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My useless words

Our Leaders care

By Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI


Our leaders care North Korea. When North Korean are hungry and starved, supply food stuff and when they are sick supply medicines and let their leaders use their resources to build N-bomb to bomb US.

Our leaders care China. When Chinese were poor and needed progress & prosperity asked multi-national to transfer huge amounts to build industry in China and let Chinese Leaders to shift their resources to built satellite and stealth and let China become second largest economy of the world and we American Tax payer jobless.

Our leaders care Russia; when defeated in Afghanistan and nearly collapsed; helped them to restore their economy and let Russian Leaders to become threat again against west.

Our leaders care Israel. When Israeli need money and military aid; supply profusely and let Israeli Leaders provocative and proud enough not to obey US.

Our leaders care Ethiopia. When Ethiopian were invaded by Somalis, sent troops to defeat them and restore peace in Ethiopia and let Ethiopian rulers rule again. When Somalis killed our sons they tuned their backs on US.

Our leaders care Pakistan. Last year when Pakistanis were floating in flooded waters; gave billion of dollars to hungry and shelter-less Pakistani and let selfish and greedy Pakistani leaders fill their own pockets; who are receiving Iranian money and helping Taliban secretly, to kill our youths in Afghanistan.

List is very long. In short our leaders care African leaders, Asian leaders, Australian leaders and South American leaders but not us; we tax payers US citizens.

Our leaders care India. Look;;; what U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is saying?  “She promised on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 to give full US support to Indian efforts to protect itself from terror attacks, less than a week after a triple bombing killed 19 people in the financial capital of Mumbai.”

"The events in Mumbai have driven home how important it is that we get results," she said.

"We are allies in the fight against violent extremist networks and homeland security is a high priority and a source of increasing partnership," Hillary Rodham Clinton said at the start of a meeting with S.M. Krishna, India's foreign minister.

Clinton, who arrived in New Delhi late Monday, was meeting throughout Tuesday with top officials, including Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, as part of a new round of U.S.-India strategic dialogue established last year to deepen ties between the world's oldest and largest democracies.

The Obama administration is keen to allay Indian concerns of resurgence in Islamic extremism following the planned withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan that began this month, officials traveling with Clinton said.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is in India on the third leg of a 12-day, around-the-world diplomatic tour.


Its’ mean more wars.

Its’ mean more hate for American.

Its’ mean more terror attacks.

Its’ mean more places to send our troops.

Its’ mean more suffering for our soldiers.

Its’ mean more coffin will arrive US.

Its’ mean more widows and orphans.

Its’ mean more psychiatric patients in US.

Its’ mean more waste of our tax money on another country; will become US rival in near future.

Its’ mean more unemployment at home. 

Its’ mean Hillary Rodham Clinton and her masters US Jewish community are promising away our tax dollars to another country; already threatening our financial and military supremacy.

Our corporations have given Indians our jobs, so now they are being promised support, while back at the ranch (USA), tax payers are being threatened with loss of Social Security, Veterans benefits, and Medicare. This is all due to our own government and war-monger leaders and their lack of fiscal responsibility. If we are broke, where will this additional support come from?  India needs to take care of itself. Maybe they should recall their H1B visa workers here in the US, to come home and defend their own country. I also sure there are plenty of call center jobs there.

Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to get her behind back here and start talking about locking down our borders, enforcing federal immigration law, implementation of E-Verify, and defending our country within and at our borders.

Somebody tell Hillary Rodham Clinton that Indian Terrorists are walking across the Mexican border - if she had a brain as big as her mouth we'd be safer.

As a father and grand-father of many US citizens I suggest, “If Hillary Rodham Clinton and US Jewish Community;  her masters love so much India then dig deep into your own pockets  and leave tax payers money for US citizens at home to help US drowning Economy.”

July 20, 2011

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