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Altaf Husain has insulted Quaid e Azam by proclaiming Jinnah as Shia Mujtahid

By: International Professor

Fabrication of Altaf Husain has faced the destiny of premature death and nobody has paid deaf ear to his suspicious absurdities about Quaid e Azam. To make history straight in finding ways to protect integrity of Quaid e Azam and to analyze mockery of Altaf some facts have been collected as under.

For us “Quaid e Azam” is a sacred word, we don’t know any Sunny, Shia, Ismailia or atheist Jinnah. Same as when we express word “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” so we may assume that right from Mujadid Alif Thani and Shah Wliullah to Allama Iqbal every one who shared in struggle for the Muslim’s of Sub-continent would be amused. Both words keep love of motherhood and when someone use word “mother” then it is firm belief that you do not necessitate to ask any further question. Expressions “Quaid e Azam” and “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” answers all political and historical questions. An organized conspiracy was under implementation through media by Liberal Fascists, ex Communists, foreign funded NGO’s and foreign agents were mobilized to make “Quaid e Azam”, an ordinary man “Jinnah”.

Unfortunately such conspiracy is in development since long and many factions are trying to get control on Government for implementation of their agenda’s by using name of Jinnah.

In this democratic and republic Pakistan we have constitution and 1973’s constitution was most acceptable document started from Communists to Islamists. Musharraf propagated his polluted doctrine having a blend of Fascism and Nudity with the help of political orphans and Liberal fascists. Some Characterless secularists, ex Communists, atheists and fake Sufi’s were used to create an environment to attack on the basic philosophy of creation of Pakistan. Americans were harassed and fear of fake gigantic monster was created. All those neo-liberals and neo-Nazi’s used a new term “Jinnah’s Pakistan” or “Jinnah’s Ideology” to bash “Quaid e Azam” and “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. So media abandoned Quaid e Azam and a sectarian, controversial and atheist Jinnah was manufactured.

Altaf Husain has left no chance to convert Pakistan in a battle ground of hate and terrorism being real spiritual son of Satanic Mush.

Quaid e Azam’s life history tainted by “Axis of Evil”:   

a.   Altaf Husain is a known convict by courts and still wanted for dozens of crimes against state and humanity.

b.   M H Isfahani and his descendents, the polluted Iranian Shia’s took advantage of lucrative posts and made billions by sucking Pakistan. Take hold of London, Washington, Switzerland etc embassies. They sucked P I A without any accountability and hindrance for years and after fall of East Pakistan their all businesses remained intact with the Indian and American patch up.

c.   Raja Mahmoodabad was a polluted minds sectarian Shia. He left his all assets intact in India, his whole family still resides and holds of properties, migrated and a billion dollar property at Clifton Karachi was given to him. When Quaid e Azam kicked him out on his venomous Shia ideas, he left for London and when died he was buried at Iran.

The absurdity of Altaf Husain based on turn around lies and fabrications of M H Isfahani, who said that Quaid told him in “1936” that he had converted to Shia in “1898” (Funny: after 38 years of so called religious conversion). While he took another “15 years” after death of Quaid e Azam to seep out his fabricated story.

1.   Isfahani lied that Quaid told him about change of religion from Ismailia to Shia.

2.   He also lied that a secret funeral prayer was held in the bath room headed by himself and another second person Ghussal (who gave funeral bath).

3.   He kept this story secret for almost 25 years and nobody believed him when he told his invention.

4.   Character of Isfahani being a Kizzab (liar) could be measured by the deception that he gifted his house for Pakistan embassy at London, whereas he had received money against transfer of house, which was not gifted.

5.   His love for Pakistan can be measured that today Isfahani’s are largest capitalist of Bangla Desh. There are dozens of evidences that he had no love for Pakistan and glued to Quaid for sucking all type of advantage for his business like leech.

Historical look on the life of the Quaid e Azam:

Fake story that Quaid e Azam abandoned Ismaili (Agha Khani) religion and converted to Shia in 1898 has no basis, because another story tells that he converted to Sunni in 1901 and married his sister in Sunni family.

1.   However he changed his name in 1894 by dropping the 'bhai' from his surname.

2.   Quaid’s political education starts from assisting Dadabhai Noorji, a Parsi. He was influenced to join politics by Sir Agha Khan. Quaid never ever disclosed him that he is no more Ismailia at any stage.

3.   Quaid’s marriage with Ruttibai was held in Bombay, in this connection Isfahani again lied that a Shia Moulvi offered Nikkah Sermons. Whereas according to history elder brother of Shah Ahmad Noorani performed Nikkah in a Mosque.

4.   Isfahani again proved to degrade personalities of Quaid and his family and according to him not only Quaid but Fatima Jinnah were also committing pious fraud with the nation by observing Taqqia (Shia’s holy lie) in making fool to Muslims of Sub-continent, and a secret funeral of Ms Fatima Jinnah in 1967 was arranged by Isfahani, and in both cases a Deobandi Moulvi was used for Public funeral.

Don’t go away there is three more Shia characters, Quaid asked a Bengal based Journalist Mr. Altaf Husain to set up a newspaper at Karachi and advised Yousuf Haroon to help him but afterwards Haroon’s occupied the entire “Dawn” newspaper and put image of Quaid on the front page, later on that basis “Haroon family” sucked all type of political and financial benefits.                                                                                     Second character was “Hashim Raza” who distributed lands on sectarian grounds to Shia’s in Karachi, his brother “Kazim Raza” was IG and on the day when Indian army entered Dhaka, he was Commissioner of Dhaka appointed by Yahya Khan (while Yahya’s brother was heading IB). During the period of fall of Dhaka all top posts were under control of Shia’s, in conspiracy against Pakistan such as Gen Yahya, Bhutto, Hashim Raza and Agha Hilali (Pakistan’s ambassador at Washington) and dozens of other Shia officials. The third character was Aftab Hatim Alvi.                                      According to Isfahani theories above three persons did not allow and let enter any one in bathroom where that so called Shia bath and funeral prayers were taking place. Whether Prime Minister of Pakistan “Liaqat Ali Khan was so helpless or immature “who remained in dark or he was not at all aware of so called Shia funeral prayer and conspiracy. According to Isfahani he was stop forcefully and his entry was barred, while he helplessly kept standing outside bolted door. Laugh on this story of Isfahani.

Here one thing is significant that Shia commit a shameful exercise with their dead during funeral bath. Ask Altaf Husain about the difference between Muslim funeral bath and Shia funeral bath?

What a non-sense story has been floated by “Shia Propagandists” against Quaid e Azam, we can sadly smile on it.

Some other references to have a look on life of Quaid e Azam:

1.   Stanley Wolpert’s biography, according to passing reference to Jinnah’s dietary likings, Gen. Zia banned the book in Pakistan.          He further wrote that Quaid called Dobandi and Sunni factions for support, even Sufi’s of Punjab were also contacted.                                                                   (Battle for Pakistan’s soul By Irfan Husain Dawn 25-06-2005)


2.    Quaid met Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani when Mr. Gandhi criticized him that “what kind of Muslim he is who doesn’t know Kalma”.   Allama didn’t only teach him Kalma but also provided him with detailed and unbiased concepts of Islam. (Allama Usmani taught him Muslim Kalma and Quaid does not insist on Shia Kalma).              (


3.   Another Shia Molvi also claimed: Quote:”by a very learned Shia gentleman that when Jinnah died two funerals were held: a private family funeral according to Ithna Ashari Shia rites led by Mufti Jaffar Hussain”unquote. (Ishtiaq Ahmad – Daily Times April 05, 2005).                                             (So now another Shia Moulvi has dropped from the sky that shows bundle of lies by Shia propagandists about Quaid).

4.   Sufi Jinnah: Other stories, most certainly wholly apocryphal, suggest that Jinnah converted to Sunni and was initiated into the Qadriya Sufi order and was often seen offering Tahajud prayers late at night. Remember Yousuf Raza Gailani also claimed in Parliament that a Qadri Pir converted the ancestors of Quaid Azam to the Islam; his statement is on records of Parliament.                                                                                   So no one questioned him either Quaid was a born Ismaili or Gilani’s ancestors were also Ismaili? Here another interesting factor arise that during Gilani’s visit to Iran, he went to visit a shrine of his so called ancestral head and according to Wikipedia that person was Ismailia. Interestingly Wikipedia also referred a story that is saying that Quiad’s ancestors were converted to Islam by a Sunni saint.

5.   Article “The Curse of Sectarianism – Qazi Faez Isa wrote: “Mohammad Ali Jinnah never professed adherence to any divisive sect. When matters of his estate came to be considered before the Sindh High Court, it was declared that our leader was simply a Muslim.


6.   Akbar S Ahmad in his renowned book says Quote: “Although born into a Khoja (from khwaja or 'noble') family who were disciples of the Ismaili Aga Khan, Jinnah moved towards the Sunni sect early in life. There is evidence later, given by his relatives and associates in court, to establish that he was firmly a Sunni Muslim by the end of his life (Merchant 1990).

Liaquat Merchant narrates that 'I said, "Miss Jinnah even you are born a Shia." To this she remarked, "I am not a Shia, I am not a Sunni, I am a Mussalman." She also added that the Prophet of Islam has given us Muslim Religion and not Sectarian Religion' (Merchant 1990: 165).” Unquote.

(Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity - The Search for Saladin - By AKBAR S. AHMED- Routledge)

7.   Khaled Akhtar, a Communist, has evidence that the Quaid-e-Azam converted and became a Sunni.  

A look on family of Quaid e Azam:

Just by providing some family details of Quaid would give an idea of his family to encourage peoples for further research.

The immediate members of family of Quaid e Azam were Sister “Fatima”, wife “Ruttie” and daughter “Dina”. However according to Merchant that Quaid's father were “Jina Poonja” and his (Quaid's) uncles were “Walji Poonja” and “Nathoo Poonja”.                                                               Only Walji Poonja’s son is alive and lives in Khaaradar,” he said. Talking about Quaid's sisters, Merchant said that Jinnah had four sisters, including “Rehmat bai”, “Mariam bai”, “Ahmed Shirinbai” and Fatima Jinnah.
Nasli Wadia, the son of Quaid’s daughter Dina Wadia still lives in Mumbai with his two sons Jay Wadia and Ness Wadia.                                 Merchant, 68, is the grandchild of Quaid's sister Mariam Bai and his last name comes from the fact that his father, Habib Hussain, was a businessman in Mumbai. Merchant was also awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his outstanding public services for the education and health sectors in the country during Musharraf’s regime. Merchant is a reputed lawyer in Karachi and his daughter Fouzia and son Akbar are also lawyers, which is now sort of a family profession. His other daughter, Faiza, is a teacher.


Why Quaid was called Kafir? The reason behind such claim:

Quote: “For the founder of the nation -- the Islamic Republic of Pakistan -- to have married a Parsee appears inexplicable to most Pakistanis. Jinnah's orthodox critics taunted him, composing verses about him marrying a kafirah, a female infidel (Khairi 1995: 468; see also G. H. Khan 1993: 77): 'He gave up Islam for the sake of a Kafirah / Is he the Quaid-i-Azam [great leader] or the Kafir-i-Azam [great kafir]?'                                              Dina is seen by many as the daughter who deserted her father by marrying a Christian. Because she did not go to live in Pakistan Dina is regarded as 'disloyal'. Pakistanis have blotted out Ruttie and Dina from their cultural and historical consciousness.                                                                     Thus Professor Sharif al Mujahid, a conscientious and sympathetic biographer and former director of the Quaid-i-Azam Academy in Karachi, does not mention either woman in his 806-page volume (1981). Nor did the archives, pictorial exhibitions and official publications contain more than the odd picture of the two. Someone appears to have been busy eliminating their photographs”. Unquote                                                            (Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity - The Search for Saladin - By AKBAR S. AHMED – Routledge)

Shia’s were against creation of Pakistan as well:

Refer Shia Moulvi Zaheer Ali and Jinnah’s correspondence in July1944. Quote: “Moreover, it is to be noted that the Council of Action of the All-Parties Shia Conference passed a resolution on 25 December 1945 rejecting the idea of Pakistan”. Unquote                                                               The fundamentalist dimension in the Pakistan Movement –Ishtiaq Ahmad  (

Shia’s opposed formation of Pakista and 1945-46 elections:

Those days were very crucial for Muslims of Subcontinent, in the elections and not only All Shia political Party but also Shia Board pitched their candidates against Muslim League by rejecting idea of Pakistan, a few examples, such as:

Bombay:Elections on 02 seats: Shia Political Party pitched Husain Bhai against Quaid e Azam. And on another seat Shia Political Party also pitched their candidate against Seth Jafer of Muslim League.                                                                          UP Elections: M A Kazmi was pitched against Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan.

Shia political parties opposed Muslim League by tooth and nail while contesting with the names of “Momin Party, Syed Group, Shia Political Party, Shia Board and as some Independents” etc.                                     Moreover 99% Shia feudal did not move to Pakistan and their assets are safe in India.

Shia’s population in Subcontinent: 1921 Census Report Govt of India

1921: Muslim Population of Subcontinent: 71,005,000 persons (71.005 m)

1921: Shia Population of Subcontinent: 7, 28,008 persons (000.728 million)

1921: Total Population of Subcontinent: 30, 57, 26,000 persons (305.726 million)

Breakup of Provincial Shia’s Population: 1921 Census of Govt. of India.

Total Baluchistan= 3739 Shia’s, Total NWFP = 80, 200 Shia’s.                Total Punjab and Delhi = 2, 59,351 Shia’s,                                            Total Bombay & Sindh = 1, 44, 427 Shia’s                                              Total UP: 1, 71,523 Shia’s (1911 Census)                                              Total Aasam: 434 Shia’s, Total Bengal: 2580 Shia’s                                Total CP Brar: 11,640 Shia’s, Total Madras: 54,114 Shia’s                    Grand Total: 7, 28,008 Shia’s (as shown above in total Shia population of Subcontinent)

Pakistan’s High Court’s Bench declared Quaid a “Sunny”:

Quaid e Azam’s sister Shirin Bai claimed her property under the Shia law. But her Claim was contested in 1970 by Hussain Ali Ganji Walji in the high court. He maintained that both Jinnah and his sister were Sunnis and hence the property be disposed of in accordance with the Sunni inheritance law.

Sharifuddin Pirzada, who appeared as a witness in the case, said that in 1901, Jinnah broke from the Ismaili Shia faith and became a Sunni when his sisters married to Sunnis. This may have been a result of the disapprobation expressed by the Ismailia community.

In December 1976, the court rejected Ganji Walji's plea against Shirin Bai's claim on Fatima's property under the Shia law.

A high court bench reversed this verdict in December 1984. Now the court maintained that ''while the Quaid (Jinnah) was definitely not a Shia, the issue whether Fatima Jinnah was a Shia or not was also now open to for further inquiry''. This suggested that Jinnah was a Sunni.

Now Altaf Husain and his Shia clapping Moulvi’s are invited to go to Supreme Courts, it is now almost 28 years no any “Mai ka Lal Shia” had courage to challenge High Court’s decision in Supreme Courts.     


Unfortunately Altaf Husain has used cheap tactic to gain political advantage, everyone keep in mind his criminal back ground and sermons against Pakistan in India, burning of Pakistan flag etc. And only those sectarian minded Shia Mullah’s are around him that are involved in pushing Pakistan to the hell of sectarianism.

My article is not against Shia community, if any one claims that Quaid was secular and shows an image of sitting with dogs does not prove their claim that image of Quaid with dogs was a symbol of secularity or atheism. In the same way if we are sincere so we should not have dragged persona of Quaid in such conflicts.

Yes! Quaid had a photo with dogs, yes! Deobandi Jamiat Ulma e Hind and Ahrar party opposed creation of Pakistan because those were representing a large segment of Muslims society and that was also a cause of setback to separate Muslim Idea.

In the same way All Shia Political Parties had same significance for Shia society but Shia’s were in minority, their opposition was not as significant as Deobandi’s might have. Moreover Shia’s had misconception that why Shia’s may create Sunni majority country.                                                 Moreover Brelvi political parties of same significance also opposed creation of Pakistan such as Muslim Majlis and Sunni Board etc.

It does not mean all Deobandi’s, Shia’s or Brelvi’s were against creation of Pakistan. In the same way the Unionists Party of Punjab opposed Muslim League that also had many feudal Shia’s. Moreover Khudai Khidmatgar of Bacha Khan opposed Muslim League those have many Deobandi’s as well.

The representation of Shia population’s statistics have no sectarian motive, I just want to tell patriot Shia’s that their claim of 20% population is baseless, even Shia’s are not more than 5% in Pakistan. Pakistan is a blessings for Shia’s, today Pakistan’s President, ex Prime Minister Gilani, Speaker National Assembly, Chairman Senate, Deputy Chairman Senate, second most top General of ISI, 40 % Ministers and there is a long list of Shia’s on key posts shows how Pakistan is a blessing for them. Pakistan’s major media groups are known Shia, 70% major anchors as well mostly Shia’s.

Peoples of Pakistan at the time of voting never vote keeping sectarianism in their minds, otherwise it was not possible that a large number of Shia Parliamentarian may succeed in elections?

Shia’s must condemn Altaf Husain because he is dragging a paradise under the feet of Shia’s. Think either Quaid was Shia, Sunni, Secular or Atheist does not bother me, because he is “Quaid e Azam” for me. Today you are clapping on a statement of a criminal whether that will not create sectarian hate and rift, so reaction could be severe and remember Pakistan cannot become an Iran for you in any case. It would be foolish idea in same way if any one may claim to convert Iran as Sunni state.

It is requested that all Pakistani’s must condemn Altaf Husain and do not let him divide Pakistan on sectarian and ethnic basis.                                    Do not let Quaid e Azam to be called as Jinnah, let the Jinnah be Quaid e Azam. Not Sunni, Not Shia or Not atheist Quaid e Azam.

Some bomb references have not been included because those contain some sectarian nature discussions and that could cause heart burning and reason for hue and cry. Unfortunately Altaf Husain proved enemy of Pakistan who is fighting bloody long ethnic carnage is looking for another way to provoke sectarian war in the country.                                                                  So Shia’s must be aware of conspiracy otherwise like Mohajir’s, Shia’s would also suffer badly. Remember Shia feudal, Pir’s and Makhdoom’s have no courage to even pray in any Shia Mosque.

 Reply:   Quaid e Azam Ka Maslak - Prof. Safdar Mahmood
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (1/Sep/2012)

Quaid e Azam ka Maslak: Prof Safdar Mahmood

A reply to Altaf Husian's sectarian war on Pakistan from London


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