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Egyptian Crisis & Zionist Concerns

  Time has run-out for fascist Israel-74

 Dr. Abdul Ruff



Part- One



Turmoil in African part of Mideast, starting from Tunisia and Egypt has caught the entire region unawares, while USA and Israel are shocked at the turnoff events. Meanwhile, the Egyptian turmoil has awfully impacted upon the neighboring nations. Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced a new package of incentives to the young Yemeni people. In an attempt to defuse the angry unemployed graduates, Saleh instructed the government to expand social security network and adopt additional 500,000 needy families. The president also ordered the government to establish a special fund for university graduates to create jobs for 25 percent of the graduates every year. In a televised speech almost a week ago, Saleh said that he will increase salaries for the armed forces and government employees. The new strategy will cost $400 million and 1,300,000 government employees will benefit from it. Low-paid employees will get 25 percent increase in their salaries.


Israel’s primary concern in Egypt is that the current crisis could create a void in which Islamists step in and endanger decades of peaceful relations between the two countries.  The leaders of both Egypt and Jordan (Israeli friends) are scrambling to shuffle their governments in an effort to stay safe. Whatever happens in the only two Arab states that have peace treaties with Israel, the moderate secularists who had a monopoly of power will be weaker and the previously confined Muslim Brotherhood will be stronger.


Loss of Egypt, also a key ally of USA in Arab world, could be disastrous for the Zionist reign's standing in Mideast and world. Egypt is one of important Muslim nations to have immorally recognized Zionist regime in Mideast and established diplomatic ties with Israeli regime. Egyptian (dictatorial) President Hosni Mubarak has been Israel’s strongest ally in the Arab world. By recognizing the Zionist regime, Egypt is one the Muslim nations that have also supported all its crimes and illegal settlement proliferation in Palestine thereby empowering Israeli fascism to go on rampage in Palestine. More importantly, Egypt became the first Arab nation to sign a peace accord with Israel in 1979 and has strictly honored it. Mubarak has close ties to Israeli leaders and has acted as a bridge between Israel and the Palestinians to the broader Arab world.

Having recognized and established close ties with Israeli regime, Egypt has been the stabilization factor in Israel-Arab relations and Israel so far successfully utilized the Egypt’s clout with Arab world for its own favor. The peace treaty with a stable Egypt was the unspoken foundation for every geopolitical and economic policy in Israel for the last 35 years, and now it’s gone. But Zionist regime and its global secret networks are trying hard to secure Egyptian regime for assisting the illegal regime.


President Mubarak has been the unquestionable leader in the country for 3 decades also an international figure. For the last 26 years, Mubarak has had all the leverage he could ever want to truly reform Egypt’s economy and build an Islamic state, a moderate, legitimate political center to fill the void between his authoritarian state and the Muslim Brotherhood. But Mubarak deliberately maintained the political vacuum between himself and the Islamists, making no use of his maximum strength Now he is trying to reform in a panic with no leverage.


With growing anarchy and turmoil in Mideast, Israel hopes the peace process would die a natural death now and thus this is a perilous time for Israel, and its anxiety is understandable to USA. But Israel could make its situation even more perilous if it succumbs to the argument one hears from a number of senior Israeli officials today that the events in Egypt prove that Israel can’t make a lasting peace with the Palestinians. It’s wrong and dangerous.


Zionist fanatic leader and terror PM But Bibi Netanyahu of Israel is thinks he is in danger of becoming the Mubarak of the peace process. And thanks to the Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV revelation by releasing out of context all the Palestinian concessions — to embarrass the Palestinian leadership — it’s now obvious to all how far the Palestinians have come.


Public is worried about all hidden agendas and talks that never get reported to them. It was Netanyahu’s most direct comment about the crisis in Egypt, which has triggered concerns about stability there and elsewhere in the region. Merkel called on Israel to halt its West Bank settlement construction and pointed to the need to resume the peace negotiations. “The halt is not a sustainable solution,” she said at the news conference. During Merkel’s two-day visit, Germany and Israel are set to sign agreements on joint projects, including military terror goods.  




Not only for Israel but for the entire GST led by US-UK terror twins, Egypt is a vital ally in fighting “Islamist terrorists” and in curtailing the spread of Iranian power. Cairo has a peace treaty with Israel and has worked with Washington to curb Hamas Islamists in Gaza and push for the renewal of Israeli-Palestinian talks. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with sparking the demonstrations in Egypt and Jordan,


There is already a global campaign to delegitimize the Jewish state in Mideast. There is a huge storm coming for Israel. If Israel does not make a concerted effort to strike a deal with the Palestinians, the next Egyptian government will “have to distance itself from Israel because it will not have the stake in maintaining the close relationship that Mubarak had. With the big political changes in the region, if Israel remains arrogant with gimmicks, fanatically paranoid and messianic and greedy it will lose all its Arab friends. What the turmoil in Egypt also demonstrates is how much Israel is surrounded by a huge population of young Arabs and Muslims who have been living outside of history and insulated by oil and autocracy from the great global trends.


Israel has never had any better leverage vis-à-vis the Palestinians and never had Palestinian partners. But Netanyahu has also found every excuse for not putting a peace plan on the table. The Americans know it. If Israelis tell themselves that Egypt’s unrest proves why Israel cannot make peace with the Palestinian Authority, then they will be talking themselves into permanently absorbing the West Bank and thereby laying the seeds for an Arab majority ruled by a Jewish minority between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. This would make Israel an apartheid state.


Trust deficit is the cause of delay in deal. President Obama should put his own peace plan on the table, bridging the Israeli and Palestinian positions, and demand that the two sides negotiate on it honestly with or without any preconditions. Peace deal is vital for Israel’s future — at a time when Get out of the way. “Today your legitimacy has to be based on what you deliver,” the Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, explained in Ramallah. “Gone are the days when you can say, ‘Deal with me because the other guys are worse.’ ”


Obviously, an approaching reality of Mubarak stepping down sooner than later would upset tall Tel-Aviv calculations on Mideast. The anti-demonstration statement of Netanyahu sums up the disorienting sense of shock and awe that the popular uprising in Egypt has inflicted on the psyche of Israel’s establishment. A Tel Aviv University strategist said: “Everything that once anchored our world is now unmoored,” remarked Mark Heller,. “And it is happening right at a moment when nuclearization of the region hangs in the air” 



Both USA and Europe have been guarantors of existence of Zionist regime Israel which has failed the talks and also the mediators in peace talks. German chancellor Angela Merkel and nine of her Cabinet ministers were in Israel for a special joint session, highlighting the two nations’ strong bond six decades after the Holocaust, when Nazi Germany killed 6 million Jews. Merkel was on a visit to terrorist Israel where the terror PM B. Netanyahu gave his most detailed assessment yet of the Egyptian unrest that threatens to topple President Hosni Mubarak, “In a state of chaos, an organized Islamic group can take over a country. It has happened” Netanyahu said. “A takeover of oppressive regimes of extreme Islam violates human rights, grinds them to dust and in parallel also pose a terrible danger to peace and stability.” Before, Netanyahu said only that he is “anxiously following” the situation, while stressing Israel’s commitment to peace with Cairo.

Merkel also expressed concern about the deteriorating situation in Egypt. Former fascist nation Germany is trying to make Israel feel good in Mideast where the illegal regime is trouble great trouble on account of its own terror operations in Palestine. Netanyahu said that at this time it is important for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to resume. He noted that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ office is just a few miles from his, implying that there is no need for mediators. The talks broke down just three weeks after President Barack Obama restarted them in September over a dispute concerning construction in Israeli settlements. Netanyahu refused to extend a 10-month freeze on new construction in the West Bank, while the Palestinians demanded a halt to all construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem before talks can resume.


Israel receives aid and arms from the  Germany and other European states and sells them to the third world. Europe had skillfully pushed the troubleshooting Jews out of the continent and by force imposed them on Palestine, thereby terrorizing the Mideast. Israel and Germany have become close allies following their reconciliation after the Holocaust of World War II. Germany agreed to pay millions of dollars in reparations to Holocaust survivors and aid the newborn Jewish state. Israeli and German governments plan to hold joint Cabinet sessions once a year in the future. Germany has such arrangements with five other nations. Germany is Israel’s third largest business partner in terms of imports and its eighth largest partner in terms of exports. During 2010, imports to Israel from Germany totaled $ 3.6 billion, while Israeli exports to that country amounted to $1.7 billion.



Israel is dead worried about the turn of events in Egypt and expressed concern over an "Islamic" take over in Cairo, upsetting the terror equations between Zionist regime and Egypt.  Indian media also expressed similar shock and concern. Like the west, Israel also does not like any Islamic societies in the world.


The Egyptian revolt has no clear leadership; its titular head, former UN official and Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, only just returned when the uprising began to Egypt from Vienna where he lives and has few deep links to the protesters. He is now under house arrest. The best-organized opposition group is the Muslim Brotherhood (although it has not led this upheaval). This raises U.S. fears about a future Islamist government in the region’s largest country.

The march of Egyptian history won’t wait and it seeks results. Calls by President Obama and Hillary Clinton for nonviolence, and their pleas for Mubarak to engage the opposition, have been outpaced by events. There should not be an American diktat. But a clear. position might help make the transition more peaceful pro-Islamic and put Washington on the right side.

The Egyptian struggle will produce a new leadership sooner or later no matter the US message. Any newly elected Egyptian regime would be anti-American, upending US policy in the Mideast.

One fall out of the uprisings is Israeli influence in the region would be further clipped. As such, it is virtually certain that the next Egyptian government will not have the patience or room that Mubarak did to maneuver with Israel.

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