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Cricket Bowling: Siddle unsettles Indian batboys




Bowling has made  a superb return to cricket, occupying the center state age it should have. All biggie Indians were blown away by Aussies bowlers in just one blazing session on day 1.Australia thrashed India yet again in Perth securing the series win 3-0 and it is certain  they would clinch ch the series 4-0 now easily in Adelaide. This has been a thoroughly dominant performance by the hosts and the Aussies are elated and rightly so looking for the final test in Adelaide. 


Hilfenhaus, the highest wicket taker in the series  shared by all bowlers, but Siddle really crushed the  partnerships by his thorough line attacks. Indian batboys were nervous with a ball in Siddle's hand.


Australia routed India by an innings and 37 runs inside three days on 15 Jan to seal another  most crushing 3-0 series victory against the hapless tourists. It was the second Test in a row the tourists had been beaten without Australia needing to bat twice.  It is suggested that Warner's knock had already taken the game away from the Indian side.

India always seeks 100 plus for its batboys and fixes matches accordingly by letting other teams also enjoy some "records" as per the unwritten but accepted "norms" of  exchange program.  They have made bowlers ineffective . .


Australian captain Clarke justifies the test cricket format because they could finish it  in just 2 days and a couple of hours. Clarke who enjoyed 300 plus in the previous test at Sydney has been, like Ponting and Hussey,  made to toil without any runs in Perth.  Clarke praised batboys. “Great performance from Warner and Cowan in pretty tough conditions” For him, the bowlers are  only secondary and they in Perth “continue to exhibit their skills”. There has been enough for the bowlers in all the wickets.  He stands exposed with his double-talks on pitch: “The Perth track has made the batsmen work hard for runs” but  how Warner could blast 180  by huge 6s and big 4s?  Will he answer?

Obviously, the silver lining has been the performance of bowlers and fielders,although much more  needs to be achieved by them to make cricket a real completion or entertainment,  even if not as a sport. . . . 

Yet, none  has guts in India to speak up to wind up S. Tendulakar who has been at the crease for years n ow,blocking the entry of new cricketers. None in India condemns the illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir and massacres of Kashmir Muslims.

That is the collective crime of India. 

India must consider revising its fanatic policies both in JK and cricket.  State terrorism and cricketism must not go hand in hand. .

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