"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   Hamid Mir please awake up! You some time being used as anti pakistan too!
Replied by(Rashidbaig) Replied on (23/May/2009)

Assalam u Alaikum

Hamid Mir sahib please dont forget Asteen kaye saanp in GEO and Jang Group, like those who are talking provisional autonomy and spreading a quuite silent propoganda with in their wrods writings etc. Hassan Nisar, Ghamdi, Kamraan Khan and so many others. i have watched Hamid Mir's interview for FORA tv where he did controdiact what he is mentioning here in this article. Hamid Mir either you are too smart or too immature very few time you say stuff which is good for pakistan but most of the time it does not help for pakistan.

The stuff you mentioned in your article has already mentioned plenty of times by Zaid Haimd sahib!

Please awake up befor its too late.

Khudi na Baich Gharibi mein Naam Paida kar!

 Reply:   Jung Group's only aim is Money, this picture is a proof
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (23/May/2009)
This picture is taken today from Jung newspaper site. showing ads with girl in bikini. image is censored
Even if Jung Group's agenda is not to dis-integrate Pakistan, there agenda is money, without any doubt.
The have enough money and good sponsorships as well but even then they opted ads from Google ad sense. Many people or small group do that like this site as well. Google ads are randomly generated ads and some time display nudity, anti-Pakistan ads etc. But i never saw or noticed Jung group monitoring the ads.
Below pic is an example of it.
secondly comeback of Dr Shahid  to Geo network is an example of their dual and no-ethical standards. Hamid Mir himself criticized him too much but now... never mind.
thirdly Amir Liaqat's presence in the group, despite his fake degree scandal is also a big example.
Fourth movie Khudaa kay liyay... Ghamdi on ever channel are also big examples..
there are many more examples as well.
So, my brother stop thinking about Jung group and any standards.

 Reply:   Hamid Mir with Double Standred`
Replied by(azamsaeedch) Replied on (22/May/2009)

Dear Hamid Sb.
Apko waziristan or shumali elaqajat ki to bari fikar ha k is mian India Involve ha or janab jis Channel ko ap present kartay hain ik k baray main keya khayal ha jo k puri diljami k sathe Indian culture ko hamri quom ki nas nas main utar raha ha........ap to ham se behtar jantay hoon ge k INdia mian Pakistani channels bain hain lakin hamaray han tamam indian chenals ko dikhane ki aazadi ha or is k sath sath apka channel indian programme kharid kharid kar bari plaining k sath dikha raha ha..............aghar bura na lage to is per bhi kuch guzarishat farma dain.
Apka Mukhlis
Azam Saeed Ch.
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