"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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The Evil that men do goes on and on. What goes around comes around

On 15 April 2007 the Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Mr Altaf Hussain called the threat of 'Kalashnikov Sharia' of Islamabad's Lal Masjid clerics and asserted that Islam did not allow enforcement of Sharia by force and Pakistan had not been created to be turned into a theological state. Very True.

But how would Mr. Altaf Hussain and MQM justify the following:

If you would follow the MQM's history you would see that
MQM gained power during the days of General Zia ul Haq. I am chronologically giving the speeches of MQM's Founder Mr. Altaf Hussain to carefully read the dates of his speeches were the days of General Zia, even the date of birth of MQM was in the year 1978 {First year after General Zia ul Haq imposed the Martial Law}. In those days General Zia and his Military goons only allowed the Jamat-e-Islami to do
politics and no other political party was allowed any political activities. So how it can be possible that Zia had no knowledge of MQM was coming into being.

MQM's first-ever public meeting at Karachi's Nishtar park on August 8, 1986 , was marked by heavy aerial firing from the; pistols and rifles which the party activists were carrying on them. On that day, windowpanes of a traffic police kiosk opposite Quaid-e-Azam's mausoleum were broken, and stones were pelted on petrol pump near Gurumandir.
Addressing the rally, Altaf Hussain said: "Karachi is no more mini-Pakistan. We will accept help no matter where it comes from, from east or west, north or south" (dailies Jang, Jasarat and other newspapers of August 9, 1986).

Two months later
, on October 25, 1986, while   addressing a press conference at Hyderabad Press Club, Altaf Hussain told the Mohajir youth to "collect arms. If our rights are not given to us, we will use every kind of force". On October 31, while addressing a public meeting at Hyderabad's Pakka Qila, he said: "At first we fought for freedom. Now that we have freedom, we are searching for a country" (daily Amn, Nov 1,1986).

Riots spread to Hyderabad where seven persons were shot dead in two days. Curfew was clamped in both cities to contain violence, and Altaf Hussain alongwith ten others was arrested by he police on November 2 for attempt to murder and rioting. Nine other MQM activists were also taken into custody and firearms recovered from their possession, whereas 63 persons from other parties to the rioting were arrested from Sohrab Goth area. On November 3, ten persons were killed in hand-grenade attacks in Orangi Town area while six others died in street trouble,
brining the week's death toll in Karachi to 52.

On November 18, armed MQM activists fired in the air to disrupt a cricket match in Hyderabad's Niaz Stadium. On November 21, at the end of a one-day cricket match between Pakistan and West Indies, armed MQM activists blocked all roads leading to Karachi's National Stadium. 30 persons received bullet wounds in indiscriminate firing in the Liaquatabad. Teen Hatti,   Gulbahar, Orangi, Sabzi Mandi, Nazimabad and other  areas of the city. A bank was burnt in Liaquatabad,
while a bus was put on fire on Shahrah-e-Quaideen. One November 22, three buses and an oil tanker were burnt in Landhi, while a branch of the National Bank was ransacked and torched in Liaquatabad.

Another government bus and a minibus were burnt in Malir and Old Numaish, and several buses were pelted with stones on November 23. On November 24, 11 vehicles were burnt down in New Karachi, Federal B' Area, Paposhnagar, Gulbahar and Nasirabad. On November 28, armed clashes between MQM activists and the police took place in Hyderabad during which five bank
branches were damaged and one bus put on fire.

MQM announced a strike in Karachi
on December 9 and asked its followers to remain peaceful. The 'peaceful' strike led to the burning of 11 vehicles and seven bank branches. One youngster was killed, and nearly 40 wounded in indiscriminate firing. Demonstrators pelted stones on the police and a bomb was blasted near Liaquatabad police station. The police became helpless
against protesters" (daily Amn).
On December 14, MQM's secretary general Dr Imran Farooq stated that the situation could be brought under control only if Altaf Hussain and his companions were freed.

That night, 50 persons lost lives during ghastly manslaughter in Orangi Town . The army was called in and curfew clamped. According to newspapers, the entire Ghetto Township had passed into the hands of a group of klashnikov-weilding youngsters. 70 more persons were killed on December 15.

According to available statistics,
as many as 173 persons were sacrificed on the alter of MQM struggle for rights, while 10 banks, 75 vehicles 24 houses and 20 shops were burnt during the last 153 days of 1986. The battle for Karachi's so-called rights had begun. On December 20, MQM Chairman Azim Ahmad Tariq demanded justice for Mohajirs, and advised President Zia-ul Haq to issue arms licenses to Mohajirs. After this, we will neither invite the police or the administration to defend us, nor criticize the government on this score" (daily Jang Karachi).


With the onset of 1987, lawlessness in Karachi caused curfew for a record number of days. This was also the year when MQM's anti-press traits began to shape up. The coming days were to expose some of the most fundamental contradictions inherent in the party's structure and philosophy.

It was
on January 31, when Altaf Hussain made the first most controversial public statement of his career. Addressing a series of welcome receptions in Liaquatabad on that day, he told his audience. "Mohajirs will have no god use for their VCRs, color televisions and other luxuries because these things cannot defend us. They will have to arrange for their own security" (daily Jang, Feb 1, 1987).

On February 1, in the central committee meeting of Awami National Party at Lahore that was presided by Khan Abdul Wali Khan, a resolution was passed stating that Sindh's Mohajirs were a part of the larger Sindhi nationality, and that there was no such thing as a Mohajir nationality. ANP was later to become one of MQM's most trusted allies in national politics.

On February 19, Altaf Hussain addressed another rally at Burns Road in Karachi. As the party activists started shooting their guns in the air, Altaf Hussain stopped them, saying "save your ammunition". The audience raised hands to give Altaf the permission to meet anyone, including G.M. Syed. During his address, Altaf said that Sindh could not bear any more population. "There are also Lahore and Faisalabad in the way. These too are Pakistani cities".

On February 20 and 21, 16 persons were wounded and one Suzuki van, four motorbikes and a KTC bus were put on fire during rioting in Liaquatabad, Shershah, Federal B' Area and Sabzi Mandi. Young boys in Liaquatabad pelted stones at the police the whole day.

On April 5, at the book launching ceremony of Shakil Ahmad Zia, Altaf made a hard hitting speech against Punjab, the Punjabis and the army. "You used force, and the result was that the country broke into two History offers no example of such a large number of troops laying down arms. For those who want to send us back to India, let me say that we will not go alone.
The whole Pakistan will go to India". During the same address he issued his first threat to the press. One newspaper is becoming a party against Mohajirs. It should take warning" (daily Amn. April 6, 1987).

On May 21, a young man was killed when riots broke out in Malir and Khokhrapar in protest over the arrest of some MQM workers. Six vehicles were also burnt in the area.

In an interview with daily Nawa-e-Waqt's Irashad Ahmad Arif, published
on May 25, 1987, Altaf Hussain said: "Urdu language is Punjab's problem, not ours. We have never demanded that it should be made the national language".

On June 11, while addressing the foundation day celebrations of All-Pakistan Mohajir Students
Organisation (APMSO), he demanded that Mohajirs be issued with arms licenses. He said the religious parties did nothing for the Mohajir Shaheeds
but when a Punjabi died everyone from top issued statements of condemnation to bottom. He also said that anyone who met the Muslim Leaguers or was hand in glove with the government ministers had no place in MQM ranks (dailyAmn, June 12, 1987).

On June 21, MQM chairman, Azim Ahmad Tariq, stated that the anti-Mohajir policy of daily Jang would be fully resisted .
He announced Jang's boycott, and asked people not to read it. The same evening, dozen-armed persons attacked Jang's bureau in Hyderabad and put the premises on fire.

From July 22 to August 30, clashes between MQM and a rival group called Punjabi-Pukhtoon Ittehad (PPI) caused the death of 22 persons, while 300 were wounded. Five policemen also died in riots, while 38 were wounded. Seven KTC buses and a local train also became targets of terrorism. Clashes between the two rival groups had first broken out in April, but arrests on both sides had caused the trouble to temporarily subside.

On August 4
, during an address to MQM's general workers' meeting, Altaf Hussain said that the days of the power of the army and the police were numbered. These forces have been bullying us in our airfields, police stations, neighborhoods and streets. They have put the entire Pakistan in their pockets". He further said on August 14, MQM would announce that mini-Pakistan is not Karachi, but Lahore. "Throw open the gates of Lahore to Afghan refugees on that day, and let them do what they please" (daily Amn, August 5, 1987).

On August 9, the campaign to collect sacrificial hides began in Karachi and Azim Tariq, in a statement, alleged that the Jamaat workers robbed MQM volunteers of their hides at gunpoint. He condemned this act, and issued a warning to Jamaat. On August 21, Altaf Hussain told a meeting at New Karachi that the problems could no longer be solved without rendering sacrifices, and asked people willing to make sacrifices to give their names.
Addressing the Mohajir police trainees, he said that if they are forced to quit their job, they should break the legs of their
instructor. A time will come when our people will be sitting in police stations he said.

On August 26, bloody-armed clashes between two groups in Shah Faisal Colony led to the death of nine persons. 80 persons were injured. Eight platoons of police, riding in 32 mobile vans, were present at the scene but could not bring hostilities to an end. Riots also broke out in Hyderabad on August 27. Curfew was clamped which continued unbroken for twelve days, until 4 p.m. on September 7. On August 28, chairman Jiye Sindh Mahaz (JSM), Abdul Wahid Aresar, expressed
support for the "suppressed" Mohajirs, saying that the army, the police and Punjabi settlers had attacked the Mohajirs as if they were a conquered people (daily Amn, August 29, 1987).

On October 31, MQM announced a strike to commemorate last year's killings at Sohrab Goth. During the strike, indiscriminate firing led to the killing of two persons. 85 others were injured while six vehicles, seven shopsand two banks were put on fire. A telephone exchange was burnt in Orangi. Three women, a girl and a man were injured in roadside firing in Liaquatabad and a petrol bomb in Pak Colony injured two police constables. Riots in Kotri and Hyderabad resulted in injuries to DSP and SSP Hyderabad, while offices of the Muslim League and Wapda, a post office, an office of social security, four bank branches and 17 vehicles were set on fire.


Rioting, arson and murder continued into January 1998, ten months before the restoration of democracy in the country. On January 10, stabbing incidents and acts of terrorism in Golimar, Liaquatabad, New Karachi Shah Faisal Colony, Banaras, tin Hatti, Chand Bibi Road and
Rizvia Society led to the killing of five persons, and the injuring of several pedestrians including three journalists. 13 vehicles were also set on fire. The army was called in to control the situation. On January 18, four persons were killed in bloody clashes between MQM and PPI activists. Moreover, 37 houses and shops of the area were put on fire in petrol bomb attacks. Curfew was clamped to disengage the warring factions.

Nine persons were killed and 60 hurt in riots that engulfed Nazimabad, Liaquatabad and Sohrab Goth on February 4. The property put on fire included 28 houses, several shops, two factories, a petrol pump and several vehicles. Six more people were killed, and two vehicles burnt, in Liaquatabad, Pak Colony and Gulbahar areas on February 8. Curfew continued in different areas of the city. In a statement on February 21,
Altaf Hussain said that Jamaat-e-Islami was another name for the drug mafia and the police. He called Jamaat's Prof. Ghafoor a liar, and accused him of towing Jamaat's "traditional" policy of hypocrisy (daily Amn, Feb 22, 1988).

On March 1, the driver of an oil tanker lost control when he came under attack of rioters in Liaquatabad, the vehicle breaking into a house and killing four inmates. This incident was followed by violent protest in which rioters injured 12 policemen including SDM and DSP Liaquatabad. Nine police vans, a minibus and an autorickshaw were damaged. Four more vehicles were put on fire. On March 3, curfew was clamped in Liaquatabad to prevent further trouble. On March 13, in his address to the Karachi bar, Altaf Hussain advised Punjabis and Pukhtoons to go back to their own provinces and demand jobs from their governments.

On April 30, an accident between a motorbike and a Suzuki van led to incidents of stabbing and firing in Orangi in which four persons were killed. 10 injured a bank branch and several shops burnt. The trouble spread, and by May 9, 31persons had fallen to death in factional fights in Orangi, Nishtar Road, Lighthouse, Pak Colony, Khwaja Ajmer Nagri, Nazimabad and

On May 11, the incidents of stabbing rickshaw drivers in the curfew hit areas started. Six rickshaw drivers were seriously injured. On May 23, MQM activists hiding in Jutland Lines and Shah Faisal colony started attacking policemen and magistrates in order to harass

On June 18, riots broke out in Hyderabad in which six persons died and 12 vehicles were destroyed. Two more persons died on the following day inspite of the imposition of curfew.

July 17, in the riots following attack on Mayor Hyderabad. Aftab Shaikh, eight persons were killed and much damage done to property. The bodies of the victims were sent to Sindh interior. On July 21, women activists of MQM stormed the Latifabad police Station and freed 18 arrested persons.
G.M. Syed told newsmen on July 22 that both the government and Altaf Hussain were responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation. Altaf Hussain had become arrogant,inflated, he said. On the following day, Altaf Hussain called on Syed at Haider Manzil and the two leaders made and remove misunderstandings.

As per Amnesty International Report {1996}:

The earliest political organization of Mohajirs, the All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organization (APMSO) founded in 1978 by Altaf Hussain, evolved into the MQM in 1984. Ethnic and religious divisions in Sindh were exacerbated during the years General Zia-ul Haq was in
office (1977 to 1988, of these 1977 to 1985 under martial law) as he used them to suppress and divide democratic opposition to his rule.
Ethnic strife between Mohajir and Sindhis who had initially jointly opposed the influx of Punjabis and Pathans into Sindh, rapidly increased in Karachi and Hyderabad from the mid-1980s. The MQM, led by Altaf Hussain, meanwhile
consolidated its hold on the Mohajir community.
 In November 1987, the MQM won local body elections in Karachi, Hyderabad and other urban centres in Sindh.
Mir Mazhar Magsi mmamagsi@yahoo. com
 Reply:   nice words arsalanscript src=
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (7/May/2007)
why dont u start some thing else.
you can start new topics, qatra qatra duriyaa buntaa hay, may be in the start anti-MQM people visited more now may be others can put some balance.
i will appreciate if you start some new articles/voices as well.
but most of the articles which are against MQM have facts sheets attached as well, but u put very strong Q and point above all of us. you are right, when they caught all media give coverage but when they released nothing happens, yes you are right, media should be neutral as well.
thank you once again
 Reply:   Arsalan//shyg
Replied by(arsalannice) Replied on (7/May/2007)
constructive critisism!
i m sure if u see the topics in politics section.u find majority of dem related to ALtaf hussain and Mqm! dey all are not praising MQm.they are critisesing .see  i m not a activist of mqm but i know many of dem.u know wat happen today.High court has released the guys who are blamed to planed a bomb blast in (imam bargah ali raza).if u remember~! when our agencies and police cought dem.they showed media every thing.they found xplosive  and the vdo of suicede attcker as well..but wat happen, they are realeased means they did nothing.

same thing happen in the case of Hakeem saeed.police and agencies cought more den 9 or 10 activist of mqm including boy who is just 16 years old.they charged on those activist of mqm also. who were already in these guys released and won their cases.that was a time when mqm had not formed his u cant say dat how they get off from jail!

if u know about Hakeem saeed .he supported mqm and  was against da  operation against that was all done by agencies.!

i dont say dat dont critisise! but it should be constructive!

and if their activist do ne thing wrong.then i discuss it as well.

i request ppl to speak on facts.

u guys should speak..why is their so much loadshading in sindh and specially in khi..although they are ruling their.?

 Reply:   and what they are doing now, t
Replied by(Ghost) Replied on (5/May/2007)
from killing and robbing, yes now in assembly due to them middle calss robbers are as well.
and this site is not for making hatred agaisnt miuhajir as i am muhajir myself.
this is open site, where any one can express his views, on the same site u can find a topic isloation where MQM activist prove there point and there is another topic as well, regarding whoo killed hakim saeed and photos of killer of hakim saeed.
but if ppl of MQM have such a small heart tht they cant listen criticism then i canat say anything else.
 Reply:   Arsalan//shyg
Replied by(arsalannice) Replied on (5/May/2007)
making Pak better!

the name of da site..make Pakistan better..

i dont understand the policy of u guys..u wana make pak better???

how ??by creating hateness among muhajirss and rest of the nation..

i dont know wat altaf hussain thinks abt punjabi,pakhtoon etc,..but i know one thing..he is bringing da ppl in assembly  who belong from middle class family...and i m 100 % sure..dat u guys r trying to  create Tasub ,,,nothying else..u cant make Pak better in  this way..khi generates 69 % revenue of whole Pak..and this party rules in khi and we have to keep dem in every thing every decision/./.its not a rite time..k wat they said in past..or wat their guys done in Past.


 Reply:   کاشف بھائی، یہ بھی ایک حقیقت ھے ج&
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (26/Apr/2007)

آج تک باقی تمام لسانی جماعتون کے بارے مین کسی نے بات نھین کی، لیکن ھم تو کر سکتے ھین، لیکن مجھے نھین لگتا کے زیادہ مواد ملے گا، لیکن مواد نا ملنے کا یہ مطلب نھین کہ وہ دودھ کے دھلے ھین۔ ھان یہ سوچنے کی بات ضرور ھے۔ آپ نے بڑا نقطہ اٹھایا ھے، آئیے ھم مل کر باقی جماعتون کو بے نقاب کرین۔ یہ سائیٹ سب پاکستانیون کیلئے برابر ھے۔
 Reply:   اختلاف برائے تصیح ھو تو اچھی بات &
Replied by(kashfi80) Replied on (26/Apr/2007)

آپ صحیح کہ رھے ھو کہ مجھے مہاجر کا لفظ استعمال نہیں کرنا چاھئے تھا میرے والدین نے پاکستان کے علاوہ کسی اور لفظ کو استعمال کرنے سے منع بھی کیا تھا لیکن آج ھو گئ غلطی۔ لیکن کیا اس بندے نے اس پوسٹ میں اردو بولنے والوں کے ساتھ جو زیادتیاں ھوئی ھیں اور آج تک ھو رھی ھیں بیان کی ھیں نہیں بیان کی۔ کیوں کے اس کے اس پوسٹ سے اردو بولنے والوں کیلے نفرت کا اظہار واضع ھو رہا ھے۔ کیا کسی نے ٓاج تک ورلڈ پنجابی، سندھی، بلوچ، پختون آرگنائیزیشن کے بارے میں کوئی ٓارٹیکل پوسٹ کی ھے، نہیں کیونکہ وہ اپنی حقیقت دنیا پر ظاہر نہیں کرنا چاھتے کہ وہ کیا گل کھلا رھے ھیں۔
الطاف حسین کے بارے جس طرح سے لوگ باتیں کر رے ھیں وہ ایک غلط انداز ھے وہ ایک غلط بندہ ھے لیکن لوگوں کو اس کی غلطیاں بتانے کا انداز بہت ھی خراب ھے ان غلطیوں کو صحیح کروانے کے بجائے اس کو مزید خرابی کی طرف لے کر جایا جا رھا ھے یہاں پر تو ۔
میرا تو اب دل کرتا ھے یہاں سے اب نکل ھی جاؤں۔
 Reply:   کاشف بھائی اتنے دنون مین پہلی با&#
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (25/Apr/2007)

یہ نظریہ (مین مہاجر تو پٹھان)ھی شاید سارے فساد کی جڑ ھے۔ اس پورے آرٹیکل مین مہاجرون کیخلاف آپ کو کونسی بات لگی ھے۔ جو بھی باتین مگسی بھائی نے کہین ایم کیو ایم کیخلاف کھین اور جہان تک مین نے سمجھا ھے آپ نے بھی کبھی الطاف حسین کی سائیڈ نھین لی، تو آج یہ اتنی غلط بات آپ نے کیسے کر دی۔ اوپر ہر بات ریفرنس کے ساتھ ھے اور صرف الطاف کے ٹولے کیخلاف ھے۔
 Reply:   مہاجروں سے اتنی نفرت، اللّلہ رح
Replied by(kashfi80) Replied on (25/Apr/2007)

میاں مگسی اتنی نفرت ھم مہاجروں سے کیوں کرتے ھو۔
کراچی کے لوگوں سے اتنی نفرت خدا رحم کرے۔
 Reply:   Mr Mir app nay jo nichy remark
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
but what ever hosakta hay ALTAF BHAI nay asa kaha hoga but app us time k biyan ko mojoda waqt pay lago nahi kar sakty us waqat k diye gay biyanat us waqat k halat k mutabiq thy
Dear All Brothers ,

Asalam-e-alyqoom ,

Mr Mir app nay jo nichy remarks or refference diye hyn i am not sure about that but what ever hosakta hay ALTAF BHAI nay asa kaha hoga but app us time k biyan ko mojoda waqt pay lago nahi kar sakty us waqat k diye gay biyanat us waqat k halat k mutabiq thy may is bary may zada details may nahi jaon ga ek intihai aasan si misal say samjany ki koshish karon ga QURAN PAK may ek jaga aaya hay k "jub tum nashy ki halat may ho tu namaz k nazdiq mat jao" tu app log is say kiya yee bat aakhaz karyn gay k sharab halal hay ya us k piny ki ijazat hay bas jub app nay p hoe ho tu namaz nahi pari jay ???? nahi bilkol asa nahi hay yee aayat us waqat nazil hoe jub sharab ko khatam karny k lye hukum diya jub aarab nay apni adat kam kar di piny ki tu finaly aayat nazil hogae k aj say tum logo pay sharab haram hay ab is ka matlub hargiz yee nahi hay agr may sharab pina chata hon tu QURAN ki phyli aayat ko base bana k may sharab p lon k ALLAH nay tu kaha k jub nashy ki halat may ho tu namaz k nazdiq na jao isi tara app ko bhi apny app ko sahi sabit karny k lye ya ALTAF BHAI , MQM ko badnam karny k lye hargiz asa nahi karna chaye app mojoda dor ki bat kijye.

ALTAF BHAI , MQM ,ya koe bhi MUHAJIR panjabio k khilaf nahi hay hum sirf system k khilaf hyn us system k khilaf jo wahan k chodri wadyry jagirdar apny mufad nikalny k lye panjab ki aawam k nam pay use karty hyn jub wafaq say panjab sub say zada psy lyta hay tu us waqat wo panjab ka nam use karta hay k panjab ki aawam k lye chaye but wo jata kahan hay in wadyry jagdarz MPA , MNA ki jayb may but badnam panjad or panjabi hota hay wahan ka panjabi tu us hi tara gharib hay jsa pakistan k baqi subo ka asa kiyon jub panjab sub say zada paysy lay raha hay tu wahan ki aawam abi tak gharib kiyon hay ? hum is nizam ko badalna chaty hyn app k bich may say jub tak quaidat nahi aa agi kuch nahi badlny wala MQM ek wahid siyasi jamat hay jis k MPA , MNA darmiyany tabky k pary likhy log hyn wo paysy day k ticket nahi layty balky apni Qabliyat ki bina pay select kiye jaty hyn.

MQM mazhab ya mula k khilaf nahi hay yee sirf un logo k khilaf hay jo ISLAM ka nam istimal kar k ISLAM ka mazaq uraty hyn apny matlub k lye in ka ISLAM in ko har bat ki ijazat day dyta hay chaye wo khawatin k bill ka mamla ho ya wardi ka yee wahi mula hyn yee wahi ISLAM k dawaydar log hyn jinho nay 92 say lay 96 tak MQM k bay gunha karkono k jali police mokably pay mithaye taqsim ki or is zulm o barbiyat k khilaf ek lafz nahi nikala kiya yee in logo ka islam hay agr app khyty ho k nahi MQM k karkon bay gunha nahi thy tu chalo may yee bhi manlyta hon but dunya ka kon sa QANON ya MAZHAB is bat ki ijazat dyta hay k app k khiyal may jo mujrim hay app us k hat payr band k goli mar dyn us waqat yee mula kahan thy in ka islam kahan tha ? Mir sahab app bataye Khurram sahab app bataye app ka zamir kiya bolta hay app is zulm ko sahi samjty hyn jis ki mamnoat ISLAM nay bhi ki hay agr app khyty hayn MQM k larky badmash hyn tu may yee khyta hon un ko pakro cort may lay jao jurom sabit hony pay bhaly sazay mot day do duk nahi but yee kahan ka insaf tha k pakro or goli mar do.

May yee nahi khya MQM may sub dud k dholy hyn har siyasi wa mazhabi jamat may kuch bory log zaror hoty hyn MQM may bhi hyn laykin app chand bory logo ki waja say pori party ko bora nahi khy sakty Mir sahab app MQM ko pasand nahi karty is lye app nay BHAI k sary wo biyan refference k lye day diye jis say MQM ka image kharab ho but app nay MQM ki achi baty logo ko kiyon nahi batayn kiya app nay yee insaf kiya kiya app apny app say mutmain ho ? app nay kiyon nahi bataya k MQM wo wahid jamat hay jis nay mustakwa tabky k pary likhy logo ko jahil jut jagidaro k barabar may bhytaya app nay kiyon nahi bataya k ALTAF BHAI wo insan hay jo pakistan ki dosri bari siyasi jamat ka QUAID hoty howay bhi aj tak 120 GAZ k ghar may rhyta hay app nay kiyon nahi bataya k jub sub say phyly MQM nay baliyati intikhab jita tha or jamat walo nay jamadaro k sat mil k karachi , haydrabad k tamam main holes may mati say bhari borya dal k main line block kar di thi or tamam ganda pani galyo or sarko pay bhy raha tha tu yahi ALTAF BHAI or is k tamam MNA , MPA or karkonan hatu may kunji or jaharo lay k nikal gay or pory karachi or haydrabad k safye shoro kardi apny hatu say ghtar tak kholy aj tak ksi jamat k MPA YA MNA nay asa kiya ? QUAID tu dor ki bat hay app nay yee nahi bataya k MQM ka NAZIM muktalif jagho ki inspection k lye din rat ghomta rhyta hay barish k pani ki safai k lye khod painchy chara k rodo say pani nikalny lagta hay app nay yee nahi bataya MQM ka wazir ratu ko thano may chapy marta rhyta hay yee daykny k lye k police waly jag rhy hyn ya so rahy hyn ya un ho nay ksi bay gunha ko tu nahi pakra howa jub k baqi siyasi partyo k wazir aaram farma rhy hoty hon gay app nay yee nahi bataya jub kashmir may erth quick aaya tu sub say phyly wahan pounchNY waly yahi MQM waly thy

May yee nahi bolta k app MQM joint karo ya ALTAF BHAI ki quaidat qabol karo it is up to you bus may yee chata hon app BHAI k nazzarye ko paro us ko samjo phir bayshak apny tor pay us k uper kam karo but please logo ko miss guied mat karo aainy k hamysha do rokh hoty hyn please thing about it

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