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Obsequies of submissive PML N - Is this last nail in their coffin?

Who will be PPP's Jiala President, guess?

Nobody tried to listened outcry of general public, media and scholars told everyone that Zardari is not trust worthy, and he always attack from back side, but PML N leaders kept snoozing, their ears remained closed and practical actions did not match to their commitments. When Zardari labeled Bhorban declaration as "it is not serious issue", same day PML N should have abandoned coalition but their leaders defied peoples mandate and hurt their sentiments, daringly kept receiving minister's salaries.

Shariff brothers and PML N leaders have been watching immodestly: They did not speak why? When"¦"¦"¦

  1. Zardari tactfully enjoyed benefits of NRO; was it not morale duty of PML N to raise this issue in parliament? Nobody was authorized to pardon murder of Justice Nizam, Murtaza Bhutto and Aalam Bloch, except heirs of victims or clean slip of courts in proper manner. PML N is now equally responsible for supporting criminal activities of Mush League which get approved NRO.
  2. Zardari joined ranks with fascist MQM; it is history of PPP that they can do anything for the sake of power. But PML N leaders had been exchanging smiles with Zardari party, it was time to break ties because joint venture with a fascist party was blow to PML N, this was first step to embrace agents of Mush and to eliminate PML N.
  3. PML N was given all third class seats of minister ship; none of them had any bargaining position or had any administrative control over government. This is the reason whole government is running without those ministers (but surprising taking salaries sitting at home, is a kind of bribe which PML N is putting its pocket).
  4. Zardari and Yousuf Raza Gaillani broke records of lick spitting of Mush. And both converted PPP in Mush league. Musical concerts and dinners are every day practice of PPP's ministers on government expenses. PML N is working as apologetic political party, political history tells that apologetic politician is not true politician; theories of PPP are against basic ethics of political science, summersaults of Z A Bhutto, Benazir and top leaders are part of history and require a separate column what power hungry PPP's leaders have been doing in past and what is going on now.
  5. PML N before joining PPP's government must have cleared everything in black and white. Current PPP is not 1970's or 1977's party, it is running on philosophies of Benazir, but stay now it is Zardai party free from any ideology, it is well known that how he looted Pakistan and later saved his assets.
  6. Appointment of non-elected peoples (like Rahman Malik) and continuity of Mush loyal bureaucrats on top posts, including Malik Qayyum,  Sharif ud Din Pirzada, Mahmood Durrani ex Ambassador to US, Hina Rabbani Khar, Governer of Sindh and Salman Taseer Singh etc.
  7. Zardari & Co. was laying land mines and using delaying tactics in the passage of restoration of judiciary. PML N had no vision to understand dirty tactics of Zardari & Co, who disregarded coalition partners, kept placing his relatives on PPP's and Government's top posts, position is now that only dogs and donkey's of Zardari clan have left which did not have any PPP's or Government's post.
  8. Zardari started to take revenge of his defeat in election from the peoples of Rawalpindi and Islamabad by appointment of defeated PPP's candidates on high administrative posts such as Nyyer Bokhari, Israr Shah, Zamurd Khan and many others. Moreover changing names of Murree Road, Airport and placing monument at Liaqat Bagh etc (on the name of most corrupt women of entire world, who was kicked out on corruption charges two times, who bargained with corrupt and coward generals to enjoy benefits of NRO, her agenda was not Pakistan but to preserve overseas looted wealth and get clean slip for murderer husband), it is insult of mandate of peoples of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. PML N Punjab government is equally responsible for participating in dirty activities, insulting mandate of peoples of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Think when Nawabshah was named before Benazir, what happened, local peoples threatened to go to courts, so idea was dropped, then why Rawalpindi and Islamabad are target of all PPP's dirty activities.
  9. Passing bill for the investigation of BB from UN was passed in parliament, it was against sovereignty of Pakistan while on other hand all culprits are still working at their administrative posts and PPP Government let slip out of country not only Shakuit Aziz but ex DG IB too. All suspicious persons involved in murder of BB are still on top posts. PML N became part of controversial issue of investigation through UN, in case it is foreign conspiracy, suspicion goes to neo-imperialists then has UN body such authority to challenge big powers? Moreover Benazir was pleading her overseas patrons and praising brutalities of army generals against peoples of Pakistan. Whether PPP will allow impartial enquiry of BB's murder, never. Zardari and Mush know actual murderers but it is not in the interest of both. PML N is nothing to do with murder of BB then why it played role of " Begani Shadi main Abdullah dewana"
  10. Strength of judges increased under nose of PML N in parliament. Now PML N leaders are justifying with lame excuses, on other side PML N leaders were busy in enjoying unopposed elections. 

PML N is solely responsible for mistakes, a few third class ministries and one leg premier ship of Punjab not only closed eyes of their leaders but also gave free hand to Zardari, who came out of his original skin and at Governor House Lahore his statement was against the PML N and mandate given by peoples to PML N.

Final kick: Now the final kick received by Mian Nawaz Shariff and Shahbaz Shariff by Kingrod courts is clear cut example of revengeful personality of Zardari, remember first batch of judges which refused to listen had corrupt Ahsan Bhoon, (jiyala of PPP), all appointments at High courts and Supreme courts were filled by Mush (mostly Jialas). Drama that Federal Govt. will appeal against decision is another delaying tactic; it will take months, during the period lot of water will pass through bridges. Zardari will fill almost every corner of Federal or provincial government with mush loyalists, delaying tactics is weapon of Zardari, Farooq Naik is a criminal, agent of fraud Chief Justice, Malik Qayyum who is busy overseas in collection of clean slips for Zardari. In such mess Mian Nawaz Shariff must read written on wall. Zardari & co including Indian & Israeli lobbies agents of imperialists and on pay role of fascist army generals with in ranks of PPP will never let him enter in National Assembly, after six months or one year result will be same.

Next President from PPP:

Zardari announced that a Jiala of PPP will be on presidential seat, who is that Jiala?

Believe it or not that Jiala is "Mush", PPP has been supporting Mush on his each and every barbaric action, hidden meetings with fascist generals is its example previously at Abu Zehbi and now at presidency. Mush-Zardari agenda to remove PML N from political scene is in progress since long, both have successfully side lined PML N forever. Aitzaz Ahsan has three faces, one is towards CJ, second is towards Zardari and third is towards smadhi of Gandhi, Today he issued new statement that there were terrorists among lawyers, who were ready to burn Islamabad, but his Gandhi doctrine saved Islamabad. Nobody knows when he will leave movement of restoration of rule of law and join back his old notorious PPP's friends. Think patiently why a great gathering of 500,000 peoples was made ineffective to achieve any good target or to reach at any bargaining position, now he announced after two months another long march, whether he thinks that peoples are fool, now they will think twice, possibly peoples who want to get rid of Mush and die heart favor of rule of law or want to keep up long struggle may join again, half heartedly, because they know that theories of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is waiting for them.

Today's statement of Makhdoom of Hala is worth eye opening who said in a statement after verdict of Lahore High Courts, there is no hurdle between Zardari and Presidential post. It means Zardari is also candidate of President ship, For us Zardari and Mush are same, we would like to ask Zardari to declare his assets right away including assets of Rahman Malik, Zulfiqar Mirza (husband of speaker NA) and other overseas friends which are running businesses with looted money. Other names we know but those will be declared when case of eligibility of Zardari will arise.

Hussain Haqqani must do his job and should not be involved in  to clear mess of Zardari, he must know that if he will part of hiding corruption, he will be equally responsible, so he must perform his job in his legal limits.

Next of role of PML N:

Politics of Zardari is well known; as a successful black mailer he will tactfully keep Shariff brothers apologetic and under his influence on the false hopes. He is great acrobatic illusionist; he made crazy to BB, famous shrewd woman was unable to control his activities, (trying to wash his dirt and all type of his misdoings in her life).

It is historical fact that whenever a mass "unopposed election" happens, it brings great blow for nation in its fold. It is political history of Pakistan. Faryal Talpur to Mian Shahbaz Shariff what happened it was alarming for democratic forces.

If PML N want to survive it must decide at once, let the PPP join ranks of poodles of Mush, face public and their neo-imperialist patrons, let fascist generals fight with tribal peoples, let enjoy suicide bombings, and to work as B team of army generals, because it is history of PPP. If PML N will remain part of government its fate will be like PML Q (Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na Ghat Ka), now since PPP's government has allowed India and NATO to violate air space of Pakistan, writ of government is limited to free dinners, Shakar Parian lamb leg parties, overseas trips and arresting anti-Ahmadi activists on the information of relatives of Rahman Malik. Otherwise there is no writ and control of government on anything from bread, oil, sugar and electricity to milk. It is not possible that now judges will be ever restored, if those will be restored in such a big mess of more than two dozen judges, powerless, then supreme courts will be divided in true and fake judges.

Or if PML N wants to continue to remain in coalition, it must sign a new agreement with PPP with clear terms and conditions. Status quo will drown Shariff brothers forever.

Hamid Mir's column:

Hamid Mir's Column is a great support because when some scholars reached to a conclusion about strategy of Najam Sethi group, Zardari-Mush gang became active in their support, Zardari's meeting with such group was presented to readers; anybody can guess who is financing "The Daily Times", "Friday Times" and Urdu paper "Aaj Kal".

Please Click for Hamid Mir's column:


International Professor

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