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Videos and tiny details of Human Rights abuses of Pakistan Army, peoples are not shot just tortured.

greatest crimes of this century committed by Pakistan Army and Air Force with the help of fascist mister ten percent, Zardari. It is a tiny fraction of war crimes committed by coward Pakistan Army. Another list will follow sooWorldwide human rights groups, anti war activists, anti fascism and anti imperialism advocates are invited to witness n.

A preliminary list of war criminals also given below, watch their expected overseas postings and do not let them enter in your countries. Human Rights of United Nations is working as puppet of neo-Imperialists and it has no power to condemn such acts. This is the time that worldwide advocates and activists of human rights and journalists to come forward and condemn such war crimes and human right abuses. International courts of justice must record such evidences for future records.

Video - Pakistani soldiers beating, kicking and torturing suspects

Men whipped, kicked and threatened with having limbs cut off in 10-minute clip that surfaced on YouTube and Facebook

Warning: this is a heavily edited version of the original film Link to this video

Video Link (you can watch on following links too)

The country's powerful army has faced frequent accusations of human rights abuses. Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch said it was difficult to verify the authenticity of the video but such abuses were common whenever soldiers were involved in anti-terrorism operations. "It is disgustingly predictable," he said.
In the video an army officer quizzes a suspect in the courtyard of a police station about whether his brother-in-law is a militant. The man says he does not know. On a signal from the officer, soldiers swarm around, punching and kicking the man and lashing him with a whip. "Have mercy on me, oh God," he screams in Pashto. At least a dozen soldiers and police can be seen watching the attack, which appears to have been filmed with a mobile phone.
The treatment is repeated on several other men, one of whom appears to be quite old. At one point an officer warns a suspect: "You don't want me to cut off your hands and feet." Over the past two months Pakistani human rights activists have accused the army of executing suspected Taliban fighters in Swat, where there has been a long summer of heavy battle.
Since July dozens of bullet-riddled bodies have appeared on the streets. Some are believed to be victims of revenge attacks by civilians but others died after being arrested by the army. Victims' families are fearful of speaking out. One relative contacted by the Guardian said he had been warned to keep quiet by the military after speaking to an American newspaper. Videos can have a decisive impact on public opinion in Pakistan. Footage in April of a bearded Taliban fighter flogging a teenage girl in Swat sparked a wave of public revulsion. This latest recording has caused less outrage, probably because such beatings by police and the army are widely taken for granted.

Video on BBC: Pakistan Video Beating

Scores of bodies found in Pakistan's Swat valley: McClatchy Newspapers

MINGORA, Pakistan -- Scores of badly tortured bodies have been found dumped in Pakistan's Swat valley, raising concerns that the Pakistani army is conducting a campaign of extra-judicial killings and brutality aimed at suspected Taliban militants that could sully the army's successful campaign against them.

At least two mass graves for executed Taliban have been discovered, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent organization. Separately, an Internet video emerged Friday that appeared to show Pakistani soldiers, likely in Swat, beating prisoners, including elderly men. The army announced an investigation into the recording.

Then, bodies of suspected Taliban, many previously detained by the military, started to turn up at crossroads, on bridges and outside homes.

By the first of September, according to Pakistani news reports, 251 corpses had been found, and local residents say the tally may have reached 400 by now. The killings seem to have the support of the local residents. Some of the bodies were found with their hands tied behind their backs, according to local news reports.

A number of high-profile Taliban commanders also have turned up dead after the military had announced they were in custody. One example: Sher Muhammad Qasa, who residents said was paraded through the streets of Charbagh, a former Taliban stronghold, after he was captured on Sept. 16. Four days later, the army announced that he had succumbed to injuries sustained when he was detained. The residents asked that they not be identified for fear of military reprisals.

Ayub Khan was taken away by the army one afternoon in early August, from his home in Swat's main town of Mingora, in front of his five young children, according to several people in the neighborhood. Nine days later, his body was dumped on a nearby bridge. He had been badly beaten. A single shot to the head had finished off the 42-year-old. Ayub Khan was a minor informer for the Taliban, according to some local residents.

Some cases have disturbed local residents.

The death of Akhtar Ali, a 28-year-old who ran a popular electrical repair store, is one of those. He was picked up from the street at around 4 p.m. on Sept. 1 at an army checkpoint in Mingora, said passers-by who saw him being taken away. His family was assured later that day that he would be released. But at 6 a.m. on Sept. 5 his corpse was dumped on the doorstep of the family home, where many in the neighborhood saw it.

Every inch of his body showed signs of abuse, including burns made with an iron and the marks of merciless beatings.  He was not shot, just tortured to death. Friends and family insist he had no known Taliban links. Questions about the army's behavior in Swat intensified Friday with the airing on a number of Internet sites, including Facebook and YouTube, of a video that seemed to show soldiers kicking, punching and whipping prisoners while questioning them. The video shows soldiers and other prisoners looking on as the beatings take place. Screams and cries of "God" can be heard in the recording.


The video on YouTube (you must be 18 to view it):

Video appears to show Pakistan army abuses

ISLAMABAD � Video apparently showing Pakistani soldiers beating men detained in anti-militant operations has surfaced on the Internet, drawing criticism from a leading rights group and possibly undercutting support for the army's fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban.
The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in an August report it had received "credible reports of numerous extrajudicial killings and reprisals carried out by security forces" in the Swat Valley since the area was retaken from Taliban control in July. It shows the officer quizzing one man over whether his brother-in-law is a militant. The man says he does not know. The officer then signals for his deputies to begin attacking the suspect. He is punched, lashed with a leather rope and kicked repeatedly while on the ground.
"I most certainly do not think this is an isolated incident," the group's South Asia researcher, Ali Dayan Hasan, told The Associated Press. "There is nothing in the video that the Pakistani military hasn't perpetrated widely before on civilians or those who cross it."  By: Robert Kennedy Associated Press

Other Videos:

Human Rights Abuses by Pak Army in SWAT valley:

Baloch Woman Abusing Pakistan Army:

Punjabi Army Human rights abuses in Pakistan:

Missing persons demanding release of their love ones, abducted by Pakistan Army.

Police abused citizens in front of GHQ Rawalpindi


A list of Pakistan Army officials involved in massacres, extra judicial killings, abductions, torture, illegal imprisonments and serious Huam Rights violations.

Lt. Gen Masood Aslam, Corpse Commander Peshawar, retired this week and seeking overseas posting or bigger role for his services for foreign countries, he is pioneer in hiring mercenaries like Bkack Water in Pakistan, and working at next door to recently procured Pearl Continental at Peshawar by US.

Lt. Gen Nadeem Ahmad, Strike Corpse Mangla, Posted at SWAT/Malakand along with SSG. A few days back peoples have seen him with ambassador of USA at Pakistan licking her feet.

Lt. Gen Tahir Mahmood, Corpse Commander Rawalpindi.

Maj. Gen Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad, GOC 37th Infantry Division, Gujranwala.  (Main culprit practically involved in massacres, killings, kidnappings and demolitions of houses of local population at Swat, Malakand areas).

Maj. Gen Tanvir Ullah Khan, Army Aviation, GOC Army Aviation Command, Rawalpindi (Barbarian who ordered to massacre local population with the help of Helicopters)

Maj. General Sajjad Ghani, GOC 19th Infantry Division of Mangla now at Swat.

Maj. General Ijaz Awan, Infantry

Major General Naveed  Zaman GOC 7th Infantry Division (Wana areas)

Maj. Gen Tariq Khan Khattak, DG FC, ex GOC 14th infantry division, on the list of USA prequalified generals and awarded US Legion of Merit for his services against Muslims.

Brig. Suleman. In charge for hiring and training of mercenaries Lashkars and supply arms to local villagers.

Brig. Fayaz Mahmood Qamar

Brig. Alamzada Khan

Brig. Tahir Hameed (Barbarian who is involved in target killings, massacres, tortures and abductions at Swat areas, it is believed that current video of abuses by army was happened in his command)

Brig. Muzaffar Ali Khan, Station Commander Peshawar.

Col. Abdul Rahman

Col. Zillay Hussain (Barbarian involved in massacres at Malakand areas)

Col. Akhtar Abbas Shah

Col. Saif Ullah Khan (FATA, Mehmand)

Air Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman, is involved in extra judicial killings, destroying homes and using air power including F-16�s and missiles.

Air Marshall Tanvir Mahmood, is now retired and seeking overseas posting. He is pioneer in using F-16�s against local population.

Maj. Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha, DG ISI

Following infantry divisions are operating in Human rights violations.

7th Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Division, 17th Infantry Division, 19th Infantry Division, 2rd Infantry Division, 37th Infantry Division.

More than 35 websites are operating above video of war crimes of Pakistan army worldwide and hundred thousands have witnessed real face of corrupt and coward army backed by imperialists.

Question is where are Human Rights Pakistan and anchors of TV channels? Where are Mullahs and where are politicians? It will be not so long that everyone would be under teeth of such criminal army. Watch faces of criminals who sucks 80% resources of country and free ration has made them blind bull and above humanity.

 Reply:   سکیورٹی فورسز کے ہاتھوں ماورائے عدالت قتل کی تحقیق
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (5/Oct/2009)

صوفی محمد کی رہائی ‘ سوات آپریشن اے این پی کا ڈرامہ تھا : فضل الرحمن
پشاور (بیورو رپورٹ + نیوز ایجنسیاں) جمعیت علماء اسلام کے امیر مولانا فضل الرحمن نے کہاکہ صوفی محمد کو رہا کرنا اور سوات آپریشن اے این پی حکومت کا رچایا گیا ایک کامیاب ڈرامہ تھا جو کھل کر عوام کے سامنے آگیا ہے۔ انہوں نے کہاکہ ہماری کوشش ہے کہ مدارس اور مساجد کو تحفظ فراہم کرنے کے لئے تمام دینی و سماجی تنظیموں کو اپنے ساتھ شریک کرکے تحفظ فراہم کرنے کی کوشش کریں اور ملاکنڈ ڈویژن کے سینکڑوں مدارس و مساجد کو از سر نو تعمیر کیا جائے۔ ان خیالات کا اظہار انہوںنے ارباب نیاز سٹیڈیم شاہی باغ میں منعقدہ تحفظ مدارس و مساجد کانفرنس سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کیا۔ انہوں نے کہاکہ اے این پی حکومت نے ملاکنڈ ڈویژن کی عوام کے ساتھ جو وعدے کئے ان کو پوراکرنے میں ناکام ہو چکی ہے اور صوبے میں امن تب تک قائم نہیں ہوسکتا جب تک حکومت امریکہ کے اشاروں پر چلتی رہے گی۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ ملک میں ہونے والی عسکری کارروائیاں نتائج کے اعتبار سے دینی مدارس اور مساجد کو روندنے کے برابر نظر آتی ہیں۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ امریکہ نے 2001ء میں امت مسلمہ کے خلاف جنگ شروع کی تھی لیکن اسے دہشتگردی کے خلاف جنگ کا نام دیا گیا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ حکومت نے اسلامی نظریہ کونسل کی سفارشات کے مطابق قانون سازی کرنے کی یقین دہانی کرائی ہے تاہم اس سلسلہ میں حکومت کی جانب سے سنجیدگی کا مظاہرہ نہ کیا گیا تو پھر جے یو آئی (ف) کیلئے حکومت سے الگ ہونے میں کوئی مشکل نہیں رہے گی۔ کانفرنس سے مولانا حنیف جالندھری‘ مولانا عبدالغفور حیدری اور دیگر نے بھی خطاب کیا۔ جمعیت علماء اسلام(ف) نے ملک کے موجودہ حالات میں مسلح جدوجہدکی حمایت نہ کرنے کااعلان کرتے ہوئے آپریشن کے دوران علماء کی ہلاکتوں اور سکیورٹی فورسز کے ہاتھوں مبینہ طور پر کئے گئے ماورائے عدالت قتل کی تحقیقات کیلئے آزاد عدالتی کمیشن کے قیام کا مطالبہ کیا ہے۔ یہ مطالبہ شاہی باغ پشاور میں منعقدہ مجلس مدارس تحفظ کانفرنس کے اختتام پر جاری ہونیوالے اعلامیہ میں کیاگیاجوجے یوآئی (ف) کے صوبائی امیرمولاناگل نصیب خان نے پڑھ کرسنایاسات مطالبات پرمشتمل اس اعلامیہ میں ڈرون حملوں بلیک واٹر کی سرگرمیوں کو روکنے ، آپریشن کے بجائے مذاکرات سے مسائل حل کرنے، آپریشن میں تباہ ہونے والے مدارس اورمساجد کو دوبارہ تعمیر کرنے، سیکورٹی فورسز کے ہاتھوں ہونے والے مبینہ ماورائے عدالت قتل کی تحقیقات کیلئے عدالتی کمیشن کے قیام، آپریشن کے دوران جاں بحق اورزخمی ہونیوالوں کیلئے معاوضے کااعلان کرنے، ڈرون حملوں بلیک واٹر کی سرگرمیوں کو روکنے اور سوات معاہدہ کی عدالتی تحقیقات کرانے کامطالبہ کیاگیاجبکہ اعلامیہ میں اس بات پرزوردیاگیاکہ مسلح جدوجہدکرنے والے افراد کو سیاسی اور دینی جماعتوں میں شامل کرکے انہیںمسلح جدوجہد چھوڑنے پرآمادہ کرنے کی کوشش کی جائے۔ مولانا عبدالغفور حیدری نے کہا کہ تحریک آزادی کے دوران علما نے بے مثال قربانیاں دیں جبکہ اس تحریک میں کسی مسلم لیگی کا خون شامل نہیں۔ وفاق المدارس العربیہ کے ناظم مولانا محمد حنیف جالندھری نے کانفرنس سے خطاب کے دوران حکومت سے مطالبہ کیا کہ پارلیمنٹ کے ذریعے وفاق المدارس کو بورڈ کا درجہ دیا جائے۔

 Reply:   These cowrads left their under wears at Dhaka in 1971
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (3/Oct/2009)

Shameless army which is nourishing on our taxes, who were meant for Defence of Pakistan has become a liability for Pakistan. All problems in Pakistan are revolving around Military personals, in uniform or retired. When nation is hungry and women are standing in queues for flour, sugar and other daily use items, no electricity and education for them. In such circumstances army is kidnapping citizens and target killing them. More than 10,000 citizens have been kept in cantonments illegaly to make fool every one of Taliban.
NATO must attack on army GHQ, President House and Prime Minister House at Islamabd if it seriously want to eliminate terrorism.
Pakistan army is patron of terrorists. Itself terrorist and violators of human rights.
Worst than notorious Indian and Israeli armies.
This is coward army and surrendered to India in 1971, it is not able to fight with any army. It is police.

 Reply:   why not eunuch pakis now protesting
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (3/Oct/2009)

Pakistan a nation of mostly eunuchs cried like cats in heat  when americans did some cruelties in guantenamo against muslims
but now when videos and proofs of pakistani army doing horrible abuses against muslims has come out than everyone including religious parties are one is even mildly protesting.

why is this injustice?is paki army authorised to do everything?tomorrow if our general kyaani declares prophet hood will paki eunuchs follow him all?

the thing is that the fault lies with pak nation of eunuchs who worship every one but allah and fear everyone but allah

so thats why azaab will soon wipe out most of pakis.there is no doubt about it now.many pious people have forewarned about that azaab through their valid dreams


 Reply:   paki armys time is near
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (3/Oct/2009)

pak army which is biggest weapon of kufer against islam will not escape allahs punishment
we will soon see allahs justice which will be very very horrible and swift.and it will be an azaab which will destroy most of paki munafiqs
allahs ways never change and regarding pakistanis whose majority is faasiq munafiq allhs azaab is near
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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