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US Monopoly Questioned: Why Hindus also control Islamic Nations? 

- Dr. Abdul Ruff

(Who Controls Fanatic India- 29)



America control entire world even each nation on a cumulative  scale and lets small client powers to control a group of nations in a region.  India tries to control South Asia with support form big powers like USA, Russia, Germany, Japan, UK and these days  attempts for strategic military ties to court  even China which is considered to be the chief  foe and  most  important competitor in Asia. 

America controls Islamic world  claiming to be the "victim" of "terrorism" and India joins USA in sharing the terror values.  This new relationship since Sept-11 hoax  has emboldened India to target Muslims in India and occupied Jammu Kashmir. Hiding behind the USA and using terror  ploy as the most effective tool to  come closer to  world's only super power, India has obtained endorsement of US-UK terror twins and notorious UNSC for its crimes in JK and India and region. . . 

It not just Muslims that India and the innocent looking Hindus  want to control but Muslim nations , their  foreign policy and media policy. 

Hindus in India as the sole majority can do anything to Muslims and their beings, belongings and Islamic Mosques. Over 100,000 Muslims have been murdered by innocent India since its independence in 1947. One or a couple more of Muslims does not make a big difference to the number game the judiciary seems to e playing. But India will have answer for all its nefarious, treacherously anti-Muslim polices.

Of course, the Hindus in India control every thing in the country including the Muslims and they claim their prerogative for that, and do not allow any real equality to Muslims in any respect in any domains. Muslims are under constant threat from majority Hindus. Muslims and their leaders are used pawns for political reasons. In order to keep the majority Hindus in good humorous, Muslims are slaughtered on a regular basis. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Delhi, West Bengal, Kerala- and almost in every state, the Muslims are tortured and killed. Bulks of such murders don’t even get reported and judicial world does not bother about it at all.

Gujarat ad Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, perhaps, top the Muslim deaths by state agencies and heir hired criminals. But there is hardly nay state where Muslims feel secure and given their due in national economic advancements. Hindus argue India is exclusively for Hindus and the Hindus alone have prerogative to whatever they fee with Muslims and others. Thus Muslims are denied their legitimate entry into national mainstreams. The terrorism and Pakistan ploys are being meticulously used by India to crush Muslims the way the Hindu want. Indian media and judiciary just ignore the Muslims interests and only worry about Hindus because India means Hindus. 

When the Hindu arrogance dominated Indian politics and life, employment and education, state and non-state engagement, the Hindus also stress for their extra importance in other countries. Hindus state loudly that India is secular country where Muslims live like kings, (Do kings mean beggars?), the Hindus should be given preferential treatment, better jobs, etc. Hindus who have settled down in Islamic countries are now trying to impose their will on the governments there. In Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations the Hindus who work three insist on constructing Hindu structures. They coerce the governments to promote Hinduism as one of their primary obligations. They use political oppositions in Malaysia, a Muslim nation, to do the Hinduism promotion job as their duty. NGO asks Malaysian Government to promote Hinduism. It pathetic that they threaten to pull down the governments if they don’t obey their Hindutva will.
Indian networks operate round the world for the exclusive profits of big Hindus. Not only the majority of Hindus control the system, government and judiciary in India, but they have also well-knit networks to promote Hindu interests abroad, in all domains, including sports, where they went seeking work but now also dictate terms to the governments. Malaysia is a Muslim nation that promotes foreigners to settle down there and Indians have gone there in search of work and jobs and have been allowed to settle down there and now try to control the government. Now the Hindus dictate terms to the Malaysian government. Under terrific influence from Indian regime, multimillionaires and industrialists the Hindus obtained political clout and economic leverage to threaten the government there. Malaysia Hindu Sangam, an NGO, has asked the government to promote the growth of Hinduism. 

The Malaysian government seems to have given grants for the development of Hindu structures like temples but more funds were needed to set up kindergartens, and religious and moral classes. Hindus claim though a Muslim nation, Malaysia is home to over 1.7 million ethnic Indians, a bulk of them Tamil Hindus, who came to their for work and now constitute seven percent of the multi-racial 28 million population. Hindus skillfully use the Chinese minority to advance their Hindutva goals in making the regime respond to the fanatic Hindu dictates. Malaysian opposition uses the ethnic minorities like Hindus to pull down the government. People who have been thrown out of India and gone there in search of sustenance now dictate terms to the Malaysians. India has been converted into an amalgam of street gods and goddesses. And the Hindus surviving abroad also seek to proliferate Hindu structures there. 

Hindus expect the Muslims, rather impose on them their will, to praise the arrogant Hindus, Hinduism and Hindutva as the most democratic and secular embodiment of humanity. Of course, no true or original Indian, worth the traditional salt, can digest the pro-Muslim stuff that also exposes the mischievous deals of mother India against Muslims and Islam in India and in the region, especially in Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan, because they are fed on stolen food. Indian media known for their notorious for false news and diluted information and fabricated, hollow opinions really refuse to let the people know whole truth about mother India, its ill-designs in the region and pretensions of being an innocent nation, yelling loud about terrorism. 

Indian fanatic projections are fascist in nature. There is a very striking feature common between fascist Israel and terror India in policies and actions. It is not just fanaticism and terror instinct that bind them all. One main factor is inferiority complexes they suffer that they cover up with heavy military buildup. Inferiority complex is inherited from former rulers as part of fear of retaliation by the oppressed, suppressed people. The rich Hindus, industrialists MNCs and their media, promoted by the regime, fool Hindus and terrorize Muslims. A few Hindus swindle most of resources by using Muslims as a threat 

Yes, fascism cannot be isolated from the ill-effects of fanaticism. There is a very striking feature common between India and Israel; even between Islamic and non-Islamic (anti-Islamic) nations with regard to genocides of Muslims. Muslims, though badly divided amongst themselves, should be watchful, though they are expected to tolerate all such misbehaviors on the part of extremist Hindu chauvinists and they do tolerate for days until the celebrations are over for the sake of societal peace. Hindus don’t take any responsibility for peace in the society; they only create problems for political purposes. There is a striking similarity between Hindus and Jews operating around the world: they employ fascist and fanatic techniques to push their views and agendas directly and through media. 

Muslim nations have not comprehended the role the media play in the lives of Muslims conceived by non-Muslims as terrorists. Anti-Islamic media play devastating role to terrorize Muslims and cripple Islamic economy. hat Indians control bulk of media in Islamic world, especially in Afghanistan and Arab world like Dubai etc. is not a secret matter, but it should alert what the Indians are upto and what their hidden agendas, with support form al anti-Islamic nations like USA, UK Israel. USA and NATO are promoting Indian interests in occupied Afghanistan which New Delhi uses as a base to destabilize Pakistan. Islamophbia is being promoted by all anti-Islamic forces and media. These devilish media deliberately generate hatred towards Muslims and Islam.


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