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Yet, another G20 Show!




The leaders of global state terrorism (GST) the USA and EU, also the core NATO terror stuff, are busy in saving rotten capitalism and colonialism through imperialist wars and they are eager to sustain the bankrupt capitalist order by all means. 


Today, in the state terrorism era, the ugliest phenomenon of convergence of ideologies is being witnessed as the NATO has brought together colonialists and former colonies, like India. They are together to save US economy as their national priority. 


False hopes characterize all world meets on economy. Like other economic forums, the G20 nations also pretend to provide the mechanism for a solution to the financial crisis and to remold the world economy in a new shape. USA-UK terror twins spearheading now the illegal WW-III on Islam for resources and corpses Muslim nations, seem to have pushed China, India and Brazil, claiming to the new economies to challenge western-Japanese  economies, to “do more” on resettling the global economic-financial breakdown or the “meltdown”.


Euro criss and Greek debt followed by “austerity- stimulus” gimmicks accelerated the financial crisis which EU has failed to solve. Dictatorial Americans are deeply concerned about the impact of euro collapse on their own banks and finance houses, and have been urging Germany and other major European powers to do more to boost the European financial system and end the sovereign debt and banking crisis. Germany, on the other hand, fearful that its banks will be sucked into the vortex, has so far resisted. America has not stopped at that.


NATO rogues are searching for resources. The breakdown of the capitalist system is visible as much as the end of the illegal WW-III is not in site.  So, the G20 medium bosses, once again, assembled in Los Cabos, Mexico to do “something” about that. At the previous G20 meeting in London in 2009 there was “broad agreement” on the “necessity” for “stimulus” measures in the form of low interest rate policies and bailouts for the major banks. The G20 did not spell out how it intended to help USA and Europe by breaking the “negative feedback loop.” The G20 now also would not do anything apart from the leaders enjoying life. . 


The economic bosses would debate and disperse. They have done it before. The bankrupt capitalist system as well as absence of concrete measures to arrest the crisis is an expression of the fundamental factors underlying of the crisis of the euro zone and the world financial system more broadly.


Dictatorial US President B Obama, who claims to have murdered one strongest man called Osama who was a CIA operative against Islam, in Pakistan, may have met other G19 leaders who have been promoting US brand capitalism before and after sumptuous dinners, but  colonialist US economy would  continue to be in peril. 


Unless the illegal NATO terror war is called off, there is no chance for any remedy in recovering from the recurring economic setbacks. 



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