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Reprehensible crimes of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto – His skeleton must be re-hanged

By: International Professor

In the history of nations the criminals like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto require reprehension for crimes against humanity, also its state and inhabitants. He was a fascist dictator, ruthless feudal and a flatterer, there is no doubt that he was punished by God and made him admonition for forthcoming generations. We believe that anyone who conspired or had a hand in destruction of our nation would be punished, and a few examples of wrath of God like last part of Indira Gandhi, Sheikh Mujeeb or anyone is very well evidence of our faith.

Breaking of Pakistan was the major crime of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and meaning of “Bhuttoism” clearly defines further breaking, and looting of remaining Pakistan. He must be dragged out of his mausoleums (worth one billion built from the pockets of hungry and naked Pakistani’s) and must be re-hanged for his other crimes and murders for which he had not been punished.

Iftikhar Ahmad anchor of “Jawabdeh” who fabricated a program on GEO TV:

Who is Iftikhar Ahmad? And what credibility he has in the eyes of courts to wash true black slur from the face of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, unfortunately Bhutto was hanged in only and only one murder, whereas dozens killed on his orders still needs justice.

Iftikhar Ahmad was shoe bearer and bar tender of Zulfiqar Bhutto, a communist and liberal fascist, he was sleeper cell of Al-Zulfiqar and his hands are also soaked in blood of innocent opponents of Bhuttoism. Since then he is on pay role of anti-Pakistan elements and agencies. There is no justification to trust his versions presented on GEO TV being crony of Bhutto, there is a huge crowd of reporters and anchors in GEO who are on pay role of PPP and ISI simultaneously.

Nobody believes that Bhutto did not commit crimes; the only difference in opinion is whether he should have hang or deserved lesser punishment. On the basis of Fabrication of Itikhar Ahmad and his manipulation in interview with Justice Naseem Hasan Shah, was a pre-planned conspiracy and within telecast of his program an application was filed by Hanif Tahir of “Peoples Lawyers Forum”, whereas he says that “Death sentence of Bhutto awarded by Lahore High Courts was wrong decision, and it was a fit case for “Lesser Punishment”. Nobody ever pleaded that Zulfiqar was innocent.

On the basis of Iftikhar Ahmad’s absurd GEO TV program, the bench of Mr. Justice Sh. Abdul Rashid and Justice Bilal Khan dismissed the petition on Dec 24, 2004.

Iftikhar Ahmad is not a credible anchor and his partisan reporting and grouping is very well known, he is an established crony of Bhutto’s, his links with Zardari and views on US war of terror are evidence that all communists of PPP are today’s liberal fascists, simultaneously on the pay role of ISI and CIA. At this stage we are not disclosing some personal facts related to his life and reserve right to show public about his character and his links with Al Zulfiqar, moreover his links with foreign elements. His program has no credibility to be made evidence against removal of single decision of High Courts, Supreme Courts, Appeal and mercy appeal (by Nusrat Bhutto) etc.

If you may read carefully the flow of articles and redirections of TV anchors, since hanging of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, one thing is very clear that nobody is denying crime, crime scene, witnesses, proceedings, rights of defense, FIR, police investigations, trust of Zulfiqar Bhutto on courts, many months of trial and reporting by media of every word is on records. Leaving all other media channels, the daily “Musawat”, the argon of Bhutto was reporting daily proceedings in headlines, and dozens of scholars were writing comments on daily basis. Unfortunately witnesses were so strong and those were also hanged by same courts.

Current hue and cry in media:

Even though current articles in papers and guests on TV channels are mostly paid by Zardari mafia to propagate and try to made court’s decision against Bhutto as a controversial event. Majority of peoples suddenly started to appear on TV channels are mostly cronies of PPP, and those were awarded high posts in Benazir’s two terms as bribes because Benazir had question of turning court’s decision in her mind and many induced persons on current TV channels have already received their price.

It is laughing that one prostitute was bribed and an affidavit was filed on her behalf that Justice Mushtaq told her that he is determined to hang Bhutto. Half of the current ministers were either in Gen. Zia’s cabinet or part of PML, such as Yousuf Raza Gilani, Babar Awan, Mir Hazar Khan Bijrani, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Hina Rabbani Khar and MQM were part of Gen. Zia’s Government, majority of members of PML Q in Baluchistan were also part of his cabinet as well that are partners of today’s Zardari mafia.

By spirit 90% Pakistani’s hate Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto:

During the period of Bhutto’s Government everyone in opposition was victimized and feudal mentality fascist decisions were taken, even many in PPP were victimized, humiliated or removed from the scene.

In some well documented cases, Ch. Zahoor Elahi the father of Ch. Shujaat of PML Q was murdered and evidence of involvement of PPP were crystal clear, because Justice Mushtaq Husain was also travelling in the same car along with Court’s lawyer who was also murdered along with Ch. Zahoor Elahi on Sept 25, 1981.

Awami National Party was attacked by FSF and goons of PPP at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi, where dozens were murdered. Later a case against ANP was represented in Courts and ANP and its leaders were banned. Current form of ANP is a new shape of defunct NAP of Wali Khan Group.

He used air force against Balouch citizens and hundreds were killed.

Father of Mr. Saad Rafiq member parliament of PML N was also killed by FSF.

Ittefaq Foundries was nationalized and family of Mian Nawaz Shariff was pushed to join Gen. Zia’s Government, later Benazir and Rahman Malik also humiliated his father Mian Shariff by arresting him due to ego problem.

Dr. Nazir of Jamat e Islami, DG Khan was killed on orders of Bhutto by police and FSF. Abdul Samad Achakzai was also murdered on his orders as well.

There were killings of hundreds of those ordinary peoples, who were opposed to PPP’s fascist behaviors, if you may go through date wise accounts of daily Jang and Nawai e Waqt, a comprehensive list of reported killings by media are evidence of fascist and criminal mentality of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his associates.

Murders of famous politicians like Ch. Iqbal, Ch. Zahoor Elahi, Abdul Samad Achakzai, Dr. Nazir and Khawaja Rafiq are enough to re-hang Bhutto.

Thousands were arrested during “Bangla Desh Na Manzoor” campaign and later during 1977 movement against Bhutto’s fake elections thousands were arrested. Snatching beards of peoples was routine of Jiala’s and bullying on Islamic traditions was their usual practice.

Dillai camp and Shahi Qila torture cells and hundreds of other venues are on records to prove that wrath of God was eminent against cruelties of Bhutto Government.

Bhutto’s fascism within his own Peoples Party:

18 murderous attacks on Ahmad Raza Qasoori, attacks on his brother Khizer Hayat and finally killing of his father Nawab Muhammad Ahmad Khan ultimately made Bhutto admonition for next generations.

Bhutto was a clone, joker and murderous killer, snakes were left in the public meeting of Ghulam Mustafa Khar, moreover Haneef Ramay and J A Rahim were humiliated badly that were pillars of PPP. Every leader of PPP who left party gained better status later. Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, Kausar Niazi, Meraj Khalid and dozens others who broke the shackles of feudal lords and say good bye to slavery of PPP’s feudal minded leaders were later honored better than PPP. Mahmood Haroon was Minister in Zia era and his wife was member of Majlis e Shoora. As Prime Minister Meraj Khalid and as President Farooq Leghari were leading in fixing crimes and kicking out Benazir and Zardari, both were top leaders of PPP.

Killer genes and inheritance of criminal blood of Bhutto:

Benazir and Zardari brutally murdered Mir Murtaza Bhutto along with other companions at Karachi and a case was filed in courts against both.

The night before when Shahnawaz Bhutto was died in France, it is on records that both brothers fought bitterly when both were intoxicated state. Both married to sister daughters of a communist and KGB agent. Whether one brother eliminated other? For share of inheritance through wife was later kept strictly hidden and for political gains Gen. Zia was blamed. Read carefully papers of that period.

Benazir and Zardari are so cheap that in spite of billions corruption and overseas properties, a lone petrol pump owned by widow of Murtaza Bhutto was grabbed many times. Attacks on the widow of her brother and true heirs of Bhutto legacy are under threat and life of son of Murtaza Bhutto is in great danger because he is the only living survivor of true Zulfiqar Bhutto clan. Benazir was involved in petit assaults through police and goons to humiliate children of his brother.

Bhutto’s Fascism against media:

Jang Group was major target of Bhutto and he by name threatened Mir Khalil ur Rahman for consequences, today Jang, News and GEO are major propaganda source to defame judiciary and turn fascist Bhutto as hero is very surprising. Media persons who opposed Bhutto were target and cancellation of their declarations was daily practice. Current situation against media and threats by Zardari is action replay of Bhuttoism mean Goonism. I have a complete list of crimes of Bhutto against media and that requires separate columns. As a ready reference Takbeer, Zindagi, Urdu Digest and imprisonments of Mujeeb ur Rahman Shami, Zia Shahid and Altaf Husain Qureshi are well known to public.

Peoples Party always rule with the help of Pakistan army:

Bhutto entered in politics via Iranian Naheed Sikandar Mirza, and she sent him to UNO as a head of a delegation, he was right hand of Sikandar Mirza in all anti-Pakistan and unconstitutional affairs, later he remained part of Gen. Ayub Khan and he was also minister of basic democracy system and front man in opposing Ms. Fatima Jinnah.

History is witness that Muhammad Ali Bogra and Sikandar Mirza were both descendents of Ghaddar e Millat Mir Jaffer. Bhutto being admirer of both broke Pakistan, and peoples named him as second Ghaddar e Millat of sub continents history, he will always be remembered for breaking Pakistan for grabbing power. His friendship with Gen. Yahya Khan has no question mark because Yahya was also Iranian Qizlibash and he passed rest of his life under Bhutto’s rule by enjoying women and wines at Rawalpindi.

Bhutto was chief person who instigated Army to kill Bengali’s, so hundred thousands were murdered. Army was used against Balouch citizens; he was civil martial law administrator and after 1977 election he imposed martial law in many big cities as well. Democracy and PPP is a joke.

After passing of 1973 constitution, the true spirit and sanctity of constitution was ruined and within short period of time seven amendments were made, whereas notorious 7th amendment made him dictator, after long Gen. Zia passed 8th amendment.

Today brutal murder of Pakhtoon in FATA and frontiers areas, killings of Balouch peoples, target killings at Karachi, suicide attacks, killings in drone attacks, missing persons, bomb blasts and greed of more power by means of licking feet of Pakistan army is the same action replay of Bhutto’s fascism that Zardari is replaying, where Gen. Kiyani is second Tikka Khan.

According to careful statistics current war of terror has killed above 100,000 Pakistanis, where as above 30, 000 Pakistanis are in the illegal custody of army, above 1.5 million Pakistani’s who were forced to leave their homes have been ruined. Gradually Zardari-Kiyani syndicate would break the records of Bhutto-Tikka Khan-Gen Yahya Khan syndicate. Turn the history pages backward and note that entire PPP’s tenure was composed of everyday bomb blasts, use of army against civilians, complaints of conspiracy against Peoples Party, power in the hands of feudal and army persons. Honorable departure of Musharraf is a replay of providing sanctuary to Gen. Yahya Khan.

Benazir inherited blood and fascist genes of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and she was Graduate of “Fraud University of Zardari”, as a tradition of Bhutto, she used army, FIA against civilians and current FIA is ditto copy of FSF of Bhutto era. History never witnessed shame less ruler like Benazir who was kicked out of power two times and for third time she negotiated safety of corruption money with ISI chief, lick lacking of Musharraf and signed NRO to save looted wealth, soon before death her connections with MI were exposed. The clandestine of her cell phone for three years by Zardari bears the secrets of her calls to DG MI and ISI, surely after deleting those calls now telephone has been handed over to police.

NRO VS Bhutto hanging case:

Zardari is trying to use same tactics that Bhutto had been using to play delaying tactics in his case but in vain. Judiciary is trying to delay NRO cases and a few evictions by courts is a result of pressure from Government. Most shameful decision of Supreme Courts to reject appeal of 11 persons kidnapped by ISI and turning High Court’s decision in eviction of those accused is bad precedent, whether is it not funny that no defense lawyer was ever allowed to represent their point of view in front of army courts. After retirement if any justice of Supreme Court would declare that we were under pressure of army than Zardri-Kiyani syndicate have any justification to hang accused persons.

It is on record that Justice Naseem Hasan Shah was insulted and fake plot cases were floated against him to avenge his decision, continuous use of word “Judicia Murder” is a conspiracy, nobody ever denied that Bhutto was not involved in the murders, hue and cry is based on decision that why he was not given lesser punishment. Iftikhar Ahmad tactfully manipulated the venue when Justice Naseem Hasan Shah was under victimization.

Skelton of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is liable of re-hanging in many crimes; most justified case of re-hanging is his role in breaking Pakistan.          


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