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Pakistan unleashed unprovoked aggression against people of Jammu and Kashmir, Abbas Butt

Report by Dr Shabir Choudhry    18 December 2010


During the course of KNP Study Tour of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, Abbas Butt and Asim Mirza met a delegation of lawyers who wanted to discuss the Kashmir dispute with them and exchange views on the current situation of the Kashmiri struggle. They also wanted to discuss some of the local problems which people faced there in every day life.


They said, ‘We want people like you who work hard and then spend their money to promote the cause of Kashmir. Leaders we have here are always after money, status and promotion of personal interests. These leaders are not sincere to the people of Jammu and Kashmir; they seem to be more loyal to Pakistan and advance cause of accession rather than cause of independence of Jammu and Kashmir’.


They said, ‘Most political workers have no source of income other than what they get from the agencies. Of course if agencies provide funds to political workers then they expect some work in return as well; and that work is to protect Pakistani interests in Azad Kashmir. These people have made our nation, a nation of beggars, dacoits and terrorists. There is no peace in the society we are divided on tribal and sectarian lines’.


Abbas Butt explained to them the current situation of the Kashmir dispute and how Kashmiri people are used to protect and promote Pakistani interests and fight Pakistan’s war. He said, ‘Now we understand this slogan of Muslim Conference leaders that they were ‘unpaid’ soldiers of Pakistan. India has a large army in Kashmir and they still find it difficult to control the situation; but Pakistan has plenty of these soldiers who are paid huge rewards and there is no need to keep that large army because their interests are looked after by these soldiers.’


Abbas Butt told the legal position of both India and Pakistan, he said, ‘Pakistan had a Standstill Agreement with the Maharaja, and Pakistan violated that and unleashed unprovoked aggression against people of Jammu and Kashmir. In this aggression thousands of innocent people died, women raped and kidnapped; and it also forced the Maharaja to seek help from India. Indian help came after the provisional accession.’


He further said, ‘In other words before the tribal aggression Kashmir was an independent state which was attacked by Pakistan. It forced the Maharaja to sign Instrument of Accession which was provisionally accepted. What India is doing in Kashmir is wrong, no one can defend that, but fact remains that the Indian army came in Jammu and Kashmir as a result of an agreement; and the Pakistani army and the tribesmen came by violating the Standstill Agreement.’


Abbas Butt said, ‘I don’t care what Pakistani people or their agents say, the fact is that we have never supported Kashmir’s accession to India, we have never supported what India is doing in Kashmir; at the same time we do not agree with what Pakistan is doing in Jammu and Kashmir in name of supporting Kashmiri struggle. I want to make it clear that our struggle is for unification and independence of the entire State, which includes Gilgit Baltistan.’


In a reply to a question regarding a plebiscite and the UN Resolutions Abbas Butt said, ‘Pakistan and pro Pakistan Kashmiris claim that India refused to honour the UN Resolutions. Historic facts do not support this contention. There were three parts to the UN Resolutions (1) a Cease Fire (2) withdrawal of all Pakistani forces, irregular troops, tribesmen and individual Pakistanis who went to Kashmir for the purpose of fighting (3 withdrawal of ‘bulk’ (and not all) of India troops. Stage one was completed by having a cease fire, but Pakistan, to date, has not withdrawn from Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan and started demanding implementation of the third stage – a plebiscite.’


He further said, ‘A lot of people believed in the Pakistani propaganda regarding the UN Resolution and many people who propagate this have not even seen the Resolutions. In any case, these Resolutions do not provide us right to independence, which, on the request of Pakistan, was taken away from us in the second UNCIP Resolution of 5 January 1949.’


One lawyer said, ‘I agree with what you say, but we got to remember that Pakistan is the only country in the world which helps people of Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover Pakistan has suffered because of Kashmir.’


Abbas Butt laughed and said, ‘It is unfortunate to note that even educated people and lawyers like you are influenced by this false propaganda of Pakistan. Pakistan has suffered not because of Kashmir, but because of their wrong policies. Did we ask them to violate Standstill Agreement and attack Jammu and Kashmir, and put us in this difficulty where we suffer this division and humiliation? Similarly if you look at causes of all the wars with India, they were not to liberate Kashmir. Don't tell me Kargil and 1971 wars were for our liberation. Even latest research and books of Pakistani retired generals and Air Chiefs confirm that 1965 war was not to liberate Kashmir. The fact is we have suffered because of Pakistan and their attempts to make Kashmir part of Pakistan.’


He further said, ‘Arab countries support people of Palestine in their struggle, but they don’t demand that Palestine should become part of Egypt, Syria and other country. Why Pakistani support has to be conditional. For argument sake, if people of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan say to India that we want to become part of India, could you help us, more than likely, India would help them, so how would you take that’.


After hearing this, one lawyer said, ‘Pakistan army and Pakistani elite don’t want to liberate Kashmir; they need Kashmir issue that they can justify their existence and keep a large army. It is because of the Kashmir dispute they deprived people democracy and run the country like a police state.’


Writer is Head Diplomatic Committee of Kashmir National Party, political analyst and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir

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