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Pakistanis hate India and America!






Global terrocracies spearheading the illegal imperialist GST (global state terror) wars are a permanent threat to humanity and world peace. Today  the world doe snot have any non-aligned country that characterized the post WW-II scenario. Most of the nations are pro-America or US puppets. India has bought, along with terror goods, strategic partnerships of USA and Israel terror twins. America uses India  for advancing the Silk Route  objectives in the region for which millions of innocent Afghans and Pakistanis have been slaughtered by the NATO terrorists.. 

 That has in fact created huge danger in South Asia situation. 

The NATO invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan following the Sept-11 hoax has completely changed the Muslim mindset, working to promote US interests.

USA employs the CIA operatives and secret gangs in order to advance its immoral global interests through illegal means. The terror operations by NATO in the region devastated the lives of Muslims. Americans have made Pakistanis and other Muslims fear fellow Muslims.  


Yet, a new survey has revealed that maximum Pakistanis consider India to be a bigger threat to their country than the Taliban or Al –Qaeda, the American offshoots to target Islam while pretending to be its defenders.  USA has been employing their CIA operatives pretending to be Muslims to discredit Islam.


The survey, conducted by the Pew Research Centre's Global Attitudes Project, shows that Pakistanis have consistently identified India as the top threat since the question was first asked in 2009.  The survey notes that Pakistanis having a favorable view of India has slightly improved from 14 percent in 2011 to 22 percent in 2012.

Many Indians eager to visit Pakistan for sightseeing and not to be friendly with Pakistanis also want better relations, more trade, and further talks between the two nations. Still, Indian attitudes toward Pakistan remain largely negative. Roughly six-in-ten Indians (59%) express an unfavorable opinion of Pakistan, even unrestrained hatred, although this is down slightly from 65% in 2011.

The survey also found that following a year of tensions between their country and the USA, Pakistanis do not hold highly unfavorable views of the USA and offer bleak assessments of the relationship between the two nations.

Maximum Pakistanis hate Americans because of their illegal occupation and drone terrorism in Pakistan and also consider the USA an enemy almost at par with India, and US President B. Obama is held in exceedingly low regard.

Despite these negative sentiments, many Pakistanis still say it is important to improve relations with India, the survey found.  An enemy t the door cannot provide safety and security Pakistan.

No Pakistani now wants the continued occupation of their nation by a syndicate of foreign rogue states led by USA-UK terror twins, pretending to be “tackling” terror, while they are the cruelest global terrorists. 

The Pakistani position would not change until the NATO rogues leave their soil and India mends its terror ways approaching diplomacy and trade, while self-centered Pakistani leaders like Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are replaced by selfless leaders who care for people and nation! 

Pakistanis must first feel free to think for themselves but the occupation foreign forces from the West do not let them do so! 



Nawaz Sharif


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