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Pakistan destabilized: People protest against restart of NATO terror routes!

Terror NATO Axis Evils must Quit Afghanistan, Iraq! (Part-64)




It is not a heavily guarded secret that USA employs the Saudi Arabia and Arab league to pressure Pakistan to do whatever Washington ask them to perform. Pakistan has been successfully bullied by USA through Arab as well as other channels. And Islamabad saluted American terrorists and helps them in targeting Muslims. Of course on payment basis which is the major tool of control used by USA to make Pakistanis kill themselves. 

It was an interesting twist to US-Pak when Pakistan closed the US base and shut the terror routs altogether for the NATO terror syndicate freely operating in sovereign Pakistan.  The impression gathered as that Pakistan has at long last become serious about its sovereignty.  However, US terror strategists, including the Madam Clinton perhaps knew how Pakistan regime functions and how to make to resume the American work of killing Muslims.

America played with the psyche of Pakistani elite and talked about the “fee hike” to mute their anger if any over NATO killings. And by applying constant pressure through Arab leaders, USA has reportedly got the NATO terror route opened. Pakistan closed the route in November in retaliation for American airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani troops.

While the supply cum terror line through Pakistan was closed, the USA was forced to rely on a longer, more costly route that runs into Afghanistan through Central Asia. The route cost the U.S. an extra $100 million per month. Americans cite this as a major reason to prolong the terror operations through Pakistan. The reason is simple: USA wants to kill as many Pakistanis as possible before and if at all they walk out of Afghanistan.


Both the regime and military feel bound to USA controlling mechanism. Although the army was outraged by the US attack on its troops, which Washington said was an accident, it was eager to repair the relationship to free up more than $1 billion in military aid that had been frozen for the past year.


One of the reasons Pakistan waited so long to resolve the conflict is that the government was worried about domestic backlash in a country where anti-American sentiment is rampant despite billions of dollars in U.S. aid over the last decade. After months of negotiations and outside pressures, Pakistani regime finally agreed to reopen the route last week after US Secretary Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton “apologized”, through Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, for the deaths.

The USA waited so long to apologize in part because the Obama regime was apparently worried such a move would expose it to criticism from Republicans in a presidential election year. Many US officials and lawmakers harbor deep suspicions of Pakistan, citing the country's alleged support for militants fighting U.S. troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

The US also wanted to resolve the conflict because it needs Pakistan's help to strike a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan so that American troops can withdraw without the country descending into further chaos. Pakistan is seen as key to an agreement because of its strong “historical ties” with the Taliban and its allies.


People in Pakistan are different from the corrupt rulers. They oppose NATO presence on their soil. Thousands of Islamists who have been the most vocal opponents of the “supply” line streamed toward Pakistan's capital in a massive convoy of vehicles to protest the government's decision to allow the USA and other NATO countries to resume shipping troop supplies through the country to Afghanistan. Many demonstrators rode on the tops of buses, waving party flags and shouting slogans against the US and NATO. "One solution for America, jihad, jihad!" they shouted. Difah-e-Pakistan is widely believed to be supported by the Pakistani army as a way to put pressure on the USA. Its leaders have vowed to stop NATO trucks from making the journey from the southern port city of Karachi to the Afghan border. But if the group has army backing, it could moderate its actions. Supporters showered Haq with rose petals as he rode through Lahore in the back of a truck with other Difah-e-Pakistan leaders, including Hafiz Saeed, founder of the banned Lashkar-e-Taiba group; Hamid Gul, a retired Pakistani intelligence chief with a  long history of militant support; and Syed Munawar Hasan, leader of Pakistan's most powerful Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami.

 Pakistanis want to clean up their nation whether the corrupt leaders want it or not. . 

The movement that has been started to reverse the government's decision to restore the NATO supply will go on until America leaves this region for good. The mission is noble because it is to save the country and the nation from slavery. “They are patriots. They are not anti-state people," Malik told reporters. "We will welcome them with open arms."

That is fine. However, Pakistan cannot welcome both NATO terrorists and Pakistan patriots at the same time. The regime in Islamabad should be committed to its own people who have given them a mandate, maybe by mistake, to rule and not ot ruin the nation, killing the people. How can any Pakistani praise the American terrorist gangs- even for fun? 

So long as Pakistan continues to commit blunders by promoting US imperialist operations on payment basis, there is no hope for its people to live in peace on their own soil.  

The anti-occupation movement should ask the foreign forces to quit Pakistan immediately. Now there is the golden opportunity prevailing to get Pakistan rid of anti-Islamic forces led by USA-UK terror twins. Do not let the NATO resume terror routes towards Silk Road.  

Earlier two World wars ended after the USA-UK achieved their "objectives" but now this WW-III , started and entirely controlled by the same twins, now on Islam excursively, continues without an end in sight. 

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