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Destiny of Kashmiris! A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts - 161






South Asia is suffering because of a fanatically terrorist India.


India continues to be arrogant towards Kashmiri Muslims, illegally occupying its neighbor Jammu Kashmir.  With ease India could forcefully put down all freedom movements - popular, spontaneous and indigenous!


A free and fair plebiscite in Kashmir would yield a decisive vote in favor of independence for Kashmiris. India fears exactly that! India uses the pro-India elements, including the Hindus to obstruct the freedom movement.


Military occupation causes serious problems for the people, converting them into mere slaves without any rights.  Kashmiris are being betrayed by the puppet regime comprising Farooq Abdullah family.


Notorious UNSC has been quick to slap sanctions on many Muslim nations if USA does not like them for specific reasons, but such sanctions or even small moral reproaches have been tried on terror India for its crimes against Kashmiris because of India's military terror prowess, economic, and political muscle, more than anything else, its manipulative international diplomacy.




The rich Muslims led by Abdullah in Jammu Kashmir are making good fortunes. Abdullah himself is involved in multi core scam in JK cricket if the wealth has and his family has amassed so far is not enough!


India and Pakistan are pushing for cross border trade ignoring the crux of the issue- sovereignty for Kashmiris. Pakistan has been trying to appease New Delhi by a series of so-called confidence building measures like relaxing rules for Indian traders and visitors, releasing India terrorists from Pakistani jails. When India loses a sport match, Pakistan also loses somewhere so as to make the feel good and mainly not to offend Indian fanatics.


Big brother must be kept in good humors!


India has taken every possible measure to see there is no international outcry against brutality, oppression and massacres of Muslims in occupied JK. That is in fact not their strength or success - that is indeed the fear complex of India.


The denial of self-determination plebiscite for 17 million Kashmiris has been a strong slap on the UNSC. Human rights abuses are being perpetrated by 700,000 Indian military and paramilitary terror forces for years, killing innocent Kashmir Muslims.


Communal peace and harmony that had been practiced for centuries by Kashmiris in Jammu Kashmir - both Muslims and Hindus - was destroyed by the onset of India's illegal military occupation of Kashmir on October 27, 1947.


Without involving in all negotiations genuine leadership of the people of Jammu Kashmir who are not the ruling classes it is impossible to solve the 65-year-old Kashmir bloody conflict, to persuade arrogant India to cease its persecution of Muslim Kashmiris.


Kashmiris must be encouraged to participate in resolving the JK issue.


Military India cannot silence the Kashmiris for ever!




It is quit evident that Indo-Pak, two rivals with their own self-interests guiding their maneuvering, alone cannot resolve the issue. They have only harmed Kashmiris more and more. Sept-11 hoax has benefited both of them but made the existence of Kashmiri Muslims more complicated.



Obviously, outside intervention from dignified big powers, it is impossible to resolve the cruel Kashmir conflict. 


India must end state terror operations in JK forth with by various pretexts, including by enacting fake encounters.


Kashmiri Muslims do have a right to live as dignified human without being terrorized by India.


Destiny of Kashmiris must be reset in their favor!


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