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‘Kashmir dispute was created by Pakistan’, Nasir Ansari

Dr Shabir Choudhry     08 December 10


Nasir Ansari is a son of Khaliq Ansari, who is regarded as a nationalist Kashmiri writer, thinker and ideologue, who sacrificed his career for the sake of United and Independent Jammu and Kashmir. Maqboo Butt is the leader of nearly all Kashmiri nationalists, but it is Khaliq Ansari who was the leader of Maqbool Butt.


Khaliq Ansari and his tribe has suffered immensely at the hands of Pakistani secret agencies, even though they did not pick up a gun against Pakistan; or got any help, financial or otherwise from India. He and members of his family and other leaders of his party Jammu Kashmir Plebiscite Front were taken to various torture cells and kept for months. History of cruelty and torture was published in small booklets and it was enough to put Nazis to shame.


Khaliq Ansari and his tribe can take pride that they have suffered for an independent Kashmir; and have given new thinking and impetus to people of Azad Kashmir. Despite their failure in organisational matters and failing to take the movement to other tribes and people at large, no one can question their dedication, integrity and sincerity.


I first met Nasir Ansari in New York some years ago, when we were on a visit to meet the State Department and some American Think Tanks. I found him friendly and dedicated person. He knew what the Kashmir dispute was and where the problem was.


During the Study Tour of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, despite two appointments I failed to meet him. Normally my time keeping is good and I take my appointments very seriously, but in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan, due to pressure of time, it was not possible to keep these appointments. When I met Nasir Ansari I apologised for not turning up for the meetings.


Nasir Ansari categorically asserted that ‘The Kashmir dispute has nothing to do with Two Nations Theory. The issue is related to our inherent right of self determination. We were independent in October 1947. Pakistan violated the Standstill Agreement and launched unprovoked aggression against the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmir dispute was created by Pakistan by this aggression, which forced the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir to seek help from India. If there was no tribal aggression we would have been independent country. In other words the route cause of our troubles is that policy of Pakistan to capture Kashmir through an armed aggression’.


He said, ‘Pakistan didn’t want the plebiscite to take place, because they knew in accordance with the UN Resolutions Pakistan had to vacate areas ofJammu and Kashmir under their control; and more than likely they would have lost the plebiscite.’


He further said, ‘The movement of 1931 against the Maharaja was for the fundamental human rights. It was not to over throw the Maharaja or his rule. We must remember one thing that the Maharaja was also son of the soil. If some people want to ignore these facts, or twist these facts to suit their agenda on Kashmir then it is their opinion’.


Nasir Ansari said, ‘The tribesmen did not come to liberate us, as has been propagated by Pakistani officials. They attacked our motherland to subjugate and enslave us. Jammu and Kashmir is occupied by two countries; and it is wrong policy of some Kashmiris to present one occupier as an angel and the other as a satan. We must be aware of this fact that both countries have vested interest in Jammu and Kashmir; and both collaborate and help each other. They have destroyed our struggle by linking it with terrorism.’


In reply to a question, what would be his response if he was given only two choices to join either India or Pakistan, he said: ‘This is an insult to our suffering and our right of self determination. It is like asking a prisoner to choose between the two jailers. It is like asking a prisoner out of two which prison would be more appropriate for him.’


Nasir Ansari said, ‘Every one with strong commitment to the cause of an independent Kashmir, and with some political standing are accused of being agent of someone. This is done to discredit genuine people who are promoting pro Kashmir policies. However, it is true that some people have collaborated with the secret agencies and have damaged the Kashmiri struggle’.


He said, ‘One could very easily say that you (Dr Shabir Choudhry) are conducting a survey and this report on behalf of someone else; and make you defensive. My request to all nationalists is not to make allegations against anyone without evidence and proper investigation’.


Nasir Ansari said, ‘Some people from the Valley say we in Azad Kashmir have not done enough for independence struggle. This is not true. We have worked hard for the cause of an independent Kashmir under very difficult situation. It was us who were working for the struggle when majority of the people of the Valley had almost acquiesced with the status quo’.


He said, ‘We people of the divided State of Jammu and Kashmir must be allowed to meet each other that we can understand each other and interact with our friends and relatives. For this purpose the travelling should be made easier. Some applications for visit are rejected without registering the applications. Normally an applicant has to provide 8 photos, 8 IDs and 8 forms; and agencies of both countries take 4 each and investigate thoroughly before they issue a visa. This process is unreasonable and very long. It also gives too many powers to secret agencies, and ordinary people suffer as a result of this.’  


Writer is Head Diplomatic Committee of Kashmir National Party, political analyst and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir

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