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To Pakistan from CIA, Mossad, RAW; to govt from GHQ, CIA

By Zamir Sheikh Submitted 11 hrs 19 mins ago

KARACHI � The troika of spy agencies of US, Israel and India seems to have joined hands and is working covertly through invisible forces not only to destabilise Pakistan but to subvert Pakistan�s nuclear capability, said Barrister Kamal Azfar, a former Governor of Sindh and a confidant of founding Chairperson of PPP, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, in an interview with The Nation here the other day.

Azfar was not shy of naming American CIA, Mossad of Israel and RAW of India which, he alleged were working on a common agenda to undermine the vital national interests of Pakistan. For them Pakistan has become thorn in their flesh and is hurting their regional and international interests.

Kamal Azfar, who recently appeared on behalf of the govt in the NRO case before the SC, said he stood by his statement in the court in which he had stated that the govt feared a threat from the GHQ and CIA. He said he had argued in the Court that there was systematic destabilisation of the govt, and to prove his point, he had maintained before the full bench of the apex court that attacks on GHQ and a number of blasts in Peshawar were beastly acts and a manifestation of destabilisation process.

Mr Azfar, who still vividly recalls the euphoric days of PPP govt under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, recounted how the politicians were sidelined through various announcements such as EBDO during the tenure of first dictator Ayub Khan, who sent the 1956 constitution to the shredding machine and disqualified a number of political goliaths of the country only to harm the democratic process. These are some of the bitter truths of the history, he said. According to him, it was during the long 11 years dictatorial rule of Zia ul Haq that the cancer of Taliban emerged, and Pakistan is now paying a heavy price for that unfortunate phenomenon. Pakistan is already facing a number of security problems and if the American drone attacks were extended to Balochistan, the already brittle security conditions in the country would aggravate to a point of no return, he asserted.
He had a pertinent historical query when he asked why was the first PM Liaquat Ali Khan assassinated and a political stalwart like Hussein Shaheed Suharwardy was banished from politics. Similarly why was PM M Khan Junejo sacked when he was to an official visit on a Far Eastern country, he asked? These historical facts come rushing to one�s mind when one feels that the efforts were being made once again to discredit the political leadership which has come into power through popular vote in a democratic manner.

Responding to a question, Mr Azfar said: The govt respects the judiciary and had already declared that it would accept the decision of the SC. He said today the judiciary is totally and completely free and independent which was not the case in the past. The govt has already, after accepting the SC verdict, declared that the persons affected by the verdict would face the court to seek justice, he added.

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