entreaty. Some in the refugee camp here said reports of Taliban abuses are exaggerated.

Khalid Farooq, a 32-year-old doctor from Kala Kalay who arrived at this camp yesterday, said Western news reports about sharia courts cavalierly ordering amputations aren't accurate. Many preconditions have to be met before that would happen, he said. Most often, Farooq said, Islamic courts deal with land disputes and money-lending squabbles. "You have someone who owes money to a neighbour and they aren't being repaid," Farooq explained. "You go to the sharia court and if they decide the money is owed, the borrower is given a specific amount of time to pay the money back. If they don't, there's a penalty." Like losing a hand, perhaps? "Oh no, maybe they add interest on what you owe," Farooq laughed. Then his face looked serious "Or maybe 15 or 20 lashes." As Farooq and others collected kindling and washed dust-covered belongings, there was more bad news for residents of Swat.

Up the road near at a police checkpoint in the city of Shargarde soldiers in two pickup trucks screeched to a stop near the local police station and an officer in full battle gear ran to the local police official, Insp. Urshid Ahmed. "You get these vehicles through that are here now and then you stop everyone. This road will be closed for the next five days," the soldier barked. A few minutes later, a 25-vehicle military convoy rolled through the checkpoint on its way to Swat. Earlier yesterday, thousands of civilians, many on foot or donkey carts, took advantage of a lifted curfew to flee the embattled region. Authorities in North-West Frontier Province have said that with the conflict intensifying after more than a week of fighting, at least 500,000 people may be forced to leave their homes. Some refugees who have escaped the front lines have described near-apocalyptic conditions.

Chaman Ara, a 13-year-old girl in hospital in the town of Mardan, described how a helicopter gunship hovered about the truck she was travelling in with 20 other refugees. "We lifted our burqas and held up the Qur'an to beg for mercy," Ara said. The helicopter shot anyway, killing roughly half the truck's passengers.

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (15/May/2009)
Taliban Violence is a Fitnah

Following are the links to the videos and articles depicting the crimes of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. They have destroyed the image of Islam by resorting to such gory and non-sensical violence. They even demanded R.12 million as Jazia from sikh residents of Orakzai. Just imagine how can bunch of poor sikhs come up with Rs. 12 million? During the Islamic rule Jazia was not excessive. In another instance, few members of Tableeghi Jamaat were slaughtered because the Jamaat's leader spoke against implementing Nizam-e-Adal using violence.

Please watch these links as they show the reality of this fitnah called "Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan":

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (15/May/2009)
Why are you so against Pak Army? REASON OUT

Okay moderator, I will be careful but I can't call him "Ghulaam Rasool" because  a ghulaam of our piaray Nabi Mohammed (pbuh) can never resort to such behavior. Ghulamaan-e-Rasool follow the sunnah of Piaray Nabi Mohammed (pbuh) and commandments of Allah(swt). Some of Allah(swt) commandments are:

1) To speak the truth
2) To refrain from any fitnah
3) To refrain from PURPOSEFULLY misrepresenting other person's views in order to inflict him/her harm.
4) To refrain from Gheebat.
5) To agree to disagree.
6) To be on the side of Haq.

This guy who I am having this debate with has made his character known to the public by resorting to old cheap trick of purposefully twisting what I have said and creating scandals to harm the me. Thanks to him (LOL) that he has given a written proof of that. Anybody who is following this thread can know who I am maligning and who I am respecting.

Majority of the Pakistanis are raised in a religious environment. We all want Islamic Nizam to be enforced in Pakistan. We all want the corrupt political system to be removed. We would love that our educational system is rebuild, reinvented using the principles of Islamic Learning but is violence the way to Islam? NO.

If the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan were so sincere about Nizam-Adal, then they would have first removed Zardari and other corrupt politicians. Instead these psychos attack innocent civilians. In my next message, I will send you few videos of their "Kaalay Kartoot". There IS a sizeable population who is religious. Instead of resorting to Murder and Mayhem, language of love and persuasive talk can be used.

Pak military and the provincial government of NWFP did work with Sufi Muhammed and formed a pact with him. Their demands for Nizam-e-Adal were accepted. In exchange for this, TTP had to drop all their weapons. This "Meesaaq" was broken when TTP went to Buner  and started slaughter of innoncent civilians again and issuing Fatawas about what is Halal and Haram. These Juhula don't understand that there is something called "IJMA" and "IJTIHAD" in Islam. If majority of Scholars believe that something is Halal, then it becomes INCUMBENT on all muslims to consider it Halal. Now, these Maulvis who have half cooked knowledge of Islam replaced the well-debated, reasoned and well-researched take of Scholars with their wrong fatawas. Who has given Sufi Mohammed the authority to speak on behalf of Islam?
What is Jamia-Al Azhar for? We did not create this university for nothing. This university IS the center of all Islamic research and its Fatawaas have VALIDITY over a Maulvi in obscure mountains of Pakistan.

This guy GR has ignored my questions that I posed to him in my previous post. I ask him again:

1) What is your problem?
2) Why are you against Pak Military?
3) What do you want from us and our military?
4) What Islamic Validity do you have? Prove it through Quran and Sunnah and from the Fatawaas of Jamia Al-Azhar.
5) Why are you so upset when these militants are killed who have spread nothing but fitna?

 Reply:   aisa to ho gha aise topics k liye
Replied by(Mrssara) Replied on (15/May/2009)
"discussing BURQA"
i didnt read whole article n odr comments.only read the new coment n replyng for it.
these topics create fuss usually b/w muzlims.
first define burqa then discuss it.
if u knew the importance n value of ds burqa then u vl never start any topics takng this burqa.
if u muzlim men vl nt gve respect to burqa then wt v muzlim women expect from odrs.
today's war main reason is the protection of dz burqa.
think b4 u start new topic.
do respect n b respected.

 Reply:   My humble request to Mr Asher and GR
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (15/May/2009)

Dear Mr Asher & Mr Ghulam Rasool
You both seems very senior and educated persons but right now are fighting like kids or may be worse then kids.
Please stop personal attacks to each other and only criticize or prove your point with reasoning related only to the topic.
In future, i will delete any personal attacking reply by any one without prior notice.
Deleting reply may lose other related or research contents of your reply along with personal attacking remarks.
So, please to avoid any future loss of data/communication, please stop attacking each other.
Thank you
Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for understanding
 Reply:   ح‍ق آیا ہی چھانے کیلئے ہے اور باطل آیا ہی جانے کیل
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (14/May/2009)

تم کاٹ کھانے کو کیوں دوڑ رہے ہو – بزرگ کہتے ہیں کہ پاگل کتے کے سامنے ٹانگ رکھنا بیوقوفی ہے – لہزا میں نے اپنی ٹانگ پر پٹی باندھ لی ہے – لگتا ہے تم الیگل ہو اور ہرے کارڈ کیلئے پاگل ہو رہے ہو – لفظ شریعت ، عدل اور حجاب تم جیسے لوگوں کے پیٹ میں مروڑ پیدا کرتا ہے – لہزا جب بھی کوئ ان الفاظ کو دہراتا ہے تو سئور کا گوشت کھانے والے ھم جنس پرستوں اور جو لوگ اس گھرانے سے تعلق رکھتے ہیں جہاں ماں باپ اپنی اولار کی تربیت نہیں کر پاتے شدید قبض کا شکار ہو جاتے ہیں – سلمان رشدی، ایان ہرسی اور اسی قبیل کے لوگ قبض کشائ کیلئے تم جیسے لاوارث، تہزیب، اور تمدن نا آشنا اور سامراج کے جوتے چاٹنے والوں کو گود یے لیتے ہیں –
اور تم جیسے گمراہ جن کو رسول کا نام بگاڑ نے میں اور اسے دجال کہنے میں کوئ مشکل پیش نھیں آتی – بزرگ یہ بھی کہتے ہیں کہ اگر ماں باپ شرعی اصولوں پر کاربند ھوں تو ان کے گھر صالح اولاد پیدا ہوتی ہے – ورنہ رسول کو دجال کہنے والے ہی پیدا ہوں گے – مجھے تم سے کوئ شکایت نہیں کیونکہ بد تربیت، گھر کا شہوانی ماحول اور بدنسلی ہی سلمان رشدیوں کو جنم دیتی ہے - جن لوگوں کی نظر میں سامراجی مجاہدین ہیں اور ان کے لے پالک معزز ہوں تو اس کا صاف مطلب ہے کہ یا تو وہ ہرے کارڈ کے چکر میں ہے ، ان کی ایجنسی کا ملازم یا دوغلی نسل سے ہے –
ہاں ایک بات یاد رکھو کہ اگر تم مستقل تہزیب کا دامن جھٹکتے رہے تو اس کا شافی علاج موجود ہے – کیونکہ ایک لوک کہاوت ہے کہ جب کتا بہت بھونکے تو اس کی دم کے نیچے گھی لگا دینا چاہئے – پھر تم ویب ماسٹر کو شکایت مت لگانا - لفظ شریعت، عدل، اور حجاب اب تم لوگوں کی چھیڑ بن گئے ہیں – اور جب بھی سلمان رشدیوں کو پاگل کرنا ہو یہ تین الفاظ ہی کافی ہیں –
شریعت، عدل اور حجاب – اب ہو جاؤ پاگل اور لگو پتھر مارنے – ہو جاؤ شرو‏ع ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
ح‍ق آیا ہی چھانے کیلئے ہے اور باطل آیا ہی جانے کیلئے ہے – ہر دور میں حق پرستوں نے اپنے خون سے تاریخ رقم کی ہے -

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (14/May/2009)
What is your goal?
Well, Ghulam Rijaal you have earned this title yourself.  You and your cronies engage in spreading disinformation against your own fellow Muslims. Why are you people from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan so much against Pakistan and Pak Army? Tell us what your grievances are. What do you want from Pakistan? Is the implementation of Nizam-e-Allah that you are struggling for? Is this how to spread Islam by suicide bombing innocent citizens even if they are in Mosque, by burning down women schools, by throwing acids on the girls going to school, by amputating alive any person that you kidnap at random?
I don't think you have any answer for that since none of the above is your goal. Your goal is to spread terror by senseless killing and violence and creating unrest throughout the country so Pak Army can remain indulge in local security issues so that hounding wolves can attack Pakistan from the eastern and western border.
By the way I used Rehmatullah Alaih for Shah Naimatullah Wali

 Reply:   کم اصل کی اصلیت آخر ظاہر ہو جاتی ہے
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (14/May/2009)

کتوں کے بھونکنے سے فقیروں کا رزق کم نھیں ہوتا
کم اصل کی اصلیت آخر ظاہر ہو جاتی ہے
جس مسلمان کو حفظ مراتب کا علم نھیں وہ جاہل ہے –
بیوقوف شاہ نعمت ولی اللہ ، آر اے یعنی رضی اللہ نھیں تھے –
اگر میں تمھارا نام بگاڑوں تو کیسا رہے گا – تم نے رسول کو رجال بنا دیا –
میں نے تمھیں معاف کیا – اللہ بھی تمھیں معاف کرے -

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (14/May/2009)
Continue to support our Soldiers of Allah(swt)

First of all GR, I don't wanna call you "Ghulam Rasool" desanctifying the otherwise beautiful & respectable name. I will call you "Ghulam Rijaal" i.e a "slave of men". You are the slave of your freemason masters sitting in Washington or on the throne of the world.

Ghulam Rijaal you typically attack the jutified actions of "Hizbullah". Here i am not referring to a political party in Palestine. I am referring to "Party of Allah". Whoever supports the truth at any given time is from this party of Allah. Whoever takes a stance against it are "Hizbul-Harb" i.e party to fight against.  If you take the wrong side even though the predictions of Wali Naimatullah (RA) has reached you, you will have earned the Wrath of Allah(swt). Don't be on the wrong side in history.

I am not even sure if you are a Muslim. You could be an Indian/Israeli agent. I take any allegations that you make as nothing but emotional upswings, far from any truth. Your random musings only show that you have NO stance. Your stance is only PROPAGANDA: spreading disinformation purposefully to pit pakistanis against the Pak Army, to stop Pak Army from attacking the militants (hardcore criminals) who are sponsored by USA/Israel/India.

One intelligent article throws your type of people to the roof. You can continue your rant because I enjoy seeing you burning in the fire of your hatred.

O Pakistanis, listen to this. Pakistan Army is fighting a just war against those militants who are sponsored and nurtured by our enemies. These militants have to be removed because they are a FITNAH. According to Islam FITNAH must be eradicated since it is worse than murder. The removal of these few hundred militants will stop the killing of millions of innoncent citizens of Pakistan. Also, the soldiers of Allah(swt) don't have to wear turban. There IS no offical Islamic dress. Any dress is Islamic as long as it covers your "sattar". You don't have to wear a black Turban to be a Muslim or a soldier of Allah. The fear of Allah(swt) in your heart is the indication of your being Muslim.

I reiterate there is a well-organized campaign running which targets Pak Military, ISI and her nuclear capabilities. We can see that in the media and in blogs like this. Don't pay attention to these folks and continue to support Pakistan Army.

 Reply:   Ispahani, Haqqani are same Dajjal
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (13/May/2009)
Stooges of American christans and Jews
What a nice quote from Shah Nemat Waliullah Irani has been mentioned
"The Wali further predicts:"Dajjal's forces would be in Esfahan and his army would be consisted of Jews and Christians and I am clearly seeing it."
I think your waliullah has predicted that Ispahani and her husband are same stooges of Jews and Christians. Nusrat bhutto was also Ispahani. Ambassador to UNO Haroon' mothr Qamar was also Ispahani. What a nice combination and reference is presented thanks.
I also have learnt that Naimat Waliullah said that Muslims who will fight last war will be wearing black turban.
Check your source again 

 Reply:   Patriots and nationalists are fascists
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (13/May/2009)
Genocide and massacre of Pashtoon and Baloch

Fascists always pose them patriot or Nationalists 

Why histories hate Hitler? Not due to he was patriot or nationalist, reason of hate was his superiority complex, ethnic cleansing. Why peoples hate Pharos but love Moses, please read history and details given in Quran.

Who is Zaid Hamid, an agent of Mush who called him nationalists? His stories with Yousuf kizzab are well on the web. A lot of American dollars have been supplied to media and liberal fascists. It is funny to quote reference of DG ISPR. Who are a liar and most corrupt person in the history of Pakistan army? Shame on peoples who trust on Pakistani media, who are running Govt. sponsored ads worth billion, to fill their stomachs on the dead bodies of poor, hungry peoples of NWFP, FATA and Baluchistan.

Under pressure of DG ISPR, two plots each to his three brothers have been allotted at G-14 and I-15, Islamabad worth a billion rupees. ARY, GEO and Dawn TV channels and army information is directly under control of NATO.

Pakistan army generals are fascists and greedy. Particularly top 50-60 generals are true example of ass hol"¦s, immodest and shameless generals. Who are fighting war on sectarian and ethnic grounds to divide nation.

Such kind of patriots and nationalists who are pushing Pakistan army to kill peoples with sophisticated weapons, helicopters, jets, mortars and cannons are same kind of peoples who played same game and later East Pakistan was taken over by India. American pet dogs have no capability to defend Pakistan. American drones are violating air space and killing peoples on the name of Al Qaeda is a laughing storey.

Remember only those kind of peoples are behind chairing army either those have received dollars, having hope to receipt of dollars, gay, lesbians, prostitution and massage groups, eunuch, immoral and characterless peoples who remain involve in Islam Bashing, or moles of Home L "¦d Sec"¦y.

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
As the Operation Rah-e-Haq continues
751 militants killed during Swat operation: ISPR
Iftikhar A. Khan
Wednesday, 13 May, 2009 | 04:07 AM PST |

ISLAMABAD: Military spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas said troops had landed in Peochar valley to conduct "˜search and destroy' operations. Until now, the valley had remained out of bounds for security forces.

While addressing a press conference he said that 751 militants had been killed during the operation Rah-i-Haq  in Swat, Shangla, Lower Dir and Buner.  He said the operation was progressing smoothly, militants were on the run and the criminal elements who had joined the Taliban in Swat were deserting them along with new recruits.

As the influx of people from the disturbed areas increased, security forces started concentrating on the humanitarian side, designating a corps headquarters as "˜special support group' for management of internally-displaced persons (IDPs), with the Mangla Corps Commander and former deputy chairman of the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority Lt-Gen Nadeem Ahmed as the officer in charge. Maj-Gen Abbas said the group would provide support to provincial government's efforts. It has been assigned the task of looking after logistics and health administration and helping in IDPs' registration.

The spokesman said measures had been taken to avoid collateral damage. Only confirmed hideouts and strongholds in the valleys and on the mountains had been attacked. 
He said air strikes were conducted only on the basis of concrete information and intelligence about training camps, hideouts, ammunition dumps and logistics being used by militants. 
He said the security forces had not entered populated areas so far, except some small pockets on the shoulders. Villagers were given warning before action was taken against militants, he said.
He said 29 personnel of security forces had been killed and 77 others injured in the operation so far. He said 402 militants had been killed in Swat. Militants' strongholds in Mingora, Peochar, Kabal, Khawazakhel and Shangla had been attacked successfully. The Banni Baba Ziarat training camp of militants had been destroyed and 200 militants were reported to have been killed in the attack. He said 18 security personnel had been killed and 47 others injured during the operation in Swat. 

He said a cordon and search operation continued in the Banni Baba Ziarat, where 11 security personnel had been injured over the past 24 hours. In Dir, the operation was in progress in some areas and exchanges of fire were taking place, he said. In Buner, troops continued to consolidate their positions around Daggar. The Sultanwas area had been surrounded by security forces, he said.
He said army had set up two hospitals with 30 doctors in camps for displaced people. Answering a question, the spokesman said there were plans to eliminate "˜high-value targets', adding that some of them had already been killed.
Responding to another question, he said a time-frame for the completion of the operation could not be given at the moment, but the government and the army wanted to bring it to an early end.  Information Secretary Ashfaq Gondal said four federal ministers were visiting Mardan and efforts were being made to provide maximum possible assistance to the displaced people.
A representative of the special support group said the number of IDPs was close to 1.3 million. He said a screening process had been put in place to prevent the entry of terrorists into the camps.

 Reply:   Is there any other Option?
Replied by(Patriotic_Pakistani) Replied on (13/May/2009)

To those who are opposing the military action in swat i have a question,can you suggest another alternative plan?These CIA,RAW and MOSAD funded Militants have specifically been trained to be in this area so that these countries can make propaganda against our Nukes( like they are very close to Kahuta and Khushab Nuclear facility,so we have to act to take control of these weapons).But AlHamdolillah Pakistan largest Plutonium based Khushab reactor is operational and can enrich 40 to 50 kg of plutonium which can make 40 nuclear weapons a year,so the program is consolidating even more!
 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
Swat Operation and Provincial Autonomy by Zaid Hamid

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
Shaabash Pakistan by Hamid Mir
 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)

I don't know what Hamid Mir wrote two days ago probably against military not taking any actions. I don't know.
The situation in Swat and Waziristan is very complex. These miscreants live among the  citizens and use violence for submission to their demands. They are thugs (literally criminals) who are NOT fighting for the cause of Islam and are supported by the enemies. These HAVE to be removed to severe the terroristic actions paid for by India, Israel and USA.
Pakistan Army is the sole hero because she is the one driving the security and unity of Pakistan. The critics have nothing to do but complain. They find new avenues to put blame on Pakistan Army and ISI as the situation progresses. Before, Military was blamed for silence. Now military is blamed for taking actions. When Military kills the miscreants, they cry "oh the military is killing the civilians". US drones kill civilians, military is blamed. When traitor Zardari forms pacts with enemies, military is blamed for allowing this to happen. When military intervenes in the civil setup and force Zardari to make decisions in favor of Pakistan, military is blamed for running "dictatorship" in the background.
For crying out loud, will you for once have one stance? You guys simply are nit-pickers. You are  not doing any constructive criticism.

 Reply:   This is what i called Hypocrisy
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (13/May/2009)

If some one write the way you want to read, he will become good. This is not fair. same applies to me because contra to you, i am a fan of Hamid Mir but after reading his this article i am some what critic to him.
The main reason of my anger toward him is, the uturn he took just within two days is really condemnable.
My mind is not able to digest this Change of heart at such a short notice.
Yes whole Pakistani nation needs to be united against common enemy AMERICA not against their own brothers and sisters.
I know an can bet that after this Swat operation, This Hamid Mir and same media will cry like they cried after LAL masjid incident.
 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
Why have such a Black and White mentality?
Dear Noman,
It is not really about hypocracy. People can have a change of heart any time. Just because I agree with you, doesn't mean I will always agree with you on all topics. Hamid Mir has been the outspoken critic of Musharraf and the Pakistan Army but on this point he agrees with the military action. This in no way suggests any hypocracy.
I myself is a big critic of Hamid Mir solely because of his blind-stance in favor of democracy but on this important matter, he has taken the side of Pak Military justifiably. Kudos to him.
At some critical junctures, Pakistani nation should come together in solidarity with Pak Governement and Military. Pakistanis should know, no matter what, our ONLY defence against enemies IS our ISI and Pak military. We need to be thankful to Allah(swt) for rewarding us with such a great Army but also be grateful to all those Jawaans who have been sacrificing their lives to provide us security and comfort which has been jeopardized by our enemies and their stoogies.

 Reply:   Dear Asher, Please read last two article of Hamid Mir as well
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (13/May/2009)

The article you added, may be you liked because it is as of your mind but you should read his previous two articles where he i saying some thing else.
the main reason of Pakistan's crisis is the hypocrisy of its own people.

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
On Swat Situation

Here is an excellent article by Hamid Mir on Swat situation. This article shows:

* People of swat are fedup with Taliban.
* Swat residents took a sigh of relief when government made a pact with Maulvi Sufi Mohammed.
* Only the provincial government of NWFP (Mr. Owais particularly) and few loyal members of the parliament were instrumental in forming a pact with Maulana Sufi and pressuring the Zardari government to sign the deal. They did that against IMMENSE pressure from USA.
* This military action of Pakistan Army is against the terrorists who are making peaceful existence impossible. It says in Holy Quran "fitna is worse than murder".
Please read on:

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
To the enemies of Pakistan and their Pakistani Stoogies
I have sent you the predictions of this Sufi Saint, Shah Naimatullah Wali (Rematullah Alaih) who has talked about how Pakistan will emerge as the leader of Muslim Ummah and eventually conquer India.
In my previous posts, I listed all his major predictions that have already happened. You must have been surprised, like me, to see Mujiburahman mentioned as the "Mulsim ruler who took the side of the Kuffar" referring to 1971 action.
I want to list a few again specially for those Laanti, Allah cursed, Kuffar helping Pakistani traitors like "Ghulam Rasool" (Astaghfirullah, he chose such a Holy name for his disgusting lowly self) and "Earthman, an International conspirator( a wicked soul who has sold his conscience to Kuffar).  These two detestabe individuals who are choosing to be on the WRONG side in history by helping/abetting the Kuffars. Just like their role-model, Mujiburahman, they will have a grievious penalty from Allah (SWT).
(this article is translated by someon else):
Shah Sahib said:"The Muslims of the western portion (West Pakistan) would have the blessings of Allah. The most responsible leaders, skilled scientists and highly professional and dedicated military experts would be available to them. All the Muslim countries would be looking towards them. Muslims from Turkey, Arabia, Iran and the Middle East would turn up with remarkable Ummah spirit to support them and the area of Chitral, Nanga Parbat, Gilgit, China and Tibet would become the main battlefield."
You see how even Pakistan Military is highly respected in the eyes of Allah (swt) that He reveals the victory through Shah Naimatullah Wali (RA). This war which was predicted is happening right now in the very area mentioned above. This will escalate to other areas. This struggle of Pakistan Military will be supported by ALL MUSLIMS and our old-time friend CHINA.
Hazrat Naimat Shah further said:"The people of Kabul would also come out to kill kafirs (non-Muslims) who would run around from pillar to post and would make petty and paltry excuses to save their lives. They would literally beg the Muslims for their lives. The frontier would quiver and quake with the foot-beats of ghazis and mujahids of the frontier who would suddenly emerge out of nowhere. This event would take place after Eid-ul-Azha and the next Eid ul Fitr."
I think "The people of Kabul" mean "Afghan Talibans". Here is another attestation of Pakistani Military Jawaasn(besides other Muslims) being considered Ghazis and Mujahids. Now here is the good news:
Wali said:"River Attock (Kabul) would be filled thrice, with the blood of kafirs, during that period. The Muslims would capture the whole Punjab (including Lahore city), Kashmir, the land situated between River Ganges and Yamuna (Uttar Pradesh province) and the city of Bijnaur. This war would remain among the human beings for good about six months and ultimately, God willing, the Muslims would be victorious. All the enemies and the ill-wishers of Islam would be killed and the whole India would be clean of Hinduism and Hindu traditions."
Hazrat Shah Naimat very specifically prophesied about the western portion of the Subcontinent's Muslim country (Pakistan)."The king (president) of the west would invade the non-Muslims of the region due to military might and would cause them a great defeat which would be beyond their imaginations. Islam would dominate India for at least forty years until Dajjal would emerge from the city of Esfahan.
This military might that is referred to is the might of Pakistan Army. So my dear readers I have  proven to you how this Pak Military action is actually a Spiritual Jehad which will eventually result in the conquering of India. This Jehad is ordained by Allah(swt) and was told to a very dear Slave, Shah Naimatullah Wali (RA). After all this, there should be no doubt left in the minds of Muslims about the justification of Pak Military actions. Those innocent civilians who are dying as collateral damage, Allah (swt) has a better reward for them i.e. Heaven. Let's all help our Pashtun brothers and sisters with whatever we can afford to do even if it means a smile or a hug of support.

 Reply:   Collateral damage mean killings of Kalma go by traitors
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (13/May/2009)

Greedy Traitors Murdered Innocent Pakistanis With U.S. Drone Bombs For
Yankee Dollars
COMMENTS: Pakistan Supreme Court, high courts, anti-terrorism courts,
Qazi courts, or Pakistani citizens courts of law must hang Satanic
greedy traitors Asif Ali Zardari, Yousaf Raza Gillani, Rehman Malik,
Ahmad Mukhtar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Ashfaq Parvez
Kayani, Ahmad Shuja Pasha, Athar Abbas, Tariq Majid, Rao Qamar
Suleman, Shaukat Aziz, Pervez Musharraf and all other evil terrorist
tyrants of Pakistan, who have committed the crime of treason/sedition and killed thousands of innocent Pakistanis, especially Pakhtoons, with U.S. drone-missile-bomb attacks in FATA and NWFP, Pakistan, for American dollars.  U.S. Military, Pakistan Carrying out Predator Drone Missions together, Washington has given Pakistan the freedom to launch airstrikes against [Pakistanis], but so far the Pakistanis have been reluctant, officials say. The program is a marked shift for both sides.
By Julian E. Barnes and Greg Miller
Washington DC, USA, 12 May 2009 (Los Angeles Times) - The U.S.
military has begun flying armed Predator drones inside Pakistan and
has given Pakistani officers significant control over targets, flight
routes and decisions to launch attacks under a new joint operation,
according to U.S. officials familiar with the program.
The project was begun in recent weeks to bolster Pakistan's ability
and willingness to disrupt the [Pakistani] groups that are posing a
growing threat to the [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF Mafia] government in Islamabad
and fueling violence in Afghanistan.
For the U.S. military, the missions represent a broad new role in
searching for Islamic [Pakistanis or Muslims] in Pakistan. For years,
that task has been the domain of the [U.S.] CIA, which has flown its
own fleet of Predators over the South Asian nation.
Under the new [treacherous] partnership, U.S. military drones will be
allowed for the first time to venture beyond the borders of Afghanistan under the direction of Pakistani military officials, who are working with American counterparts at a command center in
Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
U.S. officials said the program was aimed at getting Pakistan - which
has frequently protested airstrikes in its territory as a violation of
sovereignty - more directly and deeply engaged in the [U.S.] Predator
program."This is about building trust," said a senior U.S. military official,
speaking on condition of anonymity because the program has not been
publicly acknowledged. "This is about giving them capabilities they do
not currently have to help them defeat this [Pakistani-Pashtun]
element that is in their country."
The Pakistanis, however, have yet to use the drones to shoot at
suspected [Pakistani-Pakhtoons] and are grappling with a cumbersome
military chain of command as well as ambivalence over using U.S.
equipment to fire on their own [Pakistani] people. The program marks a significant departure from how the [Musharraf-Aziz, Zardari-Gillani-Kayani, PPP, MQM, ANP, JUI-F, PML-Q, US, NATO, ISAF] war against [Pakistani-Pashtuns] has been fought for most of the last seven years. The heavy U.S. military presence in Afghanistan has been largely powerless to pursue [Pakistanis] who routinely escape
across the border into Pakistan.
But the initiative carries serious risks for Pakistan, which is
struggling to balance a desire for more control over the [American]
drones with a deep reluctance to become complicit in U.S.-operated
Predator strikes on its own [Pakistani] people. Pakistani [PPP Mafia] President Asif Ali Zardari, on a visit to Washington last week, reiterated his [regime's] request for its own fleet of Predators. U.S. officials have all but ruled that out, and
they described the new, jointly operated flights as an effective compromise.

Pakistani officials did not deny the existence of the new program,
saying Tuesday that they were working with U.S. officials to better
utilize the American technology. In a statement, Husain Haqqani,
Pakistan's [Zardari-Gillani Tyranny's envoy] to Washington, said the
nation remained concerned that the "unilateral" [American] CIA drone
strikes violated its sovereignty.
"Pakistan has not been averse to using every available means in
tracking down [Pakhtoons] and other [Pakistanis]," Haqqani said. "We
have been working with the U.S. side to find ways in which the U.S.
technological advantage matches up with our desire to uphold our
sovereignty within our borders."
[U.S.] CIA Predators flown covertly in Pakistan continue to focus on
the United States' principal target, [Pakistanis]. The [American]
military drones, meanwhile, are intended to undermine the [Pakistani]
networks that have [fictiously] moved closer to Islamabad, the
capital, in recent weeks.
Over the last month, officials said, the United States has offered
Pakistan control over multiple flights involving both [American]
Predator and more heavily armed Reaper drones.
Pakistan declined an offer to use the [U.S.] drones for its recent
military offensives in the Swat Valley and Buner areas, and poor
weather has caused other sorties to be scrapped. But the senior U.S.
military official said at least two missions had been flown in recent
weeks under Pakistani direction.
So far the missions have not involved the firing of any missiles, and
some U.S. officials have expressed frustration that the Pakistanis
have not used the [American] Predator capabilities more aggressively.
Officials said Pakistan was given the authority to order strikes
during the jointly operated flights as long as there was U.S.
agreement on the targets.
"It is their decision," a senior military officer said. "We are trying
to put them in the chain, so they control the whole thing, save the
hardware." The program may be one result of U.S. military efforts to cultivate
closer ties with Pakistan. Over the last year, [U.S.] Navy Admiral
Michael G. Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has made
repeated trips to Islamabad to push for greater Pakistani cooperation.
 The program also is part of a broader overhaul of the U.S. military
approach in the region. [American] Army Lt. General Stanley
McChrystal, named this week to become the new top U.S. commander in
Afghanistan, expanded the use of [U.S.] Predators while in Iraq and is
expected to do the same in his new post.
The missions are being controlled from the jointly operated command
center in Jalalabad. The center contains a "fusion cell" that merges
information gathered from American surveillance with human
intelligence collected by Pakistani and Afghanistan forces.
Debates between Pakistanis and Americans have taken place within the
center over whether potential targets are [Pakistani-Pashtun] leaders
or Pakistani tribesmen with only loose ties to [Pakistani or Afghan]
groups. Nonetheless, U.S. officials said most Pakistani officers in
the command center understood the [Pakhtoon] threat and were anxious
to move aggressively.
However, the Pakistanis' superiors have had more reservations and have
equivocated when asked for permission to fire on suspected
[Pakistanis]. U.S. officers said those Pakistani officials may not
have understood that any delay could allow targeted individuals to
slip away. In response, Pakistanis have repeatedly emphasized to U.S. military
officers that they are reluctant to fire missiles at their own
citizens [of Pakistan].
"They have asked us to try and understand what it is like to be a
military that is now required to go against its own [Pakistani]
people," said the senior military officer. "I do not think we always
have the right perspective of how difficult it is."
The Pakistani reluctance may also reflect ambivalence in Islamabad
over the [American] CIA's Predator program. The [U.S.] intelligence
agency is in the midst of a campaign of strikes on [Pakistani-
Pakhtoon] operatives in Pakistan's tribal frontier.
The most recent [U.S.] CIA strike came Tuesday, reportedly killing
eight [innocent Pakistani] people in the South Waziristan region of
Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas [FATA]. Since August
[2008], the [American] Agency has carried out at least 55 strikes,
compared with 10 reported attacks in 2006 and 2007 combined.
Despite Pakistan's frequent complaints about the strikes, U.S.
officials have said the missions are authorized by the Pakistani [PPP-
MQM-ANP-JUIF terrorist] government. [U.S.] CIA officials credit
Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI, with providing
on-the-ground information that often leads to [U.S.] Predator strikes.
In turn, the [American] CIA has shared sensitive imagery and
intercepts with Pakistani counterparts.
Despite that arrangement, U.S. officials avoided offering Pakistan
greater control over the [American] CIA drones, in part because of
concerns about giving Pakistan direct access to a sensitive and secret
intelligence operation. At times, U.S. intelligence officials have
voiced suspicions that elements of the ISI, which has long-standing
relationships with [Pakistani-Pashtun] leaders, have warned targets in
advance of U.S. strikes.
U.S. officials also cited a reluctance to take [American] CIA drones
away from their efforts to track and kill senior [Pakistani] figures,
and stressed that the [U.S.] military drones would pursue a different
set of targets, mainly Pakhtoon-linked fighters.
The use of [U.S.] Defense Department drones presents disadvantages to
Pakistan. The [American] military's unmanned aircraft program, for
example, is not shrouded in the same level of secrecy as the [U.S.]
CIA's, eroding Pakistan's already attenuated ability to continue to
deny involvement. "If it's true that Pakistan is actually controlling some of these
[U.S.] drones, that undermine the concerns [they express] about the
attacks," said Seth Jones, a counter-terrorism expert at Rand
Corporation who frequently travels to the region. Pakistan's permission is crucial to [American] Predator operations, representing an added incentive for U.S. officials to share control of the aircraft."The key is you got to have the approval of the host government," said Scott Silliman, a former Air Force lawyer who is now a law professor at Duke University. "If you do not, you cross over the line of invading the territorial sovereignty of another country."
(1) U.S. Foreign Policy Caused the War Problem,
"Pashtun (aka Pathan) frontier tribes - collectively mislabeled
'Taliban' by Western media - are up in arms again because they are
being bombed by U.S. Predator drones, and attacked by the Pakistani
Army, which the U.S. rents for $ 1.5 billion annually (the official
figure; actually, it's a lot more), to support its widening war in
Afghanistan. Pashtun civilian casualties - 'collateral damage' in
Pentagon speak - are rising fast.
"The primary cause of the growing rebellion in Pakistan's Northwest
Frontier Province (NWFP) is the U.S. war in Afghanistan, which is
rapidly spreading into Pakistan. Most Pakistanis see the Afghan-
Taliban and their own rebellious Pashtun as heroes fighting Western
domination, and scorn their own isolated leaders in Islamabad as
working for the Yankee dollar. "Equally, the Pashtun tribes of NWFP were guaranteed total autonomy in
1947; Pakistan's Army was formally excluded from the Pashtun tribal
region. Washington has pressured Islamabad into violating this basic
provision of Pakistan's Constitution by sending troops and warplanes
into the independent tribal region." - [Canadian Journalist Eric S.
(2) Ugly Truth About Foreign Aid in Afghanistan
(3) New U.S. General Vs. Pakistani-Pakhtoons and Afghan-Pashtuns
(4) After U.S. Strikes, Afghans Describe: "Tractor Trailers Full of
Pieces of Human Bodies"
(5) Imperialistic Terrorists Seek to Destroy Freedom Fighters

-- The Report Press -
-- Chief Editor - Journalist SYED ADEEB -
INFORMATION PRESS - News Views Media - "“ USA


 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
Predictions of Shah Naimatullah Wali
The predictions of Hazrat Shah Naimatullah (RA) Wali:
The respected saints of every time always forewarn their followers and sanctimonious people to refrain from indulging in malpractices and sinful doings. One of them was Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah Kashmiri, aka Hazrat Shah Naimat Wali Ullah who, after travelling through the Subcontinent finally settled in the Kashmir Valley and ultimately breathed his last there. Hazrat Shah Naimat made some predictions almost eight hundred years ago in the form of Persian verses and, surprisingly, those predictions are coming true with the passage of time.

The most interesting thing is that what Hazrat Shah Naimat said corresponds with what the Holy Prophet said centuries before him. It is said that Hazrat Shah Naimat's prophecies consist of more or less two thousand verses but unfortunately only a few hundred of them are available.
The appealing thing is that at most of the places the names of the persons and places are clearly mentioned while at other occasions he has indicated towards personalities or places through initials or the starting alphabets (in Persian) of nouns. The first prediction is about Nadir Shah's attack of Delhi. He said: "Nadir Shah would emerge from Iran and would snatch the Indian empire. He would callously use his sword to assassinate the people of Delhi." About the Mughals he said: "You (who are reading my prophecies) will not find Mughals anywhere after 300 years.
About the arrival of East India Company in the Subcontinent, he said:"Rajas and Maharajas would turn careless. For most of the time they would remain drunk and addicted to opium. At that time the British/Christians would land in India disguised as traders and businessmen." About the British rule in India he predicted:"My dears! Understand it very clearly that they would rule India for 100 years at least."(Please note that the Britishers' stay in India was for 200 years, however, they ruled only for 100 years. When Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India came to know about Hazrat Shah Naimat's prophecies, he put a ban on their publishing and making them public).
While talking about the First World War, Shah Naimat predicts:"For four years a great war would be fought in the West in which "˜E'(England) would score an unfair victory over "˜G'(Germany)." I would like to clarify that Shah Naimat used the Persian alphabets Alif for Inglistan (England) and Jeem for Germany. The interesting point to note is that this war was fought in the West (Europe) for four years (1914-1918).
While predicting more about First World War, he even gave the death figures. Shah Naimat said:"It would be a great world war. There would be a great bloodshed and about 13.1 million people would be killed." He prophesised about the Second World War also and said:"The Second World War would start 21 years after the First World War and it would be more violent, lethal, destructive and ruinous then the first one." People who are interested in military history knows it very well that the Second World War (1939-1945) started exactly 21 years after the First World War.
While mentioning the weapons he said:"The scientists of that era would make very deadly and fatal weapons which could measure energy and power and would bring mass destruction to the fighting forces (atomic bomb).
Wali said,"It would be evident to the whole world that India would be clearly divided into two parts. Due to hypocrisy and cheating there would be a lot of tragedies, massacres and carnage." Shah Sahib while referring to undemocratic governments in this region said,"India would be ruled by rulers who would not be legitimate to do so. They would change the official rules and set of laws just like that. Law and order would scarcely prevail."
"The followers of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) would indulge in disgraceful criminal acts and immoral and indecent conduct." His views about religious leaders are not very encouraging. He said,"The muftis of that era would behave irresponsibly. They would issue fatwas (religious decrees) without any reason. But when it would come to speak the truth about the religion, they would start making despicable and lame excuses. He further said,"The Islamic teachings would be like a blown out candle. No one would care about them. Scholars would be forcefully relegated to the lowest pedestals and the uneducated and amateurish would turn up as intellectuals and scholars."
His following few predictions about wars in the region are quite obvious. Naimat Shah said,"Suddenly, the Muslims would face a quite jolting restlessness. They would fight a daring war with kafirs (non-Muslims) of the region. After a 17-day war the Almighty would bless the Muslims with a victory. They would earn this triumph after fighting a bloody war, daringly laying down their lives and rendering a lot of sacrifices. A Hindu leader would represent his country in another atheist country, where he would die while in his sleep."
"The people of the Muslim part of the Subcontinent would dethrone their ameer (President) and from then onwards they would earn a great humiliation. After that there would be a great rage, calamity and chastisement. The punisher (Allah) would sentence those who would deserve it. Allah would issue a mass killing command. The eastern part of the country would tragically fall due to the deceitfulness of pretenders. The people of the western part would mourn over it. A big city of the eastern part would become a place of butchery and bloodshed. A mass killing would take place there and people would be slaughtered freely without any fear. A Muslim leader, in fact, would be an abettor of the kafirs and would lend them full support through his treachery."
"The person whose name would start with Gaaf (Persian alphabet having "˜G' as an alternative in English) and would contain six letters (maybe Gandhi) would remain victorious in this war due to his impiety and wickedness (Indira Gandhi).
Shah Sahib said:"The Muslims of the western portion (West Pakistan) would have the blessings of Allah. The most responsible leaders, skilled scientists and highly professional and dedicated military experts would be available to them. All the Muslim countries would be looking towards them. Muslims from Turkey, Arabia, Iran and the Middle East would turn up with remarkable Ummah spirit to support them and the area of Chitral, Nanga Parbat, Gilgit, China and Tibet would become the main battlefield."
Hazrat Naimat Shah further said:"The people of Kabul would also come out to kill kafirs (non-Muslims) who would run around from pillar to post and would make petty and paltry excuses to save their lives. They would literally beg the Muslims for their lives. The frontier would quiver and quake with the foot-beats of ghazis and mujahids of the frontier who would suddenly emerge out of nowhere. This event would take place after Eid-ul-Azha and the next Eid ul Fitr."
Wali said:"River Attock (Kabul) would be filled thrice, with the blood of kafirs, during that period. The Muslims would capture the whole Punjab (including Lahore city), Kashmir, the land situated between River Ganges and Yamuna (Uttar Pradesh province) and the city of Bijnaur. This war would remain among the human beings for good about six months and ultimately, God willing, the Muslims would be victorious. All the enemies and the ill-wishers of Islam would be killed and the whole India would be clean of Hinduism and Hindu traditions." Shah Naimat said:"Suddenly there would be a great roar. It would be a catastrophic earthquake like the doomsday. It would cause great devastation and disruption in Sindh and Hind (India)."
While predicting another bloody war he said:"One of the two alifs (America and England (Inglistan) I have mentioned earlier, would be totally destroyed. Russia would attack the western alif (maybe England). Russia would also kneel down to China's wrath, rage and fury and would be destroyed. However, to live in the world would beg China for immunity. Later on, one of the jeems (either Germany or Japan) would make an alliance with Russia against either of the alifs (America or England). Most lethal and explosive weapons would be used to an extent that the alif (America or England) would be totally wiped out from the world map and its name would remain merely in the history books. This would be a punishment for them from the Almighty and the generations would remember them as the iniquitous."
Hazrat Shah Naimat very specifically prophesied about the western portion of the Subcontinent's Muslim country (Pakistan)."The king (president) of the west would invade the non-Muslims of the region due to military might and would cause them a great defeat which would be beyond their imaginations. Islam would dominate India for at least forty years until Dajjal would emerge from the city of Esfahan. There would be a lot of sedition, disturbance, violence and war in the region. Khorasan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq would not be an exception. The war would devastate and desolate these countries as well until the Best Year as described by the Holy Quran would come. Imam Mehdi would attain prominence. He would appear during the Hajj days and suddenly he would become famous the world over." In my opinion, Imam Mehdi would appear before Dajjal's appearance.
The Wali further predicts:"Dajjal's forces would be in Esfahan and his army would be consisted of Jews and Christians and I am clearly seeing it. I can also see a dust storm rising up from Kufa. Jesus Christ would also descend from the heavens. I can see thousands of riders accompanying the Christ and finally Jesus, the son of Mary, would kill Dajjal with his own sword. Look Naimat Shah! Stop and do not disclose the secrets of Allah. I am predicting these events in the Islamic year 548 Hijri." Allah knows best.

 Reply:   Nobody is against professional army
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (13/May/2009)

Sikandar Mirza, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Gen Zia, Mush and Kiyani are an example of political generals. Nobody ever criticised professional generals.

This government loudly blamed India and Afghanistan involvemnt in our internal affairs. Moreover Gen Kiyani and mafia is involved in crimes like NRO and LFO. Harboring and protecting MQM terrorists. All anti-Pakistan characters including MQM, ANP, Zardari mafia including Hussain Haqqani, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, Farahnaz Ispahani, Liberal fascists including Najam Sethi gang are pro-Indians and pro-Iranians.
Peoples who criticise must think patiently either providing bases for drones, and drone attacks on Pakistan is not breach of defense of Pakistan. Presence of 300 foreigners at Tarbela what means. Generals are civil servants and should not and must not be involved in international politics. What meant that foreigners are praising DG Military Operations and COAS.
Soon after Mumbai attacks, it was Pak army who declared patriot to those who are declared as terrorist today.
It is genocide and massacre of Pushtoon on both sides of border. America is implementing theories of Shia Crescent of Vali Nasr. Induction of Shia Benazir, Zardari and entire Zardari mafia is based on sectarian division of Pakistan. Appointment of ministers on sectarian grounds is its another example. Poor Shia's are also victim of War on terror, political Shia's are using name of Shia religion, but none of them are religious.
It is sam Iraqi style war, to divide Pakistani's on sectarian and ethnic lines to achieve target. Shame on Pakistan army who is submitting invoice of one billion plus amounts for mercenaries services. And what meanings current $ 400 millions have.
Who is owner of Surrey Palace, Swiss accounts and where necklace of millions has gone. Army is corrupt, part of corruption and involved in harboring thugs and criminals.
Peoples who are singing national anthems on killings of poor, hungry and naked peoples are inviting Kiyani to takeover presidency.
Whether all fascist liberals are agents of India or not who are praising Kiyani, Pasha and other barbarian generals. Kishwar Naheed, Jugnu Mohsin, Najam Sethi, Imtiaz Alam, Asma Jahangir and other NGO's either not on payrole of foreigners?
I wrote details to chalkout their criminal activities previously.
Mush group and agents of foreign agencies are trying to shut my mouth. Who are sending petitions to their lords and agencies because those have no academic answer to my questions.
Major campaign is running under supervision of Farahnaz Ispahani and Hussain Haqqani and MQM who are behind letusbuildpakistan website to propagate and help in sending petitions, it is their defeat, because those have no true answer to my questions except tagging with falls allegations.
Current war of terror is genocide and massacre of Pashtoon citizens. I condemn act of fascism and any act against human rights. It is war crimes.

 Reply:   Patriot Generals a brief note
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (13/May/2009)

List of patriot generals who want to defend Pakistan

Lt Gen Nasim Rana ─ DG ISI Secy. Defence, Ambassador to Malaysia

Lt Gen Ziauddin Butt ─ DG ISI, Army Chief of Mian Nawaz Sharif

Lt Gen Salahuddin Tirmizi - PML-N

Lt Gen Amjad Shuaib ─ MD FFC

Lt Gen Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah ─ Ambassador to Turkey

Lt Gen Saeed uz Zafar  - Secy. Railways, Chairman NEPRA

Lt Gen Agha Jehangir Khan ─ Ambassador to Mexico

Lt Gen Afzal Janjua ─ MD Mari Gas Company

Lt Gen Muzaffar Usmani ─ Helped Mush in takeover

Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmed ─  MD FFC

Lt Gen Zulfiqar Ali Khan ─ Chairman WAPDA

Lt Gen Hamid Javed ─  COS to the President "“ Mush aid

Lt Gen Khalid Maqbool ─ Governor Punjab

Lt Gen (later Gen) Aziz Khan ─ President PHF

Lt Gen Tauqir Zia ─ Chairman PCB

Lt Gen Mushtaq Hussain ─ MD Mari Gas Company

Lt Gen Syed Mohammad Amjad ─ MD Fauji Foundation, CEO KESC

Lt Gen Jamshed Gulzar ─ Chairman FPSC

Lt Gen Imtiaz Shaheen ─ MD Mari Gas Company

Lt Gen Ghulam Ahmed Khan ─ Killed by Mush

Lt Gen Ali Jan Aurakzai ─ Secy. Defence Production, Governor NWFP

Lt Gen Abdul Qayyum ─ Chairman Pakistan Steel

Lt Gen Hamid Nawaz Khan ─ Secy. Defence, Caretaker Interior Minister

Lt Gen Javed Hassan ─ Rector NSPP

Lt Gen Munir Hafiez ─ Chairman NAB, MD FFC

Lt Gen (later Gen) Ahsan Saleem Hyat ─ His son was his ADC, famous character

Lt Gen Tariq Waseem Ghazi ─ Secy. Defence

Lt Gen Abdul Qadir Baloch ─ Governor Balochistan,

Lt Gen Muhammad Akram ─ MD FFBL

Lt Gen Syed Parwez Shahid ─ CEO The Citizen Foundation (TCF)

Gen Ehsan ul Haq ─ DG ISI, CJCSC "“Famous character of missing persons, Target killings

Lt Gen Khateer Hasan Khan ─ Ambassador to Thailand

Lt Gen Masood Parwaiz ─ Chairman AWT

Lt Gen Khalid Ahmed Kidwai ─ Chief of MQM and Nuclear arsenal

Lt Gen Zarrar Azim ─ Chairman AWT , Known as Zarar Zameen

Lt Gen Syed Arif Hassan ─ Chairman Fauji Foundation, President POA, Chairman PST, Chairman PPA, a character in burying dead bodies of girls of Jamia Hafsa.

Lt Gen Shahid Aziz ─ Chairman NAB

Lt Gen Muhammad Zubair ─ Chairman ERRA, Member FPSC

Lt Gen Shahid Hamid ─ Chairman FPSC

Lt Gen Shahid Siddiq Tirmizey ─ Secy. Defense Production

Lt Gen Javed Alam Khan ─ MD FCCL

Lt Gen (later Gen) Ashfaq Parvez Kayani ─ Assistant of Mike Mullen

Lt Gen Malik Arif Hayat ─ MD FFC

Lt Gen Anis Ahmed Abbasi ─ MD FFBL

Lt Gen (later Gen) Tariq Majid ─ Known as butcher, killed 7000 girls of Jamia Hafsa

Lt Gen Safdar Hussain ─ Main character in unrest of FATA

Lt Gen Syed Athar Ali ─ Patron of Mukhtar Force and Secy. Defense

Lt Gen Imtiaz Hussain ─ Chairman AWT

Lt Gen Hamid Rab Nawaz ─ Chairman Fauji Foundation

Lt Gen Syed Sabahat Hussain ─ Proposed Chairman of FPSC

Lt Gen Raza Mohammad Khan ─ Crusader

Lt Gen Masood Aslam ─ Butcher involved in genocide of Pushtoon

Lt Gen Shafaat Ullah Shah ─ Crusader

Lt Gen Hamid Khan ─ President NDU

Lt Gen Israr Ahmed Ghumman ─ Chairman HIT

Lt Gen Ahsan Azhar Hayat ─ Khudday Line

Lt Gen Sajjad Akram ─ Deputy Chairman ERRA

Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmad ─ Crusader of Swat

Lt Gen Muhammad Zaki ─ DG Infantry, IG Arms Feb'09

Lt Gen Sikander Afzal ─ Multan

Lt Gen Ijaz Ahmed Bakhshi ─ Lahore

Lt Gen Khalid Shameem Wynne ─ Quetta

Lt Gen Ashraf Saleem ─ ADC

Lt Gen Shahid Niaz ─ DG FWO

Lt Gen Muhammad Yousaf ─ Bahawalpur

Lt Gen Syed Absar Hussain ─ ASFC

Lt Gen Javed Zia ─ DG Rangers (Sindh)

Lt Gen Shujaat Zamir Dar ─ Chairman POF

Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal ─ Rawalpindi

Lt Gen Muhammad Asghar ─ Rector NUST

Lt Gen Jamil Haider ─ IG Arms

Lt Gen Nadeem Taj ─ Relative of Sehba Musharraf  

Lt Gen Tahir Mahmood ─ Rawalpindi, SSG crusaders, attacked on Jamia Hafsa

Lt Gen Shahid Iqbal ─  Karachi

Lt Gen Tanvir Tahir ─ IG Com. and IT

Lt Gen Zahid Hussain ─ QMG

Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha ─ DG ISI and top crusader of americans

Lt Gen Mustafa Khan ─ CGS

Lt Gen Ayyaz Saleem Rana ─ Chairman HIT

Lt Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi ─ Chief of Staff Officer to COAS

Lt Gen Mohammad Akram ─ QMG

Lt Gen Saleem Haider ─ MGO

Lt Gen Tariq Pervaiz ─ Quetta

     Lt Gen Syed Abdul Ahad Najmi - Member FPSC

    Maj Gen Javed Ashraf Qazi "“ Fourty Siparas of Quran

   Lt Gen Moinuddin Haider "“ Governor Sindh, Budha ststue case, Fatmid Foundation


Lt Gen Ziauddin Butt Oct'98 "“ Oct'99, Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmed Oct'99 "“ Oct'01

Lt Gen Ehsan ul Haq Oct'01 "“ Oct'04, Lt Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani Oct'04 "“ Oct'07

Lt Gen Nadeem Taj Oct'07 "“ Oct'08, Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha Oct'08 "“ present

DG Military Operations, GHQ (Crusaders after 911)

Maj Gen Tauqir Zia 1998 "“ Oct'99 , Maj Gen Shahid Aziz Oct'99 "“ Dec'00

Maj Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani Dec'00 "“ Sep'03, Maj Gen Mohammad Yousaf Sep'03 "“ Apr'06

Maj Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha Apr'06 "“ Oct'08, Maj Gen Javed Iqbal Oct'08 "“ present

DG Military Intelligence (DGMI), GHQ

Maj Gen Ehsan ul Haq Oct'99 "“ Apr'01, Maj Gen Tariq Majid Apr'01 "“ Dec'03

Maj Gen Nadeem Taj Dec'03 "“ Feb'05. Maj Gen Mian Nadeem Ijaz Ahmad Feb'05 "“ Apr'08. Maj Gen Muhammad Asif Apr'08 "“ present








 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/May/2009)
Western Propaganda and Their Pakistani Stoogies
The reason this thread and majority of the responses to it are so heavily against the Pakistan Army that they loose credibility. They ONLY prove two things:
1) The enemies of Islam are against Pakistan Army (6th or 7th largest in the world), ISI and her nuclear program and want to control them somehow. They don't leave ANY opportunity to demonize the Pak Military in the Pakistani media by local stooges (Ghulam Rasool, Earthman et al).
2) They play the racism card like "Pashtuns are being targeted by Pak Military", "Baluchistan has been exploited by Punjabis".
This article over and over again repeats these slogans as to phsycologically steer the opinion of public against their own country. Swat and other Northern areas are swarmed with terrorist and anti-Pakistani forces which are supported by enemies of Pakistan (Yehood o Hunood). Pakistan Army has started its struggle against those elements. This decision is NOT taken under US pressure. The USA was NEVER in favor of forming alliances with SWAT. The Maulvi Sufi Mohammed BROKE the pact with the government. According to the pact, he was supposed to STOP all the terroristic activities but instead his men spread to other regions and started violence there. This Maulvi and Behtullah Mehsud ARE the agents of the enemies. When the enemies lost them to us, they bought them back. As a result Sufi violated the pact with Pak government.
General Kiyani is a man of honor. He kept his word and stayed away from the politics of Pakistan but He is NOT sleeping. Nor has he sold his conscience to the enemies unlike Zardari. When enemy agents in the Pak government do something wrong, they are given a good rebuke. I personally think that the decision of Pak Army to attack THE MISCREANTS was made by General Kiyani, solely. The government had to go along.
This decision has made the West angry and uncomfortable since they are the ones supporting THE MISCREANTS. So, there is a systematic demonization of Pakistan Army action in the western media.  What is their goal?  They talk of peace and removal of terrorism in public but behind closed doors they support this very terrorism. They are really pissed that Pak army is killing their men and hence all these nasty articles against Pak Army wrongly focusing on the collateral damage (innocent citizen).
In such gorilla wars, collateral damage is imminent since the terrorists live among the citizen. It is VERY difficult to separate the terrorists from loyal citizens. Citizens were warned to leave the area but Sufi Mohammed threatened them.
Our Pashtun brother will have to have patience. They will have to make sacrifices for the removal of this fitnah. Let us all Muslims and Pakistanis, in particular, hellp our pashtun brothers by giving them shelters, food, money etc. The Pakistani nation has to show solidarity which they showed during earthquake

 Reply:   a must read piece of writing
Replied by(zulekha) Replied on (13/May/2009)
 Reply:   Re
Replied by(Patriotic_Pakistani) Replied on (13/May/2009)

Mr International prof did you know who pressurize Zardari to sign on Nizam e adl?It was the Army Chief so it challenged your claim that army is responsible for all choas.Those who are against Pak army are traitors,and it is the game of US,Isreal and India to defeat Pak Army against the Militants so that they can get a hand on our nuclear weapons,and i think you are a part of this game.
 Reply:   Mercenary Kayani Army Killed Thousands of Innocent Pakistanis
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (12/May/2009)

Mercenary Kayani Army Killed Thousands of Innocent Pakistanis for American Dollars

Mercenary Kayani Army Killed Thousands of Innocent Pakistanis for
American Dollars
PTI Not for 20/20 Matches in Politics, says Imran Khan
 PTI chief says military action to help spark a wave of extremism
By Irfan Ali
Karachi, Pakistan, 12 May 2009 (Daily Times) - PTI Chairman Imran Khan
has asked the [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF Mafia] government to form a team of
neutral experts to propose Afghanistan's exit strategy to the United
"A fact-finding mission, comprising of all political parties, should
be constituted to ascertain who violated the Swat accord first", he
proposed while speaking at a Meet the Press programme held at the
Karachi Press Club on Monday. Khan urged the [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF
tyrannical] government to propose an [Afghanistan] exit strategy to
the [Satanic] Obama Administration through a team of experts, instead
of following U.S. dictation. Elaborating about his party's agenda, he
said that the Pakistan [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF corrupt] government should
break off its alliance with the U.S. in the [evil] war of terror
[against all Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese,
Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Islam].
"People are under an impression that the [venal] Pakistan Army is
fighting a U.S. war and is killing [innocent Pakistani and Afghan]
people for U.S. dollars, just the way Iraqis and Afghans consider
their [mercenary] security forces", he said. Khan said that a military
action on the dictation of "Do More" was an often-tried and a failed
He said that around 1.5 million internally displaced [Pakistani]
people are there and a military action would help spark a wave of
extremism. "The U.S. Army would have fought this war at $ 12 billion
per month, but Pakistan has been paid not more than $ 12 billion since
it joined the [Satanic] war of terror [against all Pakistanis,
Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Arabs,
Muslims and Islam]. Moreover, Pakistan has suffered to the tune of $

50 billion", Khan said as he compared the cost and repercussions of
the [Hellish] war of terror [against all Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis,
Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Islam],
adding that the [mercenary] Pak Army is fighting this [Israeli] war at
the cheapest cost.
 He recalled that the U.S. had violated the sovereignty of the
Pakistani Parliament by [illegal] drone attacks on [innocent
Pakistanis in FATA and NWFP, Pakistan] the day when the Parliament
unanimously adopted a resolution against such attacks. About his
proposal on the fact-finding mission of the political parties, he
further said that the mission should ascertain who is being killed in
Malakand Division.
Rejecting the impression that the Pakhtoons will capture any part of
Pakistan, he said, "Pakistan has a 700,000-strong Army and do you
think it is possible that 5,000 Pashtuns can defeat them?"To a
question, he said, Pakhtoons could create anarchy but they cannot
disintegrate Pakistan, adding that economic injustice and the class-
war poses more serious threats than the Pashtuns.
Imran Holds U.S. Responsible For Pakistan's Human Tragedy
By Shamim Bano
Karachi, Pakistan, 12 May 2009 (The News) - Denouncing the Army
operation in Swat, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan
appealed to all the political parties of the country to find out who
had violated the peace agreement.
Khan was speaking on Monday at the "Meet the Press" programme of the
Karachi Press Club (KPC). Khan visited the city after a gap of two
years. He is on a two-day tour to the city, basically to reorganise
the party structure and raise funds for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial
He was scheduled to arrive in the city last Sunday but was barred by
the [PPP-MQM Mafia] government of Sindh and was not allowed to board
the PIA flight from Lahore. It was only after [PPP Satanic] Prime
Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani's intervention that ban on his entry into
Sindh was lifted.
Furthermore, during visit to Sindh, the [PPP-MQM tyrannical] government put a condition that he would not speak on May 12 [2007]
incident, a request with which he complied.
Strict security measures were taken around the KPC. A large number of
Rangers and police were deployed outside the venue. Law-enforcement
agencies (LEAs) were also deputed on the buildings opposite the KPC as
a precautionary measure.
"It is highly surprising that military action was conducted a mere 10
days after the peace agreement. It should have been held in abeyance
and the [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF Satanic] government should have sent a fact-
finding mission into the area and those who committed crimes should
have been tried in the Qazi courts", he said.
He bitterly criticised the "Do More" strategy being forced on the [PPP-
MQM-ANP-JUIF corrupt] government of Pakistan by the U.S. with regard
to military action in Swat and said that military action was not the
road to peace in that area. It was incumbent on the [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF
evil] government, he said, to have embarked on a dialogue with those
[Pakistani] people.
He termed the "Do More" strategy as a total failure and dangerous, as
extremism would further rise. [Pakistani] People, he said, have
developed hatred for the [mercenary Kayani] Army. Terrorism is the
major issue being confronted by the country. The [Pakistani] people,
he said, were divided on the issue, some supporting military action,
and others like him, bitterly opposed to it. He also expressed concern
about the well-being of those millions of [Pakistani] people who were
displaced from Swat. "It will not only affect them but will also have
far-reaching repercussions for people of the areas where they would be
rehabilitated", he said. "Around 1.5 million people have been
displaced due to the ongoing Army operation in Swat and other parts of
the NWFP."
Khan demanded an immediate halt to the military operations, and said
that Pakistan must frame a sovereign foreign policy and the U.S. must
exit itself from the region as its presence in the country and
Afghanistan had only created anarchy. He said that national consensus
should be evolved and the political parties should be taken on board
while formulating the foreign policy.
Meanwhile, Khan emphatically said a home-grown foreign policy should
be formed and [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF terrorist] government of Pakistan muststop taking dictations from U.S. He spoke in detail about the
situation in the country with special reference to Balochistan and
Swat, and prevailing law and order situation that had created an
atmosphere of agonising uncertainty. He termed the February 2008 general elections as a conspiracy by the
U.S. to destablise the country and to legitimise the [devilish]
polices of [Satanic PMLQ-MQM Mafia] dictator Pervez Musharaf. No
change, he said, had been witnessed after the election. All present
[evil] polices are a continuation of the [corrupt] Pervez Musharraf
regime, he alleged.
He also demanded re-election in Balochistan as the APDM had boycotted
the [parliamentary] elections and there is need to bring nationalist
parties into the mainstream. He also demanded that the Balochs should
be given their due rights and [PMLQ, MQM, PPP, ANP, JUI-F tyrannical]
rulers must apologise to the [Pakistani] people of Balochistan for
injustices meted out to the province.
The sense of alienation, he said, had been increasing amongst the
Baloch leaders and he held the [demonic] rulers of Pakistan
responsible for this offence. He appealed to the [repressive] rulers
to learn a lesson from East Pakistan and save Balochistan.
Commenting on the India-Afghanistan trade transit route, he said it
would have its repercussions. He criticised [PPP Satanic] President
Asif Ali Zardari for not taking the [rubber-stamp] Parliament into
confidence on this issue and arbitrarily signing the deal in
Washington DC under U.S. pressure.
He saw a serious threat to the nuclear programme of Pakistan and
slated the fact that [why the Wild] West has no problems with Indian
and Israel [nuclear weapons] programmes. Under the prevailing
circumstances, he said, it is the need of hour that all [independent]
political parties should get united on one platform.
He also demanded of the [PPP-MQM-ANP-JUIF ignorant] government of
Pakistan to reshape a uniform educational policy and stressed the need
for a viable economic policy.
(1) Benazir Bhutto - The Fall of a Corrupt Puppet

2) After Afghan Massacre, Satanists Say US-NATO Airstrikes Will Go On
in illegally Occupied Afghanistan
(3) A Full-Court Press For Pakistan War - Rolling Out the Product
(4) Hands Off Pakistan!

(5) The Satanic Army of Evil Generals
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