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Assalaamo alaikum WA rahmat Allahe WA barakatahu! 


Enclosed for your kind information and comments, please find Draft of my article THREATS FACING THE MUSLIM WORLD




     According to the Holy Quran: "And cover not Truth with falsehood nor conceal the truth when ye know (what it is) (S: II-V:42)" and "And conceal not the evidence for he, who hides it, surely His heart is sinful. And Allah is the All-Knower of each and everything." (S:II-V:282).


     According to Shaheed Sayyid Kotb "Only in the light of our past can we properly define our role in the world of today as well as that of tomorrow."


    As such, it is not understandable as to why there was and still is hesitation on the part of all those concerned and who matter to publish the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report in full when people have every right to know the truth behind the events except due to lack of courage and honesty, and as Muslims.


     Those who wish to know more, are advised to read the same former Chief Justice of Pakistan, late Mr. Justice Hamoodur Rehman (Retd.)'s article "IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN" published in Supreme Court's Journal Section of the All Pakistan Legal Decisions (referred to by lawyers and Courts of Pakistan as) i..e. PLD 1976 S.C.(Pak) Vol.XXXVIII-Page 215-226, which not only provides a clue but also an insight into proper understanding and background.


                  INDIAN HAND IN BANGLA DESH


     Moreover, it is now no more difficult to identify the forces that were at work for dismemberment of Pakistan and establishment of Bangla Desh. As far back as July 1971, MORNING NEWS, Karachi, Pakistan (in its issue of 14-7-1971) at the time when Mr. S.G.M.Budruddin was the Editor and Mr. S. R. Ghauri, Resident Editor (presently now with DAWN, Karachi) carried the banner headline on the front page captioned " INDIA PREPARES  BLUE PRINT FOR WAR ON PAKISTAN " from late Mr. Yehia Syed's report from London.


     Again Yehia Syed's article captioned " INDIA FOUGHT THE WAR ON HER PUBLISHED PLAN" also appeared in MORNING NEWS, Karachi(4-3-1972) mentions what was known as India's Subramaniam Plan -no more a secret-details of which were released in advance in London, according to which it was then the most opportune time to launch an attack and like a ripe plum (referring to East Pakistan) it would fall into the lap.




     A book " THE ROLE OF BIG POWERS IN THE EAST PAKISTAN CRISIS OF 1971" by Matiur Rahman was published by Dr. Razia Rahman (65 Alfriston Road London SW11) was reviewed in The Muslim World League Journal, Makkah Al-Mukarramah Vol. 12, No. 4 Rabi al Thani/January 1985 (page 64) and it is revealing for those who care to know more.


     The following two books "Bangla Desh Today-An Indictment and a Lament" by Matiur Rahman (1978 Edition) and "Second Thoughts on Bangla Desh" (1979 Edition) Edited by Matiur Rahman.(Published by National Book Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan) are worth reading and throw ample light.


     Mr.. H.N. Akhtar in his article captioned " After the Cassandras have spoken " as regards the tragedy of 1971 has referred to a book, "Pakistan Cut to Size" but has not mentioned the Author's' and publisher's names. (See page 6 of DAWN 26-3-2001) Rabata-e-Alam-I-Islami (The Muslim World League, Makkah Al-Mukarramah), in a statement on the breakaway of East Pakistan disclosed that Pakistan had fallen victim to a Communist and Zionist-inspired conspiracy.

     The Jewish Chronicle London disclosed that Maj. Gen. Jacob who was second in command of the Indian forces in East Pakistan was a Jew. He was related to the famous family of the late Dr. I. S. Fox who was Chairman of the British Zionist Federation. The paper said that there were a number of Jewish officers in Indian armed forces, among the better known were

Rear Admiral Benjamin Abraham Samson and Naval Judge Advocate Elliz Thirad. (see Impact, London 24 December-13 January 1972. Also Page 377 of The Ahmadiyyah Movement-British-Jewish Connections by Bashir Ahmad M.A.(Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy) USA available at: Islamic Book Shop, Faisal Masjid Islamabad/Book World (Pvt.) Ltd.

Blue Area Islamabad)


     Yet again there was a news item captioned "US,INDIA CONSPIRED TO DISMEMBER PAKISTAN" which appeared in English daily DAWN, Karachi prior to which two news items during the relevant period captioned "IBRD FAVORS SHIFT IN AID TO EAST PAKISTAN ECONOMY " appeared in DAWN, Karachi of 9-10-1970 referring to Mr. David Gordon, President Representative of the World Bank in Pakistan speaking at a ROTARY CLUB luncheon, and the following extract from "A WEST WING VIEW ABOUT SIX POINTS.A PANDORA'S BOX' BY Raza Kazim , which appeared in EVENING STAR, Karachi of



     "It is significant that towards the end of 1970,a Director of the World Bank, Mr. Woods said at a ROTARY CLUB dinner in Dacca that in future id should be made available separately for East  Pakistan because the Central Government  as mishandling it. Later on the World Bank Consortium and IMF withheld aid to Pakistan and continue to do so. But hundreds of millions of dollars have in the meantime been sanctioned and cleared for use in East Pakistan separately in the name of flood-control-not flood relief."


            According to news item captioned "US, India conspired to dismember Pakistan: minister" appeared in DAWN Karachi dated 28-2-1999, the East Pakistan debacle was the result of American and Indian conspiracy as a majority of the people there never wanted to separate from Pakistan said Tehrik Takmil-i-Pakistan, President Mahmud Ali. Addressing the 15th. Foundation Day of the Tehrik at the Tehrik -i-Pakistan Workers Trust auditorium in Lahore, Mr. Mahmud Ali said the late US President Nixon in his book and former US Secretary of State Mr. Henry Kissinger had categorically admitted that the US wanted to separate Eastern part from Pakistan. For this purpose he said US hatched a conspiracy with India...He also said Pakistan must be careful and discriminate between friends and foes. "We want friends and not octopus like blood suckers."

            This full report is worth reading and it must be borne in mind that Richard Nixon was a Rotarian and Henry Kissinger a Jew.


     It was at a Meeting of the Rotary Club in Lahore that the Director General of FIA stated there was corruption even in the judiciary and the Supreme Court of Pakistan held he had committed contempt of court for which See PLD 1994 SC 42

                                    INDO-ISRAEL RELATIONS


     Mr. Mohammad Tayab's "INDO-ISRAEL RELATIONS" being A STUDY OF INDO-ISRAEL COLLUSION AGAINST THE ARAB WORLD BASED ON FACTUAL DATA was published as far back as May, 1974 and is available from Sh. Muhammad Ashraf Booksellers & Publishers, Kashmiri Bazaar, Lahore.


      David Ben Gurion, delivered a speech in the University of Sorbonne in August, 1967 in which he said:


            "Pakistan in fact is an ideological challenge to us. The   

             International Zionist Movement must have no

             misunderstanding about it nor must we be indifferent to

             This permanent source of danger."


    Further discussing the mutual relations of Pakistan with the Arabs he said:


            "We must take some steps against Pakistan as her power

             of defense and ideological solidarity can become a

             source of great trouble to us.

             Therefore we have to maintain friendly relations with India.

             We must take all possible advantage of the historical hatred

             and enmity, which India bears against Pakistan.

             This historical enmity is our wealth. With all force and energy

             we should strike a grievous blow to Pakistan by helping India

             through international circles and by using our influence on the

             big powers of the world. This task should be performed with 

             complete secrecy under the secret plans."


            What did Ben Gurion mean by Pakistan's power of defense and ideological solidarity is explained by a new Military expert, Prof. Hurter who said:


                  "The Pakistan Army has an extraordinary love for their                    

                    Prophet Muhammad. This is the basis of strong

                    friendly relations between Pakistan and the Arabs.

                   This situation is a great danger to Judaism in the

                    world. Therefore all the Jews should try to eliminate                       

                    this love of the Muslims for their Prophet." 

                   (Jerusalem Post 19-9-1967; Urdu Nawa-I-Waqt, 

                     Lahore 22-5-1972 and 3-9-1973; "Qadianism On                            

                     Trial"-The Case of the Muslim Ummah against                                

                     Qadianis presented before the National Assembly of                    

                     Pakistan Translated by Mohammad Wali Raazi (M.A), 

                     former Sind Provincial Minister for Religious and

                     Minority Affairs. Publishers Maktaba Darul Uloom                    

                     Korangi, Karachi-14 & Madarsa Arabia New Town,                        

                     Karachi. Pakistan) Page 152/153/154).


     The following extract is reproduced from General Mirza Aslam Beg's article "CONTAINING THE CONTAINMENT" which appeared in DAWN, Karachi of 16-10-1997.


                    "Pakistan cannot afford to be in any illusion, as     

                     the  USA's ostensible objective is to implement                             

                     the Zionist political agenda. One should not lose                            

                     sight of what former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben                    

                     Gurion had expressed in the JEWISH CHRONICLE                        

                     of August 1967:


                    "The world Zionist Movement should not be neglectful

                     of the dangers of Pakistan to it. Pakistan should now                    

                     be its first target, for this ideological state is a threat to

                     our existence. Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews 

                     and loves the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more

                     dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that

                     matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it

                     should now take immediate steps against Pakistan.

                     Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are

                     Hindus, whose hearts have been full of hatred

                     throughout history against Muslims, therefore India is the

                     most important base for us to work therefrom against Pakistan.

                     It is essential that we exploit the base and strike and crush

                     Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and

                     secret plans. "


     Earlier the above extract had appeared on Page 162 of JEWISH CONSPIRACY AND THE WORLD WITH COMPLETE TEXT OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION-THE 33RD. DEGREE" RE-EDITED February 1992 BY LATE ALAUDDIN A MUNSHI (elder brother of former Attorney General of Pakistan Mr. Aziz A. Munshi). First edition of which By late Misbahul Islam Farooqui, published in February, 1967 and the author of FREEMASONRY - A CRITICAL ANALYSIS.


    For details and explanation of "secrecy and secret plans" one must refer to a recent book "RULE BY SECRECY" -- The Hidden History that connects the Trilateral Commission, Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids by Jim Marrs. Author of Alien Agenda. And New York Times bestseller Crossfire HarperCollins Publishers Inc., ( 10 East 53rd. Street, New York, NY10022 


                                        INDO-ISRAELI DEFENCE COOPERATION


       February 1992: Director General of Israel Police Ministry visited India and offered expertise in dealing with terrorism.


·       May 1992: Israeli military delegation of equipment manufactures and exporters visited India.


       August 1992: Malat (a subsidiency of IAI) visited India and offered cruise missiles.


·       December 1992: Malat offered Searcher and Ranger UAVs to India.


·       September 1993: Fourteen-member delegation representing Israeli telecommunications and electronics visited India.


       October 1993: Israeli delegation of association of electronic industries, the IAI and Eila companies, visited India.


       March 1995: Israeli Air Chief, Maj. Gen. Herzl Bodinger, visited India.


       December 1995: Indian Air Vice-Marshal, V. K. Bhatia, visited Israel.


       June 1996-1997: Abdul Kalam visited Israel three times.


       July 1996: Indian Air Chief Marshal, S. K. Sareen visited Israel.


       February 1997: Indian Defence Secretary, T. K. Nenerji visited Israel.


       April 1997: India appointed its Defence Attaché in Tel Aviv.


       March 1998: Indian Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Praksh Malik, visited Israel.


       June 2000: Mr. L. K. Advani, leading a high-powered delegation, visited



       2001: Israel provided India anti-missile capabilities by providing Green Pine

                 radar for research and development purposes.


       September 2001: Israeli National Security Adviser, Maj. Gen. Uzi Dayan,

                 visited India and held the first India-Israel strategic dialogue.


       June 2002: Director General of Israeli Defence Ministry, Maj. Gen. (Retd)

                  Amos Yaron, visited India, and established a joint Working Group

                  (JWP) on defense cooperation. Its first meeting will be held in

                  September 2002.


   June 2002: According to a statement, reported by Hindustan Times by Indian

                  Defence Secretary, Yogendra Narain India has acquired Green Pine

                  radars from Israel

Courtesy:Dr. Shireen Mazari


                                         FREEMASONRY & ISRAEL


     In fact, King Solomon's Temple-its rise and fall, rebirth and destruction form the traditional background of Freemasonry and its rituals are based on the imaginary practices and Jewish legends connected with them.


     After the occupation of Arab lands, the main event was the Erection and Consecration of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Israel and for that purpose Freemasons from all over the world had gathered and met in what is known as King Solomon's Quarries under the old walled Holy City of Jerusalem. (See Masonic Record 38 Great Queen Street, London WC2 Vol.49 No.8 August 1969 Page 11)


     According to Frank Reimann, the author of 'MASONRY IN ISRAEL' (Reproduced from 'Masonic Journal of S. Africa' in Masonic Record, 38 Great Queen Street, London WC2 Vol. 49 No. 9 September 1969 Page 5)


                   " After four years of negotiations with the Scottish                            

                     Grand Lodge, and with their consent, all Masonic

                     Lodges in Israel were combined under the jurisdiction                    

                     of the Grand Lodge of Israel, which had been                                

                     recognized by virtually all Grand Lodges in the                    



International Supreme Council Of World Masons 15th.. Annual Conference was scheduled to be held in Jerusalem from August 5-10, 1974 and request for further information was advertised by Swissair, Southfield, Michigan 48075 USA. It may be mentioned here that Swissair has its office in Pakistan and its advertisements appear in DAWN, THE NEWS, DAILY ?? NEWS, ROTARIAN NEWSLETTER Karachi give dates and Weekly Column/Ramblers's Diary captioned "As Swissair stands steadfastly with Karachi" in Dawn Magazine Section of 29-4-2001.)


     Accord ing to the Commissioner General of Arab League, Mr. M. Mahjoub the International Masonic Movement had defied repeated warnings to hold the Conference elsewhere instead of Israel, and as such it was banned because, " This movement worked for Israel and sponsors the Zionist Movement under the cover of  "international social movement."(SAUDI GAZETTE, Jeddah Saudi Arabia No:348 of 11-6-1977)


     What does Israel's rigid stand in the peace process indicate or suggest? Has it not made its intentions clear to the Arabs and the world at large in regard to the status of Jerusalem for the purpose of retaining it at all costs because it wants to make it the capital of World Government with the support of Zionists and Freemasons and rebuild King Solomon's Temple after demolition of Masjid Al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock  which according to the Zionists and Freemasons believe stands on the site of King Solomon's Temple-instead of historical evidence is based on legend and nothing but a figment of imagination --- and for such purpose US in partnership is committed to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds besides other partners, the American Freemasons collected funds according to the following quotations:


                                                DOME OF THE ROCK


     Reproduced below is above-captioned article from-The New South Australian Freemason-See Masonic Record, 38 Great Queen Street, London WC2 Vol. 49 No. 8 August 1969 on Page 8)


                      "On Mount Moriah, the site of Solomon's

                       Zerubbabel's and Herod's temples, stands the                                

                       Moslem Dome of the Rock, the most beautiful

                       structure in Jerusalem. It is decorated on the outside                    

                       by marbles of white, grey, yellow, and in porcelain                        

                       of purple, turquoise, blue, bright yellow, and green.                        

                       It is octagonal in shape, each side measuring 67 feet,

                       and crowned by a mighty gold dome, beneath which 

                       are painted windows filled with jewel-like glass. Near

                       it stands a small marvel of loveliness made of the same                

                       materials---the little Dome of the Chain or as a                                

                       Mohammedan called it, "the Mother of the Mosque."


                        Within the main building is an immense block of 

                        stone to which, so devout Moslems believe,                                    

                        pilgrim-angels regularly visited more than a                                    

                        thousand years before Adam was made from a                            

                        pinch of dust. Surrounding by guilding and

                        precious marbles, by tiles and mosaics, by                                    

                        inscriptions and elaborately painted stucco,

                        by beautiful hanging lamps and enormous                                    

                        chandeliers, is the rock, like a couchant, greying                            

                        monster rugged, uncouth, and severe, stretched out                    

                        in harsh repose.


                        The great shrine, which shelters the stone, is worthy                    

                        to house such fame. The color effect is a luminous

                        mystery of pearl and black, gold and dim blue-                               

                        green, lit up by the glint of jewel-like mosaics. The                        

                        pillars are made of dark marbles gilded capitals.                            

                        The wood screen  around the rock is bordered by a                        

                        narrow passageway paved with marble, on the

                        outside of which is a tall screen of wrought iron,

                        heavily gilded and interspersed with columns..

                        Outside this, on a platform, is a gigantic copy of the

                        Koran. "




     Reproduced below is above captioned news item from The Muslim World, Karachi of 10th. August 1968.


An AFP cable published in the "Tribune" of Laussane dated 16th. July 1968 says that the American Masonic Lodge has collected 450 million Swiss Francs for building the Temple over the site of the Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar) in Jerusalem. They sent a request to Sheikh Hilmi al-Muhtasib, President of the Muslim Court of Appeal in Jerusalem seeking his permission for erecting the Temple. The Sheikh has rejected their request.


                                    $ 10 M FREEMASON TEMPLE IN ISRAEL


Reproduced below is above-captioned news from Impact International, London 25 February-10 March 1983 Vol. 13:4 Page 4.


                  "A $10 million Temple of Fraternity of the Nations is to

                    be built in Haifa to serve as a pilgrimage center for

                    Freemasons from all over the world. The Temple will

                    Include halls for congresses and concerts and it will

                    be sited on Mount Carmel. Part of the expenses will

                    Be met by donations promised by private American

                    Donors and organization.


Incidentally, Haifa is also the burial place of  Bahai's Bahaullah.

Qadiani Mission in Israel is also situated in Haifa at Mount Carmel.

(See 1. Page 79/80 of "Our Foreign Missions" by Mirza Mubarak Ahmad. Publisher Vakil-ul-Tabshir, Rabwah, West Pakistan. Printer & Press. Nusrat Art Press, Rabwah

Also 2 "Qadianism On Trial"-The Case of the Muslim Ummah against Qadianis presented before the National Assembly of Pakistan Translated by Mohammad Wali Raazi (M.A), former Sindh Provincial Minister for Religious and Minority Affairs. Publishers Maktaba Darul Uloom Korangi, Karachi-14 & Madarsa Arabia New Town, Karachi. Pakistan)Page 152/153.

Also 3"The Ahmadiyya Movement: British Jewish Connections by Bashir Ahmad M.A. (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy) USA.. Islamic Study Forum, Rawalpindi. Available at Islamic Book Shop, Faisal Masjid Islamabad & Book World (Pvt.) Ltd. Blue Area, Islamabad. Pakistan.. Page ?)


     An article captioned " A JEWISH CONSPIRACY EXPOSED-A temple to replace Al-Aqsa Mosque" by Grace Halsell (and Courtesy Arab News) was reproduced in Magazine Section of MORNING NEWS, Karachi (PAKISTAN) of 30-3-1984) according to which there is no evidence that the temple was located on the site where the Dome of Rock and Al-Aqsa

Stands today and is based on assumptions despite that the Zionists say " Well that's got to go (the Dome of the Rock)' and they say that it will go either by an Act of God like an earthquake or somebody is going to put some dynamite there. So either somebody is going to blow it up...or as some will be destroyed by an earthquake. "


     The part played by the following towards the establishment and recognition of Israel is well known except known to a few that they were Freemasons?


     King George VI, Winston Churchill, Sir Henry Mc. Mahon (who corresponded with Sharif Hussein), T.E. Lawrence, Sir Alexander Cadogan (who represented Britain in the special session of the United Nations) and President Harry S. Truman of United States were Freemasons.


     It was on 2nd. April, 1947 that Sir Alexander Cadogan as Britain's permanent representative informed the Secretary General of the United Nations about Britain's request to place the question of Palestine on the Agenda of the General Assembly at its next regular Annual Session.




     In November 1966 the American Jewish Committee announced that it would give Commemorative plaques to all the American Roman Catholic Cardinals and about 40 of its Archbishops and Bishops for their leadership in the passage of the Vatican Councils' Declaration on the Jews absolving Jewry of Christ's murder (which was bitterly criticized by the Constituent Assembly of the Islam World Union meeting at Mecca and its communiqué described " catastrophe unparalleled in history to satisfy World Zionism.") The presentation was to be made at the Catholic University in Washington and included recitation of 15th Century Hebrew Prayer.




     The rigid attitude adopted by Israel supported by the US in the peace process explains that Israel is not interested but wants to find an excuse to demolish the Masjid Al-Aqsa (like the Babri Mosque in India) and hold on to the illegally occupied territories towards fulfillment of Judeo-Christian prophecies (See "MIDDLE EAST IN PROPHECY" and "THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY" by Herbert W. Armstrong. First Edition, September 1942 followed by 1943 to 1984. Published and distributed free by the Worldwide Church of God that has a Branch in Israel) without realizing that there are also several Muslim prophecies that too await their fulfillment (see "ISRAEL AND THE PROPHECIES OF THE  HOLY QURAN"-First Edition February 1963. Revised edition 1973 by Ali Akbar. Published by Seraj Publications 17 Broadstairs Road, Leckwith and Cardiff. Printed by A. A. Verstage Ltd. Basingstoke, Hants England)


                                                SHAH OF IRAN & ISRAEL


     News item captioned "SHAH OF IRAN HAD PARTLY FUNDED ISRAEL'S N -MISSILE" appeared in DAWN, Karachi 6-2-1986.


     Other news items captioned "DOCUMENT EXPOSES US ROLE IN '53 IRAN COUP " appeared in DAWN, Karachi of 18-4-2000 and "PAKISTAN SAYS ISRAEL HELPED INDIA IN N-TESTS" appeared in DAWN, Karachi of 20-6-1998.


Is it not a matter of shame and regrets that some Arab and Muslim country for the sake of economic and worldly gains has openly and secretly maintained ties with Israel?


                                         SHAH OF IRAN & FREEMASONRY


     Shah of Iran had favored the idea of Grand Lodge of Iran sponsored by the Grand Lodges of Scotland, France and Germany whose Grand Masters and Assistant Grand Master Frank Douglas as representative of United Grand Lodge of England were present in person to perform the ceremonies of Consecration (which is done by pouring corn, oil and wine in accordance with the Jewish/Masonic legend), Erection and Installation of the Grand Lodge and its Officers in Iran.Sharif Imami President of the Senate who had been installed as the First Grand Master named Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Prime Minister of Iran as Past Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Iran. See article captioned "FREEMASONRY FLOURISHES IN IRAN' by Dara Jehangir appeared in THE PAKISTAN MASONIC REVIEW, Karachi April 1970 reproduced in Urdu daily JASARAT, Karachi. Pakistan dated 9-4-1979.

Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal tried and found Hoveyda guilty of treason, and political murders, was shot dead on 8-4-1979.


                           ROTARY & FREEMASONRY & POPE


      According to William Carter, author of article ROTARY IS NOT SUCH A SECRET SOCIETY published in DAWN (English) Karachi dated 15-4-1967:


     "The secret society suspicion also comes from that fact that may be 50% of Rotarians are Freemasons. Possibly it was this which put Rotary for years under the displeasure of the Vatican. It was not until 1965 that peace was made. The Pope gave Rotary his blessing and the Rotary gave Pope a check for charities."


                                                                  ROTARY & CIA


    According to Satish Kumar, author of CIA AND THE THIRD WORLD-A STUDY IN CYPTO-DIPLOMACY (Publisher Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 5 Ansari Road New Delhi. 1981 Edition/Page 125) "The CIA listed for this purpose the services of a New York politician and lawyer Gabriel Kaplan. In  1951 Kaplan was sent to Manila to help Col. Lansdale in the task of planning the election campaign of Magsaysay well in advance. Kaplan floated the National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL). Ostensibly this organization was sponsored by various civic groups such as the Rotary Club, the Chambers of Commerce, etc but in reality it was run and funded by the CIA."



                                                FREEMASONRY & ROTARY


King George V who was also a Freemason had presided over Rotary Conference


Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II is a Freemason and Rotarian.


About half of 43 Presidents of USA were Freemasons including  including the following:


1st. George Washington


3rd.Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence

       who in 1792 founded Democratic Party as it is known today

       and was elected President in 1800,


5th.James Monroe


7th.Andrew Jackson


11th James K. Polk


15th. James Buchanan


17th. Jack Johnson


20th. James A. Garfield


23rd. Benjamin Harrison


25th. William Mc. Kinley


26th. Theodore Roosevelt


27th. William Howard Tuft


29th. Warren G. Harding


32nd  Harry Shippe Truman.First President to receive

       33rd.Degree,Friend of Israel.


33rd. Franklin D. Roosevelt


34th. Dwight D. Eisenhower


36th. Lyndon B. Johnson


38th. Gerald Ford


39th. Jimmy Carter


40th. Ronald Reagan


41st. George Bush Sr. CIA Director.


42nd. Bill Clinton


43rd. George W. Bush Jr.


The following Presidents of the USA are/were Freemasons and Lions.


36th. Lyndon B. Johnson


40th.. Ronald Reagan


The following Presidents of the USA are/were Rotarians.


35th. John F. Kennedy


37th. Richard Nixon who was also a Lion.


Mr. Luther H. Hodges, a former President of Rotary was United States Secretary of Commerce and Governor of North Carolina was a Rotarian. Eleven United States Rotarians were invited to advise the United States delegation at the San Francisco Conference where the United Nations Charter was negotiated.


             Prem Nath Bhel Past Master of Lodge Raisina No 3819 E.C., Founder Member and Treasurer of Bharat Mata Masters' Lodge No 6982 E.C. was a keen and zealous Freemason and also a Rotarian. (See Page 88 Indian Masonic Journal February 1953 Printed and published by A.. R. Fallon, Saifabad, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh)


     Major-General Dr. Sir Syed Raza Ali Khan, G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., D.Litt.,LL.D.,the Nawab of Rampur was installed as the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India by the Deputy Grand Master of England. The Consecration meeting took place in the Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. There were three deputations from the Grand Lodges of Scotland, Ireland and England.(See Page 74 of Year Book of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland, Edinburgh 1962)


                                      FREEMASONRY & SPYING & EGYPT


     Mr. A.W. Sansom, a British Intelligence Officer while recounting his experiences in I SPIED ON SPIES acknowledges the debt of gratitude to Freemasonry as follows:


                            "Thanks to the Freemasonry existing among the

                             Sudanese in Cairo. It was not difficult for Zein

                             and Mohammed to penetrate the Egyptian         



     Yaacov Caroz in THE ARAB SECRET SERVICES (Corgi Books published by Transworld Publishers Century House, 61-63 Uxbridge Road, Ealing  London, W.5 has referred to Mr. A.W. Sansom's book I SPIED ON SPIES (Published 1965). Published 1978 Page who also refers to Michael Copeland's books THE GAME OF NATIONS.(about CIA. Published 1969) and

THE REAL SPY WORLD (Published 1974)


    According to Mr. Chaudhry Ghulam Muhammad, the author of THE MIDDLE  EAST CRISIS-It's Past, Present and Future. (See Page:32,44, 58,107.Available from Islamic Book Center 148 Liverpool Road London N1 1LA )


                     "Many officers of the Egyptian army have been members of the Freemason movement. In 1954, Alamo Amada Seahawk, Head of the Jamiatul Ulema of Iraq, telegraphically requested President Nasser of Egypt to cease his membership of Freemasonry. When in 1956, Abdul Karim Qasim seized power he closed down all the Freemason Lodges in Iraq. Scrutiny of the records seized from these lodges revealed that high-ranking military officers and many important political leaders were the members of the Freemason Movement. I had an opportunity to visit one such lodge which is now occupied by Shia'h Ulema and where they have established an educational institution.


        I saw the names of the Masters and other office bearers of the Lodge written on the notice boards. I also saw some photographs and pictures and went through some documents. I was particularly shocked to find the name of an eminent statesman like Fadhil Jamali on one of the boards. 


            Nasser, Abdul Lateef Baghdadi, Field Abdul Karim Amer, SABRI al Assaili, Anwarus Sadaat, Salah Salim. Hina Abu Rasheed, Ali Sabri, Mahmoud Fawzi and others are all members of Freemasonry. (For details see Encyclopaedia Al-Masonia, almusawwirah by Hina Abu Rasheed, Page 317-318, printed in Beirut.)


        Egyptian Air Force Commander in Chief had a Jewish keep, who (was suspected to be a CIA agent-Page 44/107) is believed to be the chief organizer of American spying was the Central Intelligence Agency that befriended Nasser (page 58) (See THE MIDDLE EAST CRISIS-Its Past, Present and Future by Ghulam Muhammad. Pages 32, 44, 58, 10. Available from: Islamic Book Center 148 Liverpool Road London N1 1LA UK.)




     According to Fadhil al-Barak, author of Al-Madaris al-Yahudiyya wa al-Iraniyya fi al-'Iraq (Baghdad, 1984) The same Elders of Zion who had signed the Zionist Protocols in Basle, Switzerland led Freemasonry itself. Freemasonry was the crucial link between the ambitions of the world Zionist leadership, British imperialism and the activities of local Iraqi Jews in the service of this foreign triumvirate. (See Page 17and 135 of REPUBLIC OF FEAR-The Politics of Modern Iraq by Samir al-Khalil 1989 Edition University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, California USA)


                                      FREEMASONRY & TURKEY


Prof. George Haddad writing about his book REVOLUTIONS & MILITRAY RULE IN THE MIDDLE EAST has to say that in it he has mentioned the role of one Freemason and the contacts with Freemason liberals in connection with the Young Turkish movement against Sultan Abdul Hamid.


                                           FREEMASONRY & KASHMIR


     The Maharajah of Jammu & Kashmir who is said to have signed the instrument of accession to India wasa Freemason and in 1947 he was and in 1947, appointed Grand Officer (Craft) as P.J.G.D.(Past Junior Grand Deacon) and P.J.G.W. (Past Junior Grand Warden) under the United Grand Lodge of England. (see this writer's letter published In English DAILY NEWS, Karachi Pakistan dated 28-12-1970)


                                         RUSSIA's  KGB LIONS & ROTARY


     According to John Barron author of KGB-THE SECRET WORK OF SOVIET SECRET AGENTS (publisher Bantam Book Inc. 666 Fifth Avenue New York 10019-1974 Edition. 4th. Printing and Book Section Reader's Digest May 1970 issue ) Soviet spy Kaarlo R. Tuomi was advised by his instructor Aleksei Ivanovitch Galkin of the Soviet intelligence:


                         ' Join clubs such as the Lions or Rotary.         

                           Remember even if a person you meet is not

                           Interesting, he might lead you to someone who is.'




     It is noteworthy that only after the Israeli-Arab War, the name of the District Grand Lodge of Punjab was changed to District Grand Lodge of Pakistan with effect from 14-6-1967.


     A three man party of prominent Freemasons from Scotland accompanied by Mr. Cyrus F. Minwalla, a noted local organizer including Earl of Galloway (Grand Master Mason 1945-1949) Capt. Wilhain and Mr. Black had called on Mr. G. A. Madani , Commissioner of Karachi to acquaint him with the basic principles of Free Masons Movement. (MORNING NEWS, Karachi 11-1-1962.)


     The three gentlemen who received the Order of British Empire (OBE) on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday honors for services to the English community in Pakistan namely Mr. William Spiers Black (of Bliss & Co.)

Mr. Thomas Mc Cready and Mr. Astell Burt. The first two Mr. William Spiers Black (of Bliss & Co.) and Mr. Thomas Mc Cready were Freemasons and belonged to Royal Arch Chapter Concord No 767 at Karachi, Royal Arch Chapter Punjab No 782 at Lahore under the English Constitution.


     Lt. Gen. Sir Ross Cairns Mc. Kay installed as 15th. Grand Master of the Punjab on 23-4-1949 from 1949 to 1953 was Chief of Staff, Pakistan Army, 1948; Chief Military Adviser to the Pakistan Government 1951-53 and prior to that: Area Commander, India, Maj.Gen.1947; Commander Peshawar Area 1947; Lt.Gen.(Acting) 1948; (See Page197,137, District Grand Lodge of Pakistan (1869-1969) by  Rustam Sohrabji Sidhwa.Printed for District Grand Lodge of Pakistan, Lahore by Ferozsons Ltd., Lahore Also author of THE LAHORE HIGH COURT AND ITS PRINCIPAL BAR, retired as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.)


    Dr. Herman Marcus Selzer, 17th. Grand Master from 1961-70 (was Medical Examiner for Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, at Lahore) had to resign on account of his being a Jew (of Polish origin) and opposition to Freemasonry as a Zionist movement, was succeeded by Dr. Roeinton B. F. Khambatta who is Past International Director (1962-64) of Lions International and like Herman Marcus Selzer was Medical Examiner for Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, at Karachi.Dr.Roeinton B. F. Khambatta's photograph appeared alongside that of Zal S. D. Contractor  a Rotarian and Freemason, former Controller of Insurance, Government of Pakistan who was succeeded by A. R. Khalfe, also a Freemason. (See Urdu Daily Jasarat, Karachi Pakistan dated 9-4-1971-in which was also reproduced Summons of Lodge Karachi No 1273 under the Scottish Constitution and List of Members. Mr. Khalfe also held the rank of District Grand Architect.


    Capt. Kabir A. Shaikh, former Principal, Small Industries Institute, Retired Additional Director of Industries was the District Governor of Rotary in Pakistan and a Freemason who held the rank of District Grand Secretary, District Grand Lodge of Pakistan under the English Constitution.


    Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan President of Pakistan was an honorary Rotarian. (See Speeches & Statements Vol III July 1960-1961 Page  67-69).

Ayyub Khan was a freemason, according to Page 89Waqf Ikhlas  Publications No 13 -1992 Edition-CONFESSIONS OF A BRITISH SPY and British Enmity Against Islam by M. Siddik Gumus. Available from Hakikat Kitabevi Darussefaka Cad.No:57/A P.K.35 34262-Fatih ISTANBUL TURKIYE..It also  has a website of Muslim Freemasons.


    General Mohammed Musa , author of FROM JAWAN TO GENERAL who became Governor of West Pakistan, and banned the book JEWISH CONSPIRACY AND THE MUSLIM WORLD by Misbahul Islam Faruqi,according to Muhammad Ozair Siddiqui author of Shamaile Murtaza was a 33rd. Degree Freemason.


    General Musa's photograph appeared with that of Pir Roomi Shah in EVENING STAR,Karachi dated 8-3-1967 Pir Roomi Shah , a Freemason belonged to Lodge Sir Charles Napier No

1064 and Royal Arch Chapter Faith & Charity No at Karachi both under  the Scottish Constitution .


    Rotarians had backed President General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan (See DAWN 11-4-1971)


    President General Muhammad Ziaul Haq was a Rotarian (MORNING NEWS dated        ) sent a message to the Asian Goodwill Congress of Rotary International in New Delhi in 1981 followed by another in 1982, and conferred the Head of State Medal by the International Association of Lions Clubs in recognition of his "unmatched services to the Afghan Refugees and for his support and encouragement of Lionism in Pakistan.


    The last recipient of Head of State was United States President Ronald Reagan. Before that the late President Anwar Sadat of Egypt got the award. (DAWN 14-12-1982).


     Before partition of the Indian sub-continent, as far back as 1933 one of the founders of Rotary Club at Karachi was Sir Jamshed Nusserwanjee, a Theosophist and Freemason.


    Rotary Club expressed its full confidence in President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and offered him the services of the Rotary Club of Karachi and its members jointly and severally for the reconstruction of a better Pakistan.(See the LEADER



     Dr. Roeinton B. F.. Khambatta was President Bhutto's Hon. Physician and Dr. Naseer A. Shaikh, a Rotarian was President Bhutto's Hon. Surgeon (See DAWN 18-6-1973) and Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party's International Coordination Committee set up by Miss. Benazir Bhutto, as Co-Chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party (See DAILY NEWS 21-10-1986) Mr. Pervez Ali who held the post of chief executive and managing director of a multi-national company in Karachi  and the unofficial speech writer of Prime Minister Ms. Bhutto and Rotarian was named by her as Press Assistant (Daily News 13-10-1994). See Mr. Pervez's letter captioned  "We serve" and also author's letter published in Dawn Karachi dated 13-5-1983 and 13-6-1983)                     


    President Bhutto's Special Assistant for Economic Affairs, Mr. Feroz Qaiser was a Lion and Freemason (member of Lodge Karachi No:1273 under the Scottish Constitution)


     Incidentally, it may be mentioned here that Field Marshal Horatio Herbert, 1st. Earl Kitchener of Khartoum was Commander-in-Chief of  India and the 8th. District Grand Master of the Punjab from 1903-1909.He had done much for Freemasonry particularly in Egypt, Sudan & Punjab. He died on 6-6-1916.Kitchener as a Major was officer in command of Egyptian Intelligence Service with General Charles George Gordon and became Secretary of War 1914-16)..


                          FREEMASONRY & LIONS IN PAKISTAN


     Former International President of Lions Edward Barry and Dr. Robert D. Mc Cullough were also Freemasons, the former Scottish and the latter 32nd.Degree. District Grand Master of District Grand Lodge of Pakistan under the Scottish Constitution (SC) was late Mr. Cyrus F. Minwalla owner of  Hotel Metropole that was inaugurated by Shahinshah of Iran. He was also Founder, and First District Governor of Lions International known as Father of Lionism in Pakistan and President Iskander Mirza as Patron of Lionism in Pakistan, both friends of Shahinshah of Iran). The four out of five charter members of Lions International were non-Muslims and Freemasons.


     On Mr. Minwalla's death at Karachi on 31-5-1967, he was succeeded for the first time by Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Sheikh. K.M. Kaiser (decorated with Sitara-I-Pakistan by President Agha

Mohammad Yahya Khan), Pakistan's former High Commissioner to Australia, Ambassador to Sweden, Peoples Republic of China was a Lion and Freemason who later became Secretary General of Bangla Desh Foreign Ministry. Lions code of Ethics lays down "ALWAYS to bear in my mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state and community and to give them my unswerving loyalty in word act and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor and means," and the Flag Invocation at the Installation of Office-Bearers reads: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of our country and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation indivisible unto God with liberty and justice for all."

(See the author's letter LIONIST LOYALTY Morning News, Karachi 20-2-1972)


     What happened to the sanctity of Masonic oaths and obligations and Lion's loyalty to the flag of the country? Are these not an eyewash and a hoax?


     Agha Hilaly, first Deputy Secretary, subsequently promoted to Joint Secretary and Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, High Commissioner Designate to India, High Commissioner to United Kingdom (UK) and Pakistan's Ambassador to United States of America (USA) in place of Mr.G. Ahmad, Ambassador to Sweden concurrently accredited to Norway, Denmark and Finland, member of the Central Board of Directors of State Bank of Pakistan, non official member of the Central Bank for Cooperatives, Islamabad was also a Rotarian (President

For 1954-55 of Karachi Rotary Club) and Freemason.


     K. M. Kaiser, a Lion and Agha Hilaly, a Rotarian, and President Bhutto's Special Assistant for Economic Affairs, Mr.Feroz Qaiser, a Lion as Freemasons belonged to the same Lodge Karachi No:12373 under the Scottish Constitution (See Urdu Daily Jasarat, Karachi dated       Mr. Minwalla's death was condoled by Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola, as District Governor of Lions Club. Mr. Rahimtoola, a former Central Minister and Ambassador (DAWN 25-3-1983) was guest at the meeting of Freemasons Lodge Khan Bahadur B. Rajkotwalla No 2531 under the English Constitution at which oath taking ceremony of Alim Akhtar Shah was held (See Urdu Daily Jang, Karachi dated 16-5-1969.) The name of General Manager  Administration), Karachi Port Trust (KPT) was also Alim Akhtar Shah (which is at Serial No 31 and against it Membership/Register No  603 and address is :12/10-H, Nazimabad No 2, Karachi-38 according to Lodge Summons dated 18-8-1971 and also later became acting Chairman of KPT ) and whose appointment was made when Rear Admiral M. I.Arshad, S.B. a Rotarian was Chairman of Karachi Port Trust .


    The Duke of Kent G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O.,A.D.C. Grand Master and Earl of Cadogan M.C., D.L Pro-Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England were Honorary Members of. Lodge Khan Bahadur B.Rajkotwalla No 2531 under the English Constitution Mr. Minwalla was also Master of Lodge Temperance & Benevolence No: 1233 under the Scottish Constitution of which, according the Lodge Summons dated 15-4-1972, Major Sir Ronald Orr Ewing Bt. D.I.,J.P.(Ex-office,whose address is: Freemasons' Hall Edinburgh-2, Scotland) topped the 77 Member list whose Master was Mirza Aftab-I- Alam Kizilbash and  Immediate Past Master, late Hussanally Abdul Rahman, A.M.Davidson, Immediate Past District Grand Master, District Grand Lodge of Pakistan, Sir Patrick Robert Caddell K.T. C.S.I.E., C.I.E., I.C.S., J.P., Past Depute Grand Master U.S.F.I.C.(United Scottish Freemasonry of India & Ceylon) were the Honorary Members, and Viraf Rustomji Haveliwalla, Honorary Substitute District Grand Master, Honorary Grand Architect (Scot) and District Grand Tyler and Darab F. Sethna, Past Master, District Senior Grand Warden.


    Out of the following 15 (fifteen) Absent Life Members, of Lodge Temperance & Benevolence No: 1233 under the Scottish Constitution of which, according to the Lodge Summons dated (1) 16-4-1969 and (2) 15-4-1972, 11 (eleven) have addresses of USA, 1 (one) of Canada and 1 (one) of the American Embassy at Tehran (Iran) and 2 (two) of American Embassy, Karachi (Pakistan):


Sl.No: Register No: Name /Address Date of R(aising)


1. 228. Col. Harold H.H. Clark USA 20-11-1942

2. 229 Major David Alonzo Brown USA 20-11-1942

3. 230 Major Robert Neville Cooper USA 20-11-1942

4. 236 Major Cornelius Perry USA 6-02-1943

5. 242 Col. James Kenneth Knleusal USA 11-09-1943

           5178 Phantom  Court, Columbia Maryland 21043

6. 252 Major Herbert M. Lapidus USA 12-06-1944

7. 254 Major Ralph Highmiller USA 7-10-1944

8. 361 George David Thomas USA 3-04-1954

           c/o Michel George 4717 N. Hermitage Ave Chicago,   

           Illinois, USA.

9. 417 Willy John Arthur Feuerllein USA 1-02-1958

            2250 N.W. 8th. Ave Gainesville Florida USA

10.429 Delbert Eugene McOsker USA 6-06-1959

            R.A.17,247,894 U.S.ArmyTransportation Terminal Unit  


11.435 George Robert Fisher Canada 3-10-1959

             181, Grosvenor 18 Ave South Hamilton, Ontario,  Canada

12.441 Dewey Hayes McNair USA 7-05-1960

                   1370th. Photo Mapping Wing(Mats)

                    Turner Air Force     Base Georgia USA

13. 375 Joseph James Barry Tehran (Iran) 4-06-1955

              c/o American Embassy, Tehran (Iran)

14. 418 Samuel Bryce Geen Karachi 2-08-1958

              c/o American Embassy, Karachi

15. 440 Robert Charles Findley Karachi 7-05-1960

              MAAG Pak. American Embassy, Karachi


                                RESTRICTIONS ON MILITARY PERSONNEL

                                      RE: FREEMASONS LIONS ROTARY.


     "In March 1966 presumably in the interest of national security, the Pakistan Military authorities issued a directive making it contrary to regulations for any member belonging to the armed forces to attend meetings of organizations such as Freemasonry, Rotary and the Lions Club. This was a great blow to the Fraternity as the District lost as active members a number of very able and zealous brethren. All attempts to have the Government order reviewed failed and the District settled down to the realization that at least for some time it would not have the backing of that section of the community which had always played a leading part in the institution and which in the days of its inception in the Punjab had laid the foundation stone and nursed the Fraternity through difficult times.."


    It is noteworthy that only after the Israeli-Arab War, the name of the District Grand Lodge of Punjab was changed to District Grand Lodge of Pakistan with effect from 14-6-1967.


     Freemasons was declared an unlawful association and dissolved with immediate effect vide Martial Law Regulation No. 56 issued on 6-6-1983 which has been retained under Martial Law Order No. 107 issued on 29-12-1985) by The Chief Martial Law Administrators (Z.A. Bhutto and Gen. Muhammad Ziaul Haq) and it seems on that account the human rights activists and minority organizations at home and abroad are making a demand for the repeal of the  unanimously adopted1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Constitutional  Amendments particularly 2nd. (whereby Qadianis were declared non-Muslims) 3rd.  and 8th. Amendments affecting Freemasons and Qadianis by defining a Muslim and non-Muslim thus deal a fatal blow to the ideological identity of Pakistan so that instead of an Islamic State, it should become a secular state through secular leadership. Consequently not only Pakistan's international role but its defense capabilities also made to suffer.


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Excellent article on the issue of Freemasonry. It has been very well researched. Could you please tell us the current Grand Master of Freemasons in Pakistan and who are the other people who are holding positions of responsibility?

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Mr. Abdul Wahid:

By reading your editorial anyone can make a conclusion that all Muslims especially Pakistanis are fools--Pakistanis do not have brain and they are following whatever 'MASTERS' demands. You missed a very big point that Pakistan leaders are corrupt. Also, you did not recognize the simple fact that the Secular Army is a 'ROOT CAUSE' of all the problems that we are/were facing..


Pakistanis are now facing the same problem of 1971. Sindhis, Mohajirs, Balochis and Paktoons want to have their separate country. Please DO NOT BLAME INDIA for every problem we are facing. Is India telling Pakistan's Secular Army to kill Balochis and Paktoons? Did India tell Pakistani Secular Army to kill Sindhis and Mohajirs? Did India tell the Pakistan federal government

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