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Cat Walk of Asifa Zardari "“ Zardari is behind ban on Jamat Dawah

It was well planned and well expected assault on Jamaat e Dawah and Lashkar e Tayyaba, since last eight months propaganda machinery was busy in sectarian war on American and British channels, a lot of reports with reference to Hussain Haqqani, Ispahani's, Hussain Haroon and with reference to Citi bank beneficiaries were reported. However It is now confirmed from different sources, and by watching congratulation messages in media and on internet that ban on Lashkar e Taiyyaba and Jamat Dawah is brainchild of Zardari and his cronies, major players who act on behalf of Zardari includes Hussain Abdullah Haroon and Hussain Haqqani, both ignited fire and made possible for security council to adopt resolution without any opposition. Hussain Haroon said according to reports published in press addressing India that "If Taliban will not be stopped at Khyber then those will cross Pani Pat (a historical battle field)". Zardari and his cronies are putting Pakistan on fire like following character of an old story:

"A woman purchased gold ring and wore in middle finger, but nobody paid any attention to her ring, she struggled to move hands and fingers in front of peoples for seeking some attention but in vain, disgusted badly, finally she put her home on fire, when peoples came to ask how fire broke out, she used her same finger decorated with gold ring and pointed towards house and told fake story to everyone how house got fire. When whole house was burnt to ashes, she smiled in her heart and said to herself how intelligently I make fool to everyone by showing my gold ring."

Zardari, Gaillani and whoever in their group is trying to ignite fire of sectarianism is not different from above character. A lot of patriot scholars are continuously raising their finger against sectarian attitude of Zardar, his statements, sectarian appointments, and copying blue print of Iraqi type sectarian war were pointed out for the sake of sectarian harmony. It is not out of question that such political sectarian groups require blood of children to widen duration of their rule. Unfortunately peoples around and Zardari himself is a religious fanatic, his own sect is not more then 2-3%, it means he is playing with the life of innocent peoples of his own sect, who are as poor and helpless as other Pakistani citizens. Remember such scholars rang bells that Pakistan army must not be involve in civil war, peoples requested government officials to deal Jamia Hafsa issue peacefully, demanded authorities to settlel FATA, Swat and Baluchistan issue with wisdom, and it is on record. But each time Pak army or politicians adopted opposite direction which is leading inch by inch towards destruction, anarchy and mistrust is on a level that even Pakistan army has lost its credibility. Current decision taken by security council has clear backing of Zardari and company, for example today Najam Sethi wrote in editorial of Daily Times that Jamaat Dawah who constructed a mosque and named it "Qadsia"(the name of place where first war between victorious Muslims and Irani Kisra was fought) he suggested that Qadsia Mosque should have banned long ago because it has sectarian name (refer Daily Times Dec 13, 2008). Some people's suspect Altaf Hussain is also part of conspiracy, he is playing with the lives of Urdu speaking peoples who are living in other provinces and nothing to do with MQM. There will be severe backlash, benevolent centers have been closed and government is going to takeover hundred of schools. Sectarian affiliations of Zardari, Gaillani, Haqqani, Hussain Haroon, Rahman Malik and Sherry Rahman are not hidden; every new day of Zardari at presidency is bringing Pakistan towards decisive civil war that will ultimately divide Pakistan for ever like episode of Bengala Desh. If Zardari and Gaillani group will remain in power with their polluted sectarian agenda then army would be divided in factions and dream of enemies of Pakistan will became a reality. Zardari require a kick now otherwise it will be too late.

Cat walk of Asifa Zardari    

A few weeks back Zardari was interviewed by Fox news channel, there he said: Quote: "So my daughter one day looks forward to becoming President of Pakistan". Unquote,2933,431181,00.html

Above statement is a reflection of a feudal  and merchant type mentality of Zardari, hardly a few months back in her life his wife was dragging around Abu Dhabi for mercy, begging for go-ahead to secure looted money, and his own selection is entirely dependent on pity of  Army generals and overseas agencies. It was shameful event for a father who prearranged a fashion show in front of American generals and politicians, brought his daughter Asifa Zardari Bhutto to perform cat walk in specially designed costumes. She was summoned on VVIP jet from Scotland to Islamabad, for seeking prior approval of her political future. Government has spent millions on different events to introduce his children to foreign politicians including Indians, Chinese, Americans, Arabs and Britons. Millions have also been spent separately in paying lobbyists for so called human rights award to Benzair. It was not an easy exercise, entire resource of Pakistan's missions at UN and USA were utilized, and Zardari paid three visits to USA for that purpose. According to reports Hussain Haroon and Hussain Haqqani both ambassadors of Pakistan spent large amounts in lobbying at Washington and New york, later gay son of Zardari was brought on VVIP jet from UK to New York to receive that award, matter did not finish here, a large political meeting was arranged by Hussain Haqqani on the expenses of Government of Pakistan at embassy premises, moreover another million was spent to arrange, entertain, board and lodge Jiala's from different areas.

Public accounts committee must take notice of royal extravaganza, and expenses carried out from the pockets of poor and hungry citizens, records of such activities must be preserved for future reference and actions of both Sisters Hussain Haroon and Hussain Haqqani must also be scrutinized.

UNO did nothing for Benazir's fabulous services for promotion of corruption, it is funny that she never took human rights issues seriously for which she is being awarded.

Current award to Benazir illustrates that Pakistan is not the single country which has notoriety of corruption; this curse is on global scale. As innovative methods of politicians to organize corruption, dishonesty and bribery has made it an industry, and top corrupt mafia is working daringly under protection of agencies. Patrons of corrupt mafia is playing snake and ladder game, mafia is allowed to steal resources of their country, brought them to more safer place where patrons secure their looted wealth, those safe hands then starts political maneuvers, utilize them or discard them. Benazir, Zardari are among beneficiaries of corruption like Mush, Challabi, Khoi and Karazai etc. who are simple pawns of snake and ladder game, snake head throws to zero, and ladder provides temporary opportunity of rising to a specific bench mark, ladder is always soon before head of snake. Global Village always provides opportunities to powerful players, whereas criminals from third world countries can play passive role, to act on advices only. Human rights award to international femme corrupt woman shows how hollow footings today UNO type organizations have, is it not amusing to think about "Human Rights" award and services of Benazir, what a joke with entire humanity? Same UNO or Security Council has banned charity organizations of Pakistan which practically served peoples, remained committed to peoples in hard times, are declared as terrorists.

Birth of Asifa Zardari:

Birth of Asifa Zardari has many shameful aspects, it is very well known to public that in those days Zardari was in prison on corruption, money laundering and murder charges and Benazir was not living with him, however in so called prison Zardari was enjoying all five star facilities including conveniences of marital affairs. If anybody has a question that it was not possible then read Tehmina Durrani's book "My Feudal Lord", where she narrated how services are provided to influential peoples including bedroom affairs, however she declared it raped by her husband in prison but not every feudal woman criticize such type of entertainments.

Munoo Bhai or Bholay Badshah

Last week renowned columnist of Jang group Munoo Bhai complained that PPP's Government is shy in taking name of Bhutto; he raised a question either it is policy or ignorance. To comment on his question it is clear that all uncles of Bhutto era are still living in paradise of fools, since last eight months all old nuts of PPP including Nazir Naji, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Masood Ashar, Asif Iqbal, Khalid Hassan and Mir Jamil ur Rahman are trying to put sand in the eyes of readers, sorry to say that Zardari cunningly achieved everything, cashed sentiments of uncles of PPP, eliminated Benazir from the scene, fixed his cronies on all important posts, extended collaboration to all foreign implanted agents and anti-Pakistan elements, he is working on a given road map, unfortunately his instincts chalked out his criminal mindset, if Munoo Bhai don't want to understand then there is no possibility that he will be able to judge Zardari future plans, he is trying to condense maximum benefits of Bhutto legacy, he is master mind in elimination of Benazir, he has grabbed pennies of her inheritance, and even occupied grave of Bhutto. Screening photo of Benazir and changing cast of children is a drama to roll together two generation political work of Bhutto family.

Drama of "My wife was killed" is directly related to financial benefits

Zardari repeated "My wife was killed" thousand times, soon after this sentence he cleverly try to co-relate his political ambitions for example:

My Wife was killed by dictator, establishment is behind killing of my wife, my wife notified who would be murderer, Taliban and Al Kaeda is not behind murder of my wife,  Makhdoom and Nahid Khan are behind conspiracy,  masterminds of murder of my wife are in government, there are dozens of other statements which he can't deny such as:

1.   The terrorists who killed my wife are connected by ideology to these enemies"¦"¦Non-state actors killed my wife  

 He used here words ideologies and non-state actors, one part of his statement is right that Taliban, Lashkar e Tayiba and Dawah are against Vali Nasr, Hasan Askari Rizvi, Najam Sethi and Hussain Haqqani's sectarian ideologies, because Benazir, Ispahani's, Hussain Haroon and all top cronies of Zardari have same sectarian ideology, war on terror is an established sectarian war raised on blue prints of Shia Crescent, and Zardari is the last puppet implanted by neo-cons to divide nation. Ordinary poor Shia's nothing to do with Bush founded Shia Crescent, except a few Iraqi Ayatollahs, all actors who are posing them Shia are not religious persons, and those are using word Shia for political and financial gains from Bush type religious fanatics.  

Other part non-state actors are not correct because both banned organizations are very well state actors. Explaining those details could be harmful for the security of Pakistan.

2.   Zardari's address to UN General Assembly (two contradicting parts of same statement)

Zardari's address at UN General Assembly was the weakest speech in entire diplomatic history of Pakistan, full of blunders, unnecessary begging and crook techniques were used to influence members, it left no emotional impact on any nation as 66% members left the house before start of his address, remaining put a deaf ear to his techniques of begging and none put a single dollar cash on his hand. He said "Today we still do not know what forces and institutions were involved, who plotted and planned and coordinated and trained and paid for the murder of my wife; let the people of Pakistan and the world know once and for all, whose bloody hands"¦"

During the same address he said "If Al Qaeda and the Taliban believed that by silencing Benazir, they were silencing her message, they were very wrong". Have you noticed contradiction in both parts of same statemnt, it is a result of using Haqqani type polluted speech writers.

3.   After Mumbai attacks he said "Mumbai attack was not made on India but it is on the Pakistan". Then he said "We are throughout on the terrorists' hit". His statement is self explanatory and requires no clarification.

It is voice of the time to kick out Zardari from Islamabad forever, start keeping records of his movements, corruption and misuse of government resources. He will be behind bars soon along with Yousuf Raza Gaillani, Hussain Haqqani and Hussain Haroon. If current government is overthrown today establishment has enough records to keep them behind bars for years.


International Professor





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