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Indo-UK Match-fixings: Ban India from Cricketism!





There are certain straits that bind Indian terrorism, cricketism, fanaticism, Zionist colonial fascism and NATO imperialist terrorism. All these anti-humanity trends continue to operate notwithstanding global criticism and disregarding sufferings of humanity. Show of power is the major salient feature of these essentially colonial trends.

In South India, an innocent looking India plays politics in cricketism and cricketism in terrorism. With media support, India very cleverly employs cricketism to divert the social and economic tensions in the country and hence it fixes matches in favor of India.

An over ambitious and dictatorial India is a problem for cricket. Although it does not protest much when they lose matches abroad, India is very particular that it is made helped to win on Indian soil by all foreign teams, including UK, the inventor of cricket as an entertainment gimmick to keep the fighting youth of colonies in good humors through 100 plus and quick wickets as the case maybe depending upon the necessity of a given time. 

All teams, except perhaps Pakistan, pampered Indian team both in India and abroad for years now and India has become too greedy to be on top of cricket in every format and select cricketers were promoted as “fantastic players”.  Only in recent times, India got serious reversals in cricket manly because the foreign teams refuse to support Indian cricketism on terror ism plank. In UK, last moth, after playing tests, ODIs, T20 and practice matches for almost a couple of month’s, Indians had to openly admit that England is the top most team in every format.

Now India has got the English team in India to play exclusively for India and promote and praise Indian team and individual cricketers beyond their worth.

The question is how come the top most team is being crushed badly by one of the worst teams India in India?

It is very simple to play international cricket, rather much simpler to smart international cricket than national or zonal or even local cricket.

Cricketers are trained at national level by keeping them engaged and coached in zonal matches when the players learn not only skills and tricks, but also the "talent" to decode the signals emanating from the galleries and they play accordingly since most matches, arranged by ICC or India on behalf of ICC, are fixed by the nations concerned. 

From A to Z every aspect of the match is pre-fixed and the role of cricketers is limited to "accomplish" the scheme presented by the fixers of mafias for the nations concerned. In fact, who should play against  which teams and when and how many series, who should win and who should be the man of match how may wickets should be offered a particular bowler etc are also decided more by the nations or others than the by the performing players.

Put in simple language, cricket matches are just like reality shows or films that are, as every one knows, well rehearsed and fixed for the audience and the cricketers just do exactly what they are being asked by the  "concerned" or mafia.

Cricketers, therefore, play just games according to the decisions already made and get the money with extras. (At times, they possibly do not get fully paid and might even lose extras if the outcomes go against the made-decisions)

Policy of give and take 100 plus is customary n cricket matches.  Since bowlers are the central to cricketism, each tam is supposed to select the best ones, but when the ICC and mafias insist the worst bowlers and selected or added to get the outcome the nations expect because it is better to be on the safer side than asking the best bowlers to play gimmicks.

That is how Sachin tendulkars are created by foreign bowlers and fielders w ho also praise these pampered cricketers to add credit to their own fake records. 

These days England-India, Australia-South Africa and Zimbabwe-New Zealand are playing cricket, rather joint cricket exercises very much according to the schemes presented to them, rather than decided at the cocktail parties by the teams themselves. At times the teams decided the outcomes themselves for extra money. .

England should let India win by losing their wickets and asking the bowlers not to target the sumps or LBW or run-outs. India will bat well and bowl rash, but England should not bat well or bowl well to dismiss Indian batboys cheaply as it was done in UK recently when Indians, especially those enjoying life there, cried loudly.

That is to say one team should fail in all departments while the other must be helped to shine to perfection.....

Who should bat first is also generally decided in advance before the match  begins that "toss" is just a formality, the winner of the toss does the "needful" strictly accordingly to the plan.

In case one team gets more runs than predetermined while bating first, it must return all those extra runs back to the other team.

Cricketers want to make quick money, fame and awards even on payment basis and all are in the hidden agenda webs. No player is above the match fixing schemes and anyone has problem he would not continue.  So far no cricketer made any accusation about the pre arranged outcomes. Maybe they are afraid or they are used to it because they have made a lost of money and they do not want to be in trouble.

The Indian mindset to win matches at any cost by hook or crook has driven the cricket field into oblivion since all teams must try to accommodate Indian fake “concerns”.


The Indo-England match fixing is the ugliest form of expression of colonial attitude to an entertainment to keep the crazy spectators in good humors.


Recently through comprehensive conspiracy against Pakistani cricket team that was playing increasingly well, both India and UK and perhaps also by the Interpol tricked Pakistani players to make the Pakistani cricket weak and collapse. 


Cricket is purely business and cricketism is as poisonous as terrorism. It is of paramount importance that cricket be urgently de-ranked as a sport or even an entertainment.


India has stepped up their pressure on Cameron boys to let India win the ODIs 5-0 or face “consequences”. The third ODI was a perfect farce, because in the 48th over India had lost a wicket in run-out, clearly, but the Indian umpires refused to declare out but just announced “notout”. That is biggest India shame in cricketism.


As per the understandings, English boys are not entitled to target the stumps or LBW as well. They are even afraid of catching. But when they have already decided to lose why not England should just begin their bowling by offering SIXes and Fours and end the match quickly in about 20 overs instead of prolong the match for too long and fool the poor paid sufferers.


There are two more ODIs and it is better England declares Indian victory 5-0 right now and begin other format gimmicks.


Of course, English boys are not naive or fools and they play gimmicks to make Indians get excited in extra fanaticism.


Even if England wants to play somewhat decent cricket, India would not let that happen because in any fair game India stands nowhere- not only in cricket, but in all other sorts.


If the cricket nations- that is the former UK colonies, excluding USA, want to retain cricket at least as an entertainment to enthuse people, countries like India with their own hidden cricketism agendas be banned from playing cricket!



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