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Cricketism: Pakistan bowlers under Indo-UK-ICC pressure?




Many things happen in bogus test cricket played for 5 long days by international frauds promoted by the regimes for political purposes and the main purpose of test cricket is to generate batboys with good runs - like the favored candidates passing with good marks in examinations. Or, some pampered guys being pushed to occupied top positions, rewards and awards. This is an international phenomenon.


Obviously, Pakistani cricket team does not look serious about a series test win against SL for specific reasons. All that the captain and team want is special runs and good score for every batboy- especially those who have made a “name”. Pakistan will be haunted by the fact that they were bundled out for 100 in the first innings of the Galle Test. They lost momentum and never recovered from that position. And Pakistani bowlers underperformed.  This goes against basic sport ethics and is worse than the rehearsed reality shows. . 


Test is illegal. Pitches are prepared for the batboys to “hit” for 5 long days. That is called sport.  Recent Pak-SL test series in Sri Lanka has shown Pakistan in dirty light. For Pakistan, this is their first Test series loss under the captaincy of Misbah-ul-Haq. The last time Pakistan lost a Test series was against England in 2010. That seemed like a different era altogether. Rain and a flat pitch ensured another tame draw.



Sri Lanka will be mighty pleased with their effort. This is their first Test series win since 2009. They had defeated New Zealand 2-0. It is even more special for them as they have done it without the services of Muralitharan and crash bowler Malinga. In fact SL had only ordinary bowlers as against Pakistan strong bowling team but Pakistani team played only for 100 and 50s for the batboys.


In fact Pakistan bowlers did not target stumps and always threw the ball for the batboys to hit for runs. 


Setting and maintaining and overtaking the individual bogus records have been the fundamental objective of cricketers and hence fixing is a must- after all 100 or 500 cannot be scored by any batboy against serious, reckless bowling.  Bowlers do not target the stumps because if a wicket is fallen, only bowler get the credit but if ball is caught by a fielder then bowler and fielder take independent credit of one wicket each just for one real wicket. 


Pakistani bowlers want a wicket to become double-wickets so that two persons can shine on the field, while cricket cries loud protesting against the mischief by the cricketers and others.


One important question here!  The bowling team that crushed England not long ago has badly failed now.  It should have some reasons swell. Bowlers do not fail just like that. They do so deliberately most of the time.  


Like hungry children longing for some food, Pakistani cricketers, the batboys, not much exposure to international cricket because of the Indo-UK joint targeting, long for 50 and 100 but SL bowlers would not let them shine if Pakistani bowlers are reckless and thus they failed- deliberately! Pakistani bowlers and fielders offered too many runs to SL batboys in favor of return 100 and 50. 


Then, there is one another important reason.  There seems to be warning form Indo-UK controlled notorious ICC to Pakistani team (bowlers) not to target the stumps and wickets. ICC must have directed Pakistani team to encourage opposite batboys so that they shine beyond their own capacity. This explains why Pakistan bowlers are weak now, offering good runs to o opponent batboys.  


The UK regime has released some cricketers jailed on fake reasons possibly on some understanding with Pakistan on making bowling team to “behave”.  English bowlers can target the stumps but Pakistanis should not- that seems to be the bogus ICC logic! 


Sri Lanka had beaten Pakistan by 209 runs in the first Test in Galle, before the rain-hit second match in Colombo was drawn. It was Sri Lanka's first series win in three years since beating New Zealand 2-0 at home in 2009. That is Pakistan-0 and Sri Lanka-01.  If a team wins more than 50% of total matches played it can claim to be series winner. SL has not won at least 2 out of 3 matches both played to win the series.  There were more draws and hence the series is also drawn. 


Pakistanis, like many others do, still promote the top players and captains/keepers of the opposite teams. Occasional attack by Azhar Ali or Hafeez is not enough while all top test players get back to the pavilion because the SL bowlers do not let them "hit" and run. Pakistani bowlers fail match after match. 

These days, some cricketers announce retirement but still are haunted by special favors they enjoyed and the extra cash they received. 

Pakistanis must give up this bogus cricket of “give-and take” and choose a better sport.


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