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مودی کی آبی جارحیت ،کھلا اعلان جنگ۔ سمیع اللہ ملک
Posted By: Sami_Malik On: 12/Dec/2016 Views:607 Replies:0 
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پی آئی اے کا شہید کو پائیلٹ ۔ حفیظ خٹک
Posted By: Hafeez1 On: 12/Dec/2016 Views:1064 Replies:0 
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طیارہ حادثہ ۔ محمد شاہد محمود
Posted By: Shahid75 On: 12/Dec/2016 Views:732 Replies:0 
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ہمارے پیارے پیغمبرﷺ ۔ میر افسر امان
Posted By: mirafsaraman On: 12/Dec/2016 Views:619 Replies:0 
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Systematic Neo-colonisation of Muslim World by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 12/Dec/2016 Views:1008 Replies:0 
In the 6th century, the entire Arab Peninsula had sunk into the morass of depravation and delinquency. The two super powers of the time, Romans (Byzantine Empire) and Persians (Sassanian Empire) were situated in the west and east of Arabian Peninsula respectively and were antagonists. The 28 year-war (602-630 A.D.) had drained the two empires and decay had begun to set in. It was in those times th Click here to read Full Article
Allama Mashriqi Foretold of theBreakup of Pakistan by Nasim Yousaf
Posted By: Infomashriqi On: 12/Dec/2016 Views:1291 Replies:0 
In 1947,the British partitioned India and Pakistan into two wings, East and West Pakistan,which were separated by about 1,400 miles (about 2,200 kilometers). The people of Bengal played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan. However, only about 24 years after Pakistan’s creation, the Bengalis in the East Wing fought the War of Independence to obtain a separate homeland for themselves; Banglades Click here to read Full Article
Bhutto and the Polish Resolution by Col. S. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
Posted By: Riaz On: 12/Dec/2016 Views:1019 Replies:0 
Many may have seen Pakistani TV channels occasionally showing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was representing Pakistan as its nominated Foreign Minister, tearing and throwing away some papers in rage and walking out of the UN Security Council. Click here to read Full Article

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