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خون نا حق ۔ سمیع اللہ ملک
Posted By: Sami_Malik On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1949 Replies:0 
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ڈیوڈملی اورسلطان زیدبن النھان کی خوش فہمی۔رؤف عامر
Posted By: Malik_Rauf On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1939 Replies:0 
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اہالیان پنجاب کیا سوچتے ھیں۔ شیراز چوہدری
Posted By: Ummat On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1710 Replies:0 
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امریکہ کی نئی ایفپاک پالیسی،پچاس سال کے منصوبے۔امت
Posted By: Ummat On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1905 Replies:0 
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Hysteria of Indian offensive is prelude to North Waziristan attack– Full body scanners by Inter Prof
Posted By: International_Professor On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:2645 Replies:0 
Unpredicted and surprise official note soon after yesterday’s meeting of National Command Authority ended with a warning to India with regard to its activities against Pakistan. If you may view media reports concerning above official note that looks like part and continuity of drama staged by Govt Click here to read Full Article
Aman ki Asha - two faces of India by Brig(R)Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:2117 Replies:0 
It is befuddling to see two faces of India; one face breathing fire and yearning to annihilate Pakistan, and the other singing melodious tunes of peace and friendship. One year before, Indian civil and military leaders were indulging in high pitch saber rattling. Their strike formations had moved up Click here to read Full Article
How many Jews? Are living on this Globe. by; Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI.
Posted By: dr._asmat_hayat_alvi On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:2197 Replies:0 
Polls conducted by some Jewish Organization over the past few years claim that there are currently 13.3 million Jews living in 100 countries all over the world, 41% of which have made Israel their home Click here to read Full Article
Chief Beneficiaries of War on Terror By Zaheerul Hassan
Posted By: Zaheer On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1828 Replies:0 
Global War on Terror (GWOT) is a consequence of 9/11 attacks on twin towers. Still nobody can authentically say that attack was planned by Jewish or Muslim extremists but as a result of it some bitter facts emerged, (One) American lost 3000 individuals in twin tower attacks. (Two) US led ISAF Forces Click here to read Full Article
Cricket needs Reform! by Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Posted By: abdulruff On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:4701 Replies:0 
Among all formats of cricket, played by bulk of former UK colonies, the Test cricket lacks credibility the most. These days a lot of cricketing is going on in all its three formats, a lot of black money is being pumped in by the vested interests to earn more while cash. Test cricket has become a mer Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: DrShahidQureshi On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:6151 Replies:0 
MQM gangster Hajji Jalal murdered on the road in broad day light while Altaf Hussain is in full control of Karachi? Hajji Jalal was in the inner circle of the self exiled British Citizen and London based leader of MQM Altaf Hussain. He was one of the criminals wanted in connection with the torture a Click here to read Full Article
Govt planning to muzzle Dr AQ Khan through court By Umar Cheema
Posted By: chaudry On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1937 Replies:0 
The government has decided to show zero tolerance to renowned nuclear scientist, Dr AQ Khan, allegedly for disclosing state secrets in his interaction with foreign journalists, local media interviews, and public speeches in “breach” of the undertaking that had won him freedom from the previous restr Click here to read Full Article
Israeli Airstrikes and Tank Shelling and Egyptian Underground Walls and Maritime Blockade by Ann
Posted By: Noman On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:2315 Replies:0 
Two weeks ago, almost 2,000 internationals came to Egypt and Gaza in a massive show of civil society support for the people of Gaza. 1,362 persons representing 44 countries in the Gaza Freedom March and over 500 persons with the Viva Palestina Convoy let the people of Gaza know of their concern for Click here to read Full Article
ڈوگر راج کی واپسی کی سازش۔ انصار عباسی
Posted By: Ansar.Abbasi On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1913 Replies:0 
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مرد حر کہاں ھو؟ حامد میر
Posted By: Hamid_Mir On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1955 Replies:0 
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عدلیہ سے پنجہ آزمائی۔ عرفان صدیقی
Posted By: Irfan_Siddiqui On: 18/Jan/2010 Views:1852 Replies:0 
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