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برین واشنگ۔ اوریا مقبول جان
Posted By: Orya On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1752 Replies:0 
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آئی ایس آئی، خودکش دھماکے اور بھارتی قونصلیٹ
Posted By: fact99 On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:3090 Replies:0 
Very Detailed and good article regarding armed groups operating in Pakistan. Must read to have some insight information regarding armed groups. Click here to read Full Article
Taliban and Jihad – what’s the thought? by Nadia Khan
Posted By: nadiakhaan On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1978 Replies:0 
What if we read Holy Quran and Hadiths of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) without the context of Jihad, there could be number of people, both in West & East, who would feel happier than before? Because they feel that the root cause of today’s crisis is Jihadi approach of radical Muslims. If radical Click here to read Full Article
Emergence of Communal Taliban By Zaheerul Hassan
Posted By: Zaheer On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1509 Replies:0 
The culmination of WW–II gave birth to cold war which led to USSR Invasion and her ultimate disintegration. The dissolution of Soviet Union produced Taliban and Al- Qaeda. It is worth mentioning here that former President Bush invited their top brass at White House and addressed them as war lords. B Click here to read Full Article
India may uphold Secularism: Hindu Terror Destruction of Babri Mosque
Posted By: abdulruff On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1499 Replies:0 
Grand Babri Mosque, destroyed by the Hindu terrorists in 1992 when the Congress government was ruling the country, is yet to get reconstructed either by the violators and criminal vultures or by the Muslims themselves. Not even once since ghastly demolition of the Mosque the issue was raised either Click here to read Full Article
صدر صاحب توبہ کر لیجیئے۔ حامد میر
Posted By: Hamid_Mir On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1810 Replies:0 
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امریکہ کا پاکستان۔ انصار عباسی
Posted By: Ansar.Abbasi On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1779 Replies:0 
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پنجاب مین معاملات سازی۔ ایاز امیر
Posted By: Ayaz_Amir On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1703 Replies:0 
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تاریخ مسکرا رھی ھے۔ عرفان صدیقی
Posted By: Irfan_Siddiqui On: 6/Jul/2009 Views:1685 Replies:0 
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